Taking a walk around Harris Resort Barelang after just checking in
I just take a look at their pools, that they a few
and they also have some other activities
This the pool
This is the other pool
This is the other other pool
Its just beside the Beach
This is the Baby pool
The facilities they have at Harris Barelang is pretty good
As we just see, they have 3 swimming pools and 1 shallow pool for baby
You can also swim and play at the beach here
They have water sports, ans also a gym
Its very nice! There are lots of activities to do together with family, with kids
Good Morning!
Our room doesn’t include with breakfast
So, lets just go swimming. Lets try the pool!
Swimming in the…. adult pool? I guess?
It’s very cool, swimming in the morning
its not so crowded
And with the view of the beach and sea
with some beach ornaments
this is a good spot for swimming, and a good spot for some photos!
We just take a shower after swimming, we’re back in our room
Mom what do you think about our stay in Harris Resort Barelang?
Its good
The room was very spacious
The pool was great too
They have pool for all ages, from babies to adult.
And its also not too deep
so its safe to play in
The room we were in had an amazing view
From our balcony we can see the gardens, the pools, and also the sea
For the room wifi is pretty stable
The speed was fine, around 1 to 2 Mbps
The V channel got lots of international and Singapore channel
Okay, thats it a short review during our stay in Harris Resort Barelang
The place was so nice, highly recommended to come and here ad chill with your family
Thanks for watching this video!
And see you in the next videos!

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