Hi My Name Is – The Hoax Hotel

or people don’t even have a name
it’s Horatio Hildebrand this is my name
yeah hi this is Elrond this is
correctors that Gretel ins my first name
Jew lady of the matter whatever fuck you
are good this is Boris notepad here
ke n n ETH Margaritaville ma RJR ITA VI
LLP yes good-bye Martin dimple snatch
was this band is named Hubert Humberto
yes hello this is Griggs monk it’s here
it’s pertussis Wesleyville these are the
fights on your last name oh yes so your
name carries the legend of the jump what
that means well it’s Donald Trump’s
thank you thank you yeah my first name
is Bert my name is a Kendall no it’s
Kendall cheese urchin
this is Ralph Lauren so your name is
Kendall Justin fun yes she’s right yes
correct yes yes my name is are Betty
this is Rob no Rollins right yeah oh yes
Bill Clinton I’m just returning the call
that I got yeah it’s two comes with
Herman is my name my training ship it’s
Herbert Hoover has my name this image to
comes a yeah this is not just Teddy
Roosevelt giving a call back here hello
this is tumbleweed is this JFK here yeah
how are you doing today
okay we got James Leahy
hello this is John well my last name is
Schwarzenegger just look that up you
can probably find the grant money
my last name is roughs Ruxpin oh this is
very clangers here my last name of Jones
is Morty Jones sent from me Griffin
seltzer curmudgeon what
sir your is my first name and my last
name is worst nightmare Who am I Who I
am oh great this is a Clint runaround
going back yeah it’s a Peter heee keee
our last name is nincompoop yeah this is
John Donne is this John Smith sector
actually enjoy them all right no peg leg
boot oh hello this is Harry Houdini yeah
you want oh this is Gerald Craven here
sir oh what’s your name
it’s Merriweather salt flats Tellez pond
hey this is Herman mung bean this is
Harry and the Hendersons here yeah
what’s the needs there my name is burger
yeah hi this is Bertrand hello this is
Martin are you know yes okay
it’s but Justin once you me the name
link thinking my family’s originally
from Greece little city called
Pepperdine there so they came over made
by organ back in whatever year that was
its Chichen Itza Alasdair Tenpenny oh my
first name is Carolina well you just
need my full name right it’s just Steven
Spielberg very Brussels water is my name
winter staff this is Terios one about
the money you say it’s very
yes it’s Bill Parcells is my name and I
had that mining problem and I know I
love you yes hello this is Tom Bronco
here yeah my first name is Justin oh yes
this is calvin coolidge here hi yeah
this is a Cosmo I know your name I was
Gary’s for the five for the $5,000 right
Gary or Brittany hi this is Kris Kringle
here hello Gerald Ford’s gonna call back
here what’s your first name this is John
Wilson officer John Wilson hey this is
everyone calling back hi this is yeah
this is groffle here not John Candy
come on you’re gonna act like you don’t
know me yes but John Kennedy this is
Johnny boy I was gone this is Kent
yeah this is Bailey come for fun yeah
it’s Terry green as my name oh this is
rabbit yeah hi can I speak to background
you know exactly who this is his Grover
oh hi this is Roger I get a call from
you guys this is a Manny calling back
here my login is a Rip Van Winkle
I’m gonna put my name down here it’s a
first up muscle
this is hickory wood here this is that
many market garbage here yeah how does
Jimmy sorry sir no Bert right Oh Bert
hello this is mr. milk today this is
Pete Marmite again wasn’t I speaking
with you earlier there’s a lawsuit in my
name what’s my name
you fucking American


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