GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Homecoming Date Reveal

Hi Guys!
As you know Pavko Gale brings food to the Blue Mountains, but he’s not the only bearer of good things!
I’ve also got something for you, and it includes a big cup of hot Homecoming news!
October is almost here, and our 6 month deadline for Homecoming is slowly approaching.
For those of you who missed the initial announcement, and the Challenger #4 video with first details,
Homecoming is a major overhaul to GWENT, and we’re super hyped to bring them to you soon.
Firstly, let’s talk launch dates.
On PC, we’ll be launching on GOG on October 23rd.
On consoles, we need to work on the game for a short bit longer and then send it to certification,
so we’ll be launching on the 4th of December.
Sorry for this delay, but we want everything to be perfect, plus, we’ll make it up to you —
expect complimentary kegs!
OK, so now that you know the timings, let’s unveil some new information about the game
and have a first look at the leaders and their 3D models.
Let’s snap to Brad!
Whoa! Magic!
Ready to talk Homecoming news?
Yes, absolutely!
So I know your favorite faction is Scoia’tael — so is mine of course…
and we’re here to showcase two Leaders, Eithne and Filavandrel,
and also show the new board for Scoia’tael.
But before we do that, let’s get into how you guys animate these things.
We know that Leaders are now present on the board, they are not cards anymore.
So, everything starts off with the concept art, which is totally different.
Is this when your team comes in, and you?
We try to be involved very soon in the process, same with VFX, same with 3D artists,
because this is a very collaborative process and the concept basically dictates
how the character moves, what kind of props or abilities they might have.
We do start with a brief and a concept,
and sometimes the concepts change quite a bit from the characters you already know from the cards,
which is cool.
You’ll see that from Eithne, actually.
She’s got a bow, she looks way more badass, she is more of a warrior.
It’s really exciting for us because it allows us to do more things with animation.
From the concept art, you move on to the 3D model, and the process then starts snowballing.
How does it look from your perspective?
We get the 3D model and we start with rigging – that’s the animation department’s next step –
and that’s basically putting a skeleton inside of this model, so that we can start moving it around.
At that point we should have a pretty good idea of what we want to do with the character
and actually most of the time we already have the animation done on a temporary model
and then we transfer it over to the final rigged 3D model.
Okay, that’s pretty cool!
I know you guys are using different software this time,
than you’d normally use for 2D cards animations.
How challenging is this process? How different is it for you and your team?
It’s very different but it’s a really interesting challenge
because now we’ve come from taking this 2,5D Premium Card,
where we are kinda limited by how much we can move because of the illustrations and things like this,
and now we have full 3D character and we can move him around as much as we want.
We actually started using a lot more Motion Capture,
we didn’t use Motion Capture at all on the Premium Cards because it’s such a weird, different thing.
It’s been a really fun for us, a few of us has been doing a lot more of acting out of the characters,
getting into the characters to work on the animations.
Yeah, so you’re animators, nothing has changed.
They still kinda walk around, do their crazy poses…
Yeah, animation is animation at the end of the day, but it’s a nice new thing for the team.
And you’re making it a lot more realistic, when you have real people acting out these things.
So talking about the change to Leaders, since they are 3D models now –
what’s your opinion, how do you feel about this change overall?
It’s a really cool change, for us it’s like taking what was avatars before in the game,
and bringing them to life as full 3D characters
with similar customization options you’re gonna be able to have,
with different skins and things like this, people will be able to make Leaders their own.
I feel like it’s an extension of avatars which we had in the game, in a really cool way.
Some of the things we’ve actually added because our philosophy for the leaders from the start
was to make it feel like they are leading the battle.
You’re playing as the Leader, you are sending your units onto the battlefield.
Your army.
Yes, and we obviously have animations for Leader abilites, for all these different kind of things.
One of the things I really like that we added was spotted on Reddit, actually –
when you move the mouse around, the leader follows it. The same for the opponents.
That’s a cool feature.
It gives this feeling, when your opponent is making decisions about where to place units,
they’d want to check what card you just played, like what the hell was that,
and you see the leader turns his face, and it really makes the whole thing feel more alive.
And also taunts now – when you taunt your opponent, the Leader does something,
or when you’re passing, and you lost, the Leader has a different animation.
It adds a lot more flavour to the whole thing.
You can pretty much see the new VFX so this is something that is totally cool, am I right?
Yes, very cool! And the Scoia’tael board which is beatiful.
Yes, it’s beautiful, I agree.
Alright, that’s it for the second update.
Brad, thank you for stopping by the studio.
Thanks for having me!
We’ll be having more of those updates coming in the following weeks!


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