GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 05.07.2019

Hey everyone, Paweł Burza here,
I’m the Community Manager for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and this is TWIG, or This Week in GWENT — a weekly show in which we talk
everything GWENT!
If you want to check out some of the Novigrad cards and leaders
be sure to check out the special Arena Mode – Novigrad! The event will last until Wednesday, July
17th, Noon CEST
If you’re looking for a cool dwarves deck hit up McBeard on Youtube!
Youtube! You can find the link to the deck overview in the description below
this video!
New Vanities in the shop, jump into the
and get the Underworld pack, Season of the Bear Bundle, Unseen Elder
Dark Blood Armor skin and the blue version of the Crimson Curse Card Back! Some of
these items are in the shop for a
limited time, so don’t miss out!
Also this week we’ve launched a hotfix 3.0.1, which addressed some of the bugs
Full list of changes can be found in the
news section on That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!


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