HACKER is Missing in Real Life! (Hidden Camera Reveals the TRUE identity of Game Master)

– Welcome back to the
Matt and Rebecca channel. As you guys saw, we just spent
24 hours inside of a bubble, and it was awesome. But right now I am back at the safe house. I’m trying to find Q because
it looks like he’s missing. He was supposed to do a face reveal today, and for some reason, he’s not here. All right, so it looks like Q’s not here, but this might be a perfect opportunity. Let me set this down. I thought this would be
a funny and hilarious thing to do right now. Everybody thinks that
Q put this red mixture inside of my soda at Taco Bell. I don’t think it happened,
I don’t think he did it. What if I do a prank on Rebecca where she thinks I’m still hypnotized. How funny would that be? So when she comes over, which
she’s coming over right now, she’ll walk in and just think
that I’m just hypnotized and I’m gonna prank her right now. I think it’s gonna be great. Give me a thumbs up right now if you think that this is a
good idea and you like pranks. Okay now we’ll just sit
tight and wait for Rebecca. – Hi. Matt? Matt. Matt! Matt! The bubble didn’t work. Matt, Matt, Matt, what are you doing? What, are you laughing? – Yeah! – Oh. – Prank! Yes! Ah. Ha ha, I got you. – Matt! You were hypnotized earlier. I was gonna say the
bubble didn’t work then. Oh my gosh. Matt, you cannot do that. That’s serious. We worked hard to dehypnotize you. – [Matt] Oh come on, it was a prank, okay. Hey, did you change clothes? You got. – I did, yeah, ’cause I was like, in the
same clothes in a bubble. Of course I changed. And now I’m in some Matt Slays merch. You guys want your merch,
it’s in the description. But I actually like this, Matt. – [Matt] Yeah, it feels pretty good, huh? – I feel like a spy ninja. – And now we look a
little more like twins. – We’re twinning! Husband and wife goals,
guys, screenshot this! – Okay okay okay. Okay, before we get,
okay, I want to keep this kind of serious right now. – Okay okay okay. I know I pranked you,
that was kind of funny, but we need to find Q. – Yeah, I tried calling him,
it went straight to voicemail which is weird because
we just surprised him with a new phone. – Yeah, I don’t know where he would be. I mean, he should be
here at the safe house, guarding the safe house, right? – Yeah, so he’s not here at all? Did you check all the rooms? – I kind of did, I just
kind of shouted out. So, let’s go explore for a little bit. – And then Daniel, he
was supposed to call us. He said he had some information. Maybe it’s about Q. – Okay, let’s look for Q first, okay? – What do you guys think happened to Q? What if the red hood took him? You guys, let us know
what you think happened. It’s really strange. – [Matt] Do you think we
should start in the kitchen? – Let’s look, yeah, I mean,
I need a snack anyways. – [Matt] Okay. – Oh, that’s your laptop? – [Matt] Yeah, yeah,
yeah, I brought my laptop. – Why is this opened? Did you have peanut butter, Matt? – I didn’t have any peanut butter. Q loves peanut butter. – You’re right, he loves the
peanut butter sandwiches. You guys remember he made those for us. – Yeah, he made peanut butter
sandwiches for everybody. Except for Daniel. Daniel didn’t want one, but. – Yeah, but, okay, why is this out? I’m putting this back in the fridge. – [Matt] There’s no bread. Okay. – I don’t know, maybe he just
scooped out the peanut butter with a spoon or something. – [Matt] Okay. – Matt, what is that? – [Matt] What is that? – Hold on. – [Matt] What do we do? – I don’t know, hold on, let me, it’s locked. – [Matt] Locked. – What is that, why is it on that handle? – [Matt] It smells kind of weird. No, Rebecca! – It’s peanut butter! – [Matt] What? – But why is it?
– Why would you lick that? – What okay, I don’t,
I do that to test it, it smelled like peanut
butter, I was hoping it was, or that would have been really– – Oh my God, no! – Whoever had the peanut butter – [Matt] Locked this door. – Yeah, or they were
just trying to figure out how to get in, but, this door is locked. – [Matt] What do you think’s in there? – I don’t know. Do you think whoever had the peanut butter locked it on purpose? – [Matt] Obviously. – Or, they were trying to get in too. We don’t know. – [Matt] Oh, good point. Oh, no. What? – Where does that go? Is that, like a, like
a secret hidden room? – [Matt] What? What’s up there? – I don’t know.
– Oh! Let’s come back to that. I don’t think Q’s up there. There’s another box here. – Daniel! – [Matt] What? – He keeps ordering stuff from Amazon! What is this? – [Matt] E-mart? – E-mart Photography? – [Matt] What? Daniel. – This is what he ordered before! – [Matt] Oh, what is that? – [Rebecca] I don’t know. Daniel keeps ordering stuff
on our Amazon account. It’s, like, a bunch of boards. – [Matt] That doesn’t make any sense, he said it was, like, spy gear. – It doesn’t even look like spy gear! – [Matt] No! – Wow, Daniel’s, like,
decorated this place. – [Matt] What is this? – Do you think he’s living here? – That’s the closet we hid in. – It’s just a box? – [Rebecca] There’s a suitcase. Maybe Daniel’s found something, Matt. I mean, he was the one
that helped dehypnotize you when we were in the bubble. – [Matt] Okay, let’s call him right now. – Okay. – Okay. – All right. – Let’s give him a call. Hey Daniel. – Hey! – Hey guys. So, it looks like the bubble works for Matt – Yeah, he seems totally fine. I mean he pranked me, but other than that, he doesn’t seem hypnotized at all. – Has Q contacted you guys at all? – No, I-we haven’t seen Q – Yeah, we searched all over. He’s not here, but we did find peanut
butter that was open. – Yeah and he hasn’t even
tried to call us back at all. – Strange, cause he’s been having major communications insdie
the Quadrant Network. – That makes no sense
’cause we keep calling him and he’s not picking up his phone, it goes straight to voicemail. But you know what? He did say he’s gonna help Matt out so maybe he’s trying to get
information from the Quadrant – No, it’s something different. It looks like Q wasn’t a person, it’s a mission. – What? – What does that even mean? – Inside the network, they
keep talking about Project Q. Let me send over what I’m looking at. – Project Q? Yeah, send it over. We definitely wanna know what that is. – Check it out. – I gotta go. Talk soon. – All right, see you in a bit. – Okay. – Okay, let’s see what this is. – Okay,so, Daniel’s sending
over some information about Project Q, do you guys have any
idea what Project Q is? – Op, here it comes. It looks like it’s hacked up a little bit, like someone hacked into this. Le-okay, project Q
established contact in BB? – In BB? – What does BB mean? – I don’t know, you guys, let us know what you think BB is. – Okay, so when did we first meet Q? – We met Q, I think he was like th-the last to leave the hot tub wins $10,000, remember that challenge? – Where was that at? – In our backyard? – Where though? – Our hot tub? – What city is that in? Big Bear? – Big Bear? BB! – BB. – Do you guys think that
BB stands for Big Bear? No. – We challenged him – Wait, it says challenge to trust. – We weren’t trying to get trust from him, I don’t think he was trying
to get trust from us. – Yeah. – Like, he was just trying to get, like, information about the Game Master. – But we started to trust Q, I mean, all of you guys kept saying you guys trust Q more than Daniel. – But then, he actually
tricked us, remember? They, they trapped you guys. – And isn’t it strange that, even when we trusted Q he ended up putting that
red mixture into the drink. – Do you think that-I
don’t think that happened. – You guys, comment ‘the
red mixture did happen’ if you know what we’re talking about. – Hey, earn entrance. – Entrance into where? – The Game Master Network, no. – Wait! – We were lettin’ him, like, train. The Game Master was letting him train. – Wait, so, by doing these challenges, and helping him to try to
join the Game Master Network, that was part of the Quadrant’s plan? Or more importantly, the Red Hood. The Red Hood is behind all of this. – It says take down. – Take down? – Take down– – Take down us? – Or the safe house. They almost took down the safe house. – What if they’re trying to take down us? Because we work for the
Game Master Network? – Hold on, Daniel’s calling again. Hey, Daniel. – Hey. We just got th-the info. Do you think that Q’s been
tricking us this whole time? – That’s what I’ve been hinting at. – Yeah, I mean, he seemed so nice! – This makes a lot more sense why Daniel was acting so suspicious. – Okay, so, what’s up? – I’ve been analyzing video
we have of the Red Hood. – Video? – Like a surveillance video? – Yeah, and it’s weird. Let me send it to you. – Okay, send it over right now; we need to see this and you guys need to see this. – Sending to your laptop now, Matt. – Okay. – My computer, okay. Hold on, it’s back here. – Before Matt gets back, smash the thumbs up button and comment below if you are part of the Game Master Network and your Team Game Master, like us. – Daniel, I have my computer right here, I will wait for the footage. Thank you so much. – Yeah, thanks, Daniel. We’ve been suspicious of
Daniel this whole time and we haven’t trusted him but it be-we’ve been tricked
by Q this whole time? I mean, he seemed so nice! – There’s no way, there’s no way! – Yeah. – Okay. – There must be some reason that Q did this. – Okay, it-it just came in. This was the meeting you weren’t at so let me, let me tell you what we did. So, we put a security camera on Q to go over and record the conversation. – Oh. – Like, we had to turn it on for him. Like he, he, he didn’t know
how to turn on the camera. So, we turned it on for him and then placed it on him right here. – Oh, so this is like the hidden camera from his point of view. – Yeah, now, let’s see – Haven’t we already seen this? – And then he goes, okay, so this is our angle, where we’re at, Daniel was filming this. That’s it? – That’s the whole clip? – It’s seven seconds long. – You guys, did you see anything? – Hold on. – Wait, wait, go back. – Okay. Something is weird. Did you see that? – Did you guys see anything? Look closely. – Whoa. – Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Okay, let me see if I
can get a bit closer. Rewinding, analyzing, – Okay, pause. – Hold on, let me go frame by frame. – What is that in the bottom corner? Let me zoom in a little bit more. – It’s like a little thing, like a– – You see that right there? – Yeah, but its not like a leg. It’s not a human leg, what is that? – Naw, up-leg. – Oh! – Wires, wires. That doesn’t make sense. Hold on, lets see the
other angle real quick. You see that? Let me go back, go frame
by frame on this too. – Okay. – There’s– – Right there! – There’s not, those aren’t
feet touching the ground! – Yep, let me zoom in. Is that what I think it is? You have to be thinking
the same exact thing. Let me know in the comments section below what you think that is. – Can I tell you what I think it is? – Okay, let’s say it at the same time. Three, two, one. Chair. – Chair. You guys remember when we saw the Red Hood at E2, they were extremely tall. And some of you guys
commented that the Red Hood – [Both] Was a man. – This isn’t the real Red Hood. – This is-this is a fake Red Hood. – We haven’t seen Q and the
Red Hood at the same time. – This was the only time that we ever did. – Do you think that Daniel thinks that Q is the Red Hood? – A lot of people in the Zam
Fam have actually said that. – Really? Do you guys think that? – Q’s the Red Hood. – Q’s been the Red Hood this whole time. So we’ve been giving
him secret information and he’s been gaining our trust. Really, it’s been the
Red Hood this whole time. – Wait, hold on. We were in the hot tub, – Yeah, with the Red HOod – We were in a swimming pool, – I just got goosebumps. – In Big Bear with Red Hood, – No. – We went shopping at K-Mart together. – With the Red Hood. And we were at the Game Master’s safe house with the Red Hood. – We went to Dallas with the Red Hood. – And the Red Hood saw all of the Zam Fam that was at Digicon. – Met them in person. – What if this isn’t true though? What if-what if Q isn’t the Red Hood, it just looks like it? Why would he have a meeting with someone on a chair and not say anything to us? – How did we not see this before? Zam Fam, comment below what you guys think is going on right now and if you think that Q
might be the Red Hood. Do we pretend that we don’t know? – Q’s missing, Q’s not answering we gave the Red Hood a a new iPhone! – Right, but if we pretend
like we don’t know, he might still try to go along with everything we’re saying. – Okay. – And then we can trap him. Do you guys think the Game Master knew about this the whole time? I mean, he did the face reveal with his new mask. That means he showed the Red Hood his brand new mask. – This makes so much more sense. – It was supposed to be a secret. – Hold on. I just got a text message. It’s from the Game Master. It says we need to get
back to the apartment and meet up on the roof. – Matt, look. – Others will be there too. – Do you think it’s the real Game Master? – The only other person that has access to this phone with private DM’s would be the Red Hood. – Well, I think we have to go and if it’s the Red Hood, we’re gonna pretend that we don’t know that it’s actually Q. Comment below if you think it’s the Game Master or the Red Hood. – All right, let’s go. – All right. – Okay, so we are on our roof right now, the Game Master said to come up here.
– It doesn’t look like anybody’s up here at all. – Do you think it was the real Game Master that sent us the message, Matt? Or do you think it’s a trap? – [Matt] Another trap? – Okay, Zam Fam, let us know did you hear that? – What? – Hey! – Daniel!
– Daniel! – How you doing? – [Rebecca] What are you doing here? – The Game Master sent me a message to come up here. Oh, and you guys forgot to announce the prize, the giveaways.
– Oh! – You rama– – Great, okay you guys, stick around until the end. We have to announce the
winners of the giveaway! For all of you guys that entered! We have to do this! Okay, I’m gonna put these right down here! – So why just the three of us? – I have no idea. I didn’t even know you guys were coming. I thought I was having a private meeting with the Game Master. – Then, do you actually think it was the real Game Master? I mean, what if this is a trap? – Yeah. – Wait, do you guys hear that? Do you hear that sound? Did you guys hear that? Hold on. – What? – No! – What? – [Daniel] Pumpkin Patch! – [Matt] Pumpkin Patch! – [Rebecca] Pumpkin Patch? Is that-wait. – It’s me! – It’s Rocky! – What the hell? Wait, weren’t you killed in here? – [Daniel] I can hold the camera. – Why are you here? – What are you doing here? – Well, the Game Master
told me to meet him here. – He told all of us. – Yeah, same. – [Daniel] He didn’t give you any details besides just meet him here? – No, I thought it would just be me. I mean, it’s good to see you guys. – Yeah. – But I thought it was just me. – Wait, you’re still in communication with the Game Master? – Well, yeah, yes. – Okay, well, we all, – You knew that too? – [Daniel] Well, I mean, I had an idea. – I just don’t understand
why he has all of us up here. – I don’t know. – What do, I mean, what
do we do? We just wait? – I guess we just wait. Let us know why you
think we’re all up here. Wait. – There’s someone else here from you guys? – I don’t know, I don’t know. – What was that sound? – [Rebecca] It’s the Game Master! – [Matt] It’s the Game Master. – Rocky, did you know that the Game Master has a new mask? – What’s that mask? – So, that not your real… Think about it. Q was there, is that why? Because of Q?
– Yes. – That’s why he revealed the wrong mask! – Why did you bring us here? We have Daniel, myself, Rebecca, Pumpkin Patch, who was Rocky, – Yeah! – Why am I here? – Game Master Network? Okay, so we are about to
have a secret meeting, I wanna announce the giveaway winners right now so, if you have subscribed, you have notifications on, here are the winners. So, congratulations to all the winners. If you stayed until this
far in the video, comment. The Game Master Network is strong! Give the video a thumbs up and check out the video right here, we are about to have a meeting and we’ll keep you guys updated.


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