GWENT: The Witcher Card Game – Arena Mode: All You Need to Know | PS4

MAN: Welcome to The Arena,
a new Gwent mode where
fun ,excitement,
and great prizes await.
It’s a place for players
who aren’t afraid of changing
circumstances and always
expect the unexpected.
In this mode, for a certain fee
you’ll sign a contract with a
mysterious fellow
named Gaunter O’Dimm.
You’ll then be offered a series
of choices
and through these,
end up with a complete deck.
Now, the possibilities
here are almost limitless.
With a bit of good fortune,
you’ll draw silvers and golds
galore from any and all
factions and in multiple copies.
Also, you’ll be able to play
cards you don’t have in your
collection and feel
their power in action.
Once you’ve built your deck,
you’ll use it to compete against
other players who
also entered the arena,
playing combos and using
you wouldn’t normally employ.
Fun, varied decks and strange
cards will appear more often.
Thanks to this, every game
will be quite an experience.
The more opponents you defeat,
the greater the rewards
that await you.
The game is over once you’ve
either lost three lives
or achieved nine victories.
If you’re looking for something
new and adventurous
but something that’s
still Gwent at heart,
you’re in the right place
and in very good hands.
So don’t hesitate.
Sign the contract,
jump on board,
and have lots of fun in the
unique experience that is
Gwent Arena Mode.


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