Hellmuth TILTS about folding pairs! | Poker Night in America S5 E15

– [Chris] How would
you like to play
against the pros on national TV?
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– [Chris] From
Thunder Valley Resort
in Lincoln, California, this
is Poker Night in America.
(jazzy music)
– Hello, and welcome to
Poker Night in America.
I’m Chris Hanson,
alongside the man,
the myth, the legend,
Joe Stapleton.
– I am shocked that you
called me a man, you know why?
Last week, my Xbox
broke, and I cried.
– You know, I
actually believe that.
We’re bringing you
cash game action
from Thunder Valley in NorCal.
– But I feel like today,
if we play long enough,
I’m gonna get all the money.
– Thunder Valley, isn’t
that where the Bluths
built their model home?
Pretty sure it was.
– [Chris] They walk to the
cage, they hand them cash,
they give them chips,
and here’s what they
have bought in for.
Doc Sands buying in for the
maximum here tonight at $20,000.
– [Joe] Welcome to the
show, Kelly Winterhalter.
Winterhalter sounds like a
good way to get frostbite.
– [Chris] Sounds like a
character from Game of Thrones.
– [Joe] Winterhalter is coming.
– So, Phil, are you
superstitious ever?
– Superstitious?
– Yeah, do you have
any good luck charms?
– I believe in good luck.
– Yeah?
– If I have a
particular shirt on
when I won a world
series tournament,
you’re gonna see
that shirt a lot.
– You have lucky shirts
and unlucky shirts?
– No, but I mean,
then I lose track.
– Yeah.
– But during the series,
if there’s a shirt that I
win with, I keep that one.
I’ll wear it multiple times.
– Do you remember the
underpants that you were wearing
when you won the World Series?
– [Chris] Pocket
Jacks for Markholt.
– Actually, I didn’t
have underpants on
when I won the main event.
– Oh, that’s TMI.
– [Joe] BVDTMI.
– We did not need
to know that one.
– I would not have thought
that Phil was a
commando kinda guy.
– [Chris] We are welcomed again
with the presence of
the world’s greatest,
Phil Hellmuth calls with
six, seven of hearts.
– I just didn’t have time
to do laundry during
the main event.
(table laughs)
Gotta have somebody do it.
– [Chris] King,
king, eight the flop.
– [Joe] Jack’s doing just fine.
– I think it’s unlucky
to be superstitious.
– How much? Three?
– Six.
– Nobody ever gets that.
It just goes whoosh,
right over their head.
– [Joe] Phil raising
on this board?
He is never raising with a king.
– You get it, Kelly?
– What?
– You didn’t get it.
– What?
– It’s unlucky to
be superstitious.
– I get it.
– Maybe the problem
is it’s not funny.
– [Chris] Another
king on the turn,
so there is no story
that Hellmuth is telling
that Markholt will believe now.
– It’s ironic.
– [Joe] How’s it going
repping that king, Phil?
– [Chris] Cause you would
totally bet quads here,
wouldn’t you, Phil?
That’s what he
wants him to think.
– $750.
– [Chris] $750, the
bet from Hellmuth.
– [Joe] And Lee Markholt
is going to fold his hand
exactly never.
– [Chris] There’s the call.
– Lee’s tough to beat, man.
Tough to beat.
– [Chris] Queen on the river.
– I got it.
– [Joe] Pocket jacks. Tough
to beat, tough to beat.
With seven high.
– I picked the wrong time.
– Nice hand.
– I let you bluff
me once, and I said,
“All right, now,
I’m gonna get him.”
– What’s the uh…
– That is Grips, a
poker training site.
– [Chris] Wow,
Kelly Winterhalter.
She’s been on the
show five minutes,
she’s already doing plugs.
– Jeez, sister.
– Grips poker training.
– It’s new, fairly new?
– No, it’s been around.
– [Chris] Poker night is
brought to you by Sit & Go 2.0.
Go to sitngo20.net
and claim your free
Sit & Go 2.0 strategy ebook.
– Spend a lot of
time with the family.
– Your family lives in Seattle?
– [Lee] Yeah, I’m like
25 miles south of ’em.
– Strike me as the
type that does a lot
of the outdoor stuff.
– [Lee] I do.
– [Chris] Porter raises.
– I was cross-country
skiing last weekend.
– You should brag on that one.
– [Joe] Alright everybody,
stop playing poker.
We have cross-country
skiing stories happening.
Cross-country skiing
is literally the least
fun thing you can do in
the snow, and I’m including
freezing to death.
– [Chris] Would you
stop talking, I’m trying
to listen to their discussion.
700 bucks back to Porter.
– [Phil] You can fold
eight high on that one.
– Eight high?
If I had eight high,
I’d have to bluff.
Do something silly, like
put all my chips in.
– [Joe] Hey, you know
what’s really easy
about cross country skiing?
– [Chris] What’s that?
– [Joe] Not going.
– Wow.
– [Lee] There we go.
There we go.
– There goes all my chips.
– [Joe] Wow, okay.
– [Chris] Now that’s
a string call.
– I’m gonna play one card.
(table exclaims)
– Jesus!
– Here we go.
– [Joe] Three 10’s for Porter.
– He might be the best.
– I’ll take 5,000.
Well played, Rep.
– [Joe] You know that’s
not the only big hand
Porter has won here.
– [Chris] That is
correct, Mr. Stapleton.
The $1,650 No Limits
main event here
at Poker Night in America a
year ago in Thunder Valley
brought in 276 entrants
for a total prize pool
of just over 400,000.
– [Joe] Wow, Throwback
Thursday here
at Poker Night in America.
Look how young they all looked.
They’ve got Phuoc Nguyen,
Kathy Stahl,
Robert Pacleb,
that old chestnut.
Oh, don’t forget second
place finisher Duke Lee.
The Duke!
– [Chris] I forgotten
about the Duke.
Duke’s a great guy.
Bought me dinner with
some of his winnings.
No he didn’t, but I wish he did.
And yeah, Rep Porter.
The main event champion
one year ago here
at Thunder Valley when
Poker Night in America
came a calling.
That’s probably why he made
all the action with Ace,
because he knew he already
had money in the bank.
– [Joe] You know he
runs hot, right here
at Thunder Valley.
Good ole Ralph Rep Porter.
We’ll miss you, I
mean congratulations.
– [Chris] Stapes, I
know you have a lot
of spare time, so why don’t
you check out the archive.
You can watch the entire
final table on Twitch.
– [Joe] Already seen it twice.
– [Chris] How would
you like to play
against the pros on national TV?
Download now to play and win.
It’s absolutely free to play.
Poker Night in America,
back at Thunder Valley,
just outside of
Sacramento, California.
– And you live in
Seattle with Lee?
– Yeah.
– You guys hike a lot together?
– Never, never have.
He invited me to his
lakehouse 43 times,
I’ve invited him up to
our cabin in the mountains
about the same amount.
– [Sands] There’s always
a scheduling conflict?
– Yeah.
It’s a little bit of
you offer when you know
the other guy’s busy
so you don’t have
to actually do it.
(table laughs)
– [Joe] That’s why
Chris always asks me
when my flight out of
town is before he invites
me over for dinner.
– [Chris] Yeah well, you know.
Times are tough.
I wanna make it look like
I care, but I really don’t.
You know.
– [Joe] I’ll bring my
own Hamburger Helper.
– [Chris] I don’t
know why they call
that stuff Hamburger Helper.
It does just fine by itself.
Hellmuth calls with sixes.
– It’s a great ride
once you get it
out of the way from Seattle.
– [Chris] Now there’s
a real poker hand.
Ace, king for Lee Markholt.
– [Joe] Ace, king.
He’s gonna wanna put
in another bet here.
Thin the field a little bit.
– Every in at 25 for a round?
– One round, sure.
– [Joe] We can have
a round of antes,
as long as we follow up
with a round of uncles.
I’ll see myself out.
– 1,400.
– [Chris] Here comes
that thinning raise
from Markholt to 1,400.
– 14.
– 1,400 total.
– [Chris] He does
get rid of Kelly.
He doesn’t get rid of Phil.
– [Joe] Lee Markholt kind of
reminds me of Frasier’s dad.
♪ Tossed salads
and scrambled eggs
– What you got Phil?
You got like two nines?
– [Chris] Deuce four,
what do you do with that?
– [Joe] Oh man.
– [Chris] I’m like you spirit
animal over here today.
– [Joe] How do you
fold four high?
Action on the
pre-flop aggressor.
– [Chris] Check from Markholt.
Phil Hellmuth is
assembling chips.
– 825.
– [Chris] He’s got 825.
– [Joe] Phil’s betting for
value and for protection.
He’d be just fine to not
see another card come out,
because it’s very likely
to be an overcard.
– 2,800.
– [Joe] Oh, and look at this.
Lee going for the check raise.
Is that even legal here?
I’ve only read
about this in books.
– [Chris] I didn’t even
know people in poker
still did that.
You know, like taking a shower.
– [Joe] It happens
so rarely these days.
– What do you have, like?
Ace, Jack of spades?
Well you should know I have it.
You’re old school.
You know how tight I play.
Sometimes people just
want to give me chips.
But if you know I have nines
and you still moved in.
– [Joe] Don’t forget,
Phil’s already been
felted once so far.
– I get people so outta whack.
They get so outside their skin
when they play against me.
You know what I mean.
You’ve watched me for
like 20 years, right?
– [Chris] Phil
releases the sixes.
– Show a bluff, I wanna see it.
– [Joe] Not a bluff.
– I’ll get to see it in
like a half hour, right?
– It’ll be good.
– I wanna see a bluff.
– [Joe] Don’t worry, Phil.
We checked the rabbit
cam, and it was
an ace on the turn.
We don’t have a rabbit
cam, don’t tell him.
– Lee, We could’ve
played a big pot there.
– [Chris] Just a
reminder, you can win
a free seat at this poker
table and play against
the pros on national television.
To win, simply download
or new free poker app,
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It’s totally free with no catch,
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– Well I’ve already folded
two nice pairs to you.
It’s getting a
little aggravating.
– [Chris] Poker Night in America
brought to you by Kimo Sabe.
– I’m not gonna
tell you what I had.
– [Joe] Antes are in
play, pots are juicier
than a New Jersey
housewife’s sweatsuit.
– [Chris] Did we pick up a
new sponsor that I missed?
– [Joe] I didn’t
say them by name.
– [Chris] Okay, alright.
– [Joe] I am in fact sponsored
by New Jersey Housewives.
– [Chris] You’ve got
all the best deals.
– [Joe] I know.
– [Chris] You have that No
Shave Club you’re part of?
So jelly.
– [Joe] The blades
are quite resonable.
– [Phil] It would be
aggravating if you had
like the six, seven of
spades or something.
– [Joe] The problem is once
those antes are in play,
everyone’s gonna be
trying much harder
to win these pots,
and they’re gonna get
exponentially bigger
in every street.
– But I feel like today,
if we play long enough,
I’m gonna get all the money.
– [Joe] Three aces out so far.
Sands raising, Porter
calling, McNair’s in.
Wow, look at that.
The case ace on the flop.
I’m not sure any of
these guys can bet it.
– [Lee] I’m not gonna
bet much, though.
I don’t want to make
you play too safe.
– [Chris] Everyone checks,
so here comes the turn.
It’s another diamond.
– [Joe] No one’s got
a diamond, but Rep
does have two pair.
– [Chris] McNair
probably should have bet
there on the flop.
– [Joe] Well the flop
he’s playing flow,
but on the turn, yeah.
Time to start getting some
value out of your ace, king.
– [Chris] We know the guy
immediately to his right
just popped him with
that four on the turn.
– You got that one, buddy.
Don’t outdraw me when
I finally snap you.
– [Joe] Phil,
you’re not the hand.
Porter calls.
Now when you’re hit
here with ace, king,
and there’s a bet and
a call in front of you,
I don’t know how good
you can feel about this.
– [Chris] But it’s ace, king!
Don’t you understand?
– [Lee] Good luck.
– Thank you.
– [Joe] Not sure about that.
I don’t think you’re
gonna get action
from many hands you’re
doing well against.
The good news: you
don’t have to make
any decisions on the river.
– [Chris] That is true.
You’ve made your one
big decision instead
of making multiple
smaller decisions.
And so McNair is all in.
I would love to know
what kind of sandwich
Phil gets from the sub shop.
Let’s make something
up, what is it?
– [Joe] Kobe beef.
– [Chris] I’ll have
what Richard Branson
is having, please.
– [Joe] Space salmon?
– [Harlan] Those your
macadamia nuts, dude?
– Oh, I didn’t want to see that.
I think I’m on my way.
– Hey, nice playing with you.
– Alright buddy, take care.
– Guys.
– McNair orders the
porterhouse with extra felt,
and it was not to
his liking, so he has
decided to leave the table.
– We will be right
back, that is of course
unless there’s a massive
earthquake that would
lead to an apocalypse and
then won’t you be glad
you spent your time
watching and playing poker
all these years?
Poker Night in America
is brought to you by
our trusted friend:
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequilla.
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
Welcome back to Poker
Night in America.
We have filled McNair’s
chair with Bob Mather,
who’s buying in for 5K.
– [Joe] Who is your
favorite Mather?
Marshall or Lowell?
– [Chris] Uh…
– [Joe] Wrong, it’s
Lowell from Wings.
– [Chris] I was gonna
say, “Does it Mather?”
– [Joe] Okay, that’s true.
– [Chris] Thank you.
– [Joe] No, no but seriously,
it’s Lowell from Wings.
– [Chris] Sands got
this started to 175.
Hellmuth calls, Porter calls.
Action is on the
aforementioned Mr. Mather.
– [Joe] The people
who mind don’t Mather,
and the people who
Mather, don’t mind.
– [Chris] Apparently
it does Mather to him.
He raises with 10’s.
– [Joe] That three bet
is pretty small, though.
He’s giving everyone
better odds than someone
walking into your office
right after you’ve ripped one.
– Had a big decision
there, right?
– You bought in
for 5,000, right?
– [Kelly] Why is
everyone looking at me?
– On the first bullet.
– [Joe] Some really
great hands here.
I am excited.
We’re going to go four
ways to this flop.
– [Chris] Well that’s great
when a 10 hits the flop.
Which it’s going to right now.
No, guess not.
Three spades, a six,
four, and a deuce.
– [Joe] Yeah, there are
two big spades out there.
Hellmuth with the ace of spades,
Porter’s got the
queen of spades.
Those two will be going nowhere.
Sands has got a pair.
Think if you’re
Mather, betting here
is relatively pointless.
– [Chris] Oh, Mather
is gonna give it a try.
1,600 in the pot.
And here comes the bet of 875.
– [Joe] Good fold by Sands.
– [Chris] Hellmuth smells
blood in the water,
and raises it to 1,750.
Not wanting to go all in,
so he’s got, you know,
like $200 behind him.
– [Joe] I think without
the ace of spades,
Rep can’t continue.
Yep, he’s outta here.
What’re you gonna do, Bob?
One pair, no spade.
Eh Bob, Bob?
Eh, Bobby!
Eh, Bobby!
– I could’ve beat you at
one-handed golf last night.
– [Joe] One-handed golf?
Is that what people are
calling it these days?
– [Chris] A raise and a call.
– [Joe] Now Phil is behind,
but he is the favorite.
– [Phil] We’re
turning ’em up, right?
– Yeah, we’re showing.
– [Chris] Oh, that hurts.
– [Joe] Sometimes the
statistics are right.
Phil Hellmuth, the favorite,
somehow managed to win.
– Welcome to the Kimo
Sabe Mezcal Lounge.
I’m here with Dan Shak.
Dan is not only a great
poker player, he won
the Premier League.
He’s had all kinds of high
finishes and tons of events.
Dan, how did you find poker?
– In high school, Friday nights.
I was one of the nerds,
not one of the cool guys.
So I was the one playing
guts and baseball,
and follow the queen,
and all the weird games
with my friends.
– A long time ago, I met you
in a New York City hotel room.
– I do remember that.
– To give you a lesson.
Do you remember where we were?
– Of course, we were at the…
I won’t say what
hotel, but we were on
Central Park South, and
you were like a star,
still are a star, and
I was star struck.
As a matter of fact, you
didn’t even give me a lesson.
We more just talked poker.
We talked poker for the
whole time because you found
me interesting, I found you
interesting and we became
quick friends that day.
I don’t know if I ever
truly got a lesson,
until you schooled me
in some tournament.
– To friendship, poker, and
great success in business.
– Sounds good.
– [Phil] Cheers.
– [Dan] Cheers.
– [Sands] Can we get
a menu for high steaks
and figure out what’s the
earliest we can order?
– [Joe] Doc Sands is
trying to order some food.
I think the High
Steaks restaurant here
should name some of their
dishes after these guys.
Like the Phil-ly Cheese Steak,
or the Rep Porter-house.
– I think there’s
a dinner break.
– [Sands] Regardless of
the break, I still want
food from there, so I’m
gonna order it and then
I’ll figure out where
I’m gonna eat it.
– [Chris] Or the Doc Sands-wich.
– [Joe] There you go.
– [Chris] Thank you.
– It’s 3:15.
– [Chris] Or it doesn’t Mather.
– You’ve been here before?
Yes, you’ve been
here once before.
This High Steaks restaurant
is actually pretty legit.
– Yeah, it’s decent.
– [Chris] No actually,
what Doc means
is the restaurant
here is called Legit.
– [Joe] It’s called
Pretty Legit.
– [Chris] It’s pretty
good, and it is legit.
– [Joe] On man.
– [Chris] Oh no.
– I’m fine.
– [Joe] Phil Hellmuth
firing deader than that time
they got a zombie to
host The Apprentice.
– [Harlan] The table from High
Steaks, they bring it out.
– [Sands] Yeah, that’s
what I always do.
It’s really nice.
– Yeah but there,
she’s like, “That’s $110.”
– So I gotta order
when you’re playing
with Phil Hellmuth.
– Could’ve done
better than that.
– Well you’re just
not used to that.
The ole sticker shock
when you’re playing
at a poker table.
– [Joe] Hopefully he slows
down here at the turn.
Yes he does.
– How much, eight?
– Eight.
– [Joe] But decides to make
a pretty loose turn call.
– [Chris] And he checks
there on the river.
Well Phil doesn’t come
away with anything
on the flop, turn, or river.
– [Phil] Man, oh man.
I mean he’s probably pretty
irritated that he didn’t catch
an ace or a queen here,
but he’s got no idea
how fortunate that was.
I don’t think Rep’s ever
gonna not have a hand here.
– You’re running so
good here against me.
It’s okay.
I can’t give you the penny.
You just keep beating my
hands, congratulations.
Feels like it’s been…
I’m so bummed out.
It’s been so cold.
– [Joe] Good fold.
– [Rep] Ace, queen?
– Yeah.
– [Joe] Aww come on.
You got to show
when you make quads.
It’s quads!
– Ace ten.
Good hit Doc.
(cha-ching sound)
(cha-ching sound)
– Jesus Christ.
– Doc is just incinerating this
game right now.
Wow Doc what you’re doing to
this game is disgusting
since I got in the game.
Just crushing the game.
I can’t even breathe looking at
Doc and all those chips.
– [Chris] Poker Night
is brought to you by
Sit & Go 2.0.
Go to sitandgo20.net
and claim your free
Sit & Go 2.0 strategy ebook.
Well we’re gonna stop
here for the night,
and the biggest winner thus
far has been Rep Porter,
but most of that came
from one big hand
with Phil Hellmuth.
– And if you want more
Poker Night, you can find
us on social media,
including Twitch and YouTube,
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– For everyone here at Poker
Night, I’m Chris Hanson,
here’s Joe Stapleton,
and thanks for watching.
Poker Night in America
is brought to you
by Kimo Sabe Mezcal,
and Sit & Go 2.0.
– I mean what in the
hell is going on here?
Rep always giving
me too much action.
I said to myself, “I’m
not gonna three bet
“or two bet him until I
have the nuts tonight.”
I didn’t think–
– Too much action, Phil.
Usually I
have the best hand.
That’s like the first
time we’ve got ’em all in,
when you have the best hand.


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