Guarantee Yourself a Roulette Jackpot in Dragon Quest XI S! (Guide & Walkthrough)

There’s a certain sidequest in Dragon Quest
XI S that seems all but impossible at first glance involving the casino. But this does
take place later in the game which means I have to discuss some light spoiler elements.
So this is an early warning about the fate of one of the towns. If you haven’t reached
this particular sidequest in the second half of the game, it’s probably a good idea to
come back later. It’s nothing too major, but we wanted to be absolutely sure. So what
is this sidequest? Well, in the second half of the game once
you return to Octagonia and complete the story there, the citizens of the town decide to
keep it as a casino. It has all the same games as Puerto Valor including slots, poker, and
slime quest except it has different prizes to win in exchange for tokens. Oh, and there’s
also the fact that the fighting arena has been turned into a bunch of unique roulette
tables offering a new form of gambling. The quest involves a little girl at the bottom
of the stairs leading to the casino and she’s upset that she couldn’t get a figure of
Vince. Instead, one of the people in the roulette room bought it and refuses to let it go unless
you show him a jackpot on any of the roulette tables. And that’s where the major problem
comes in. To get a jackpot you need to pick a number,
have the ball land on your number, and then have your number stop at the top of the wheel
beneath the arrow marked as jackpot. It seems utterly impossible, and there are so many
recommendations out there on how to pull this off ranging from betting on every number to
talking to the jackpot girl until she feels really lucky and then betting on the same
number each time. While those can work, it’s not the most efficient method. It’s honestly
a lot simpler than that. All you have to do is bet on 12 and 14. Every time. Make sure you’ve built up plenty of tokens
through the other games and then do a max bet of 2000 on the highroller table with 12
and 14. It might take a little while depending on your luck, but within 5 minutes using this
method, I actually got the jackpot, won a million tokens, completed the sidequest and
could get pretty much whatever I wanted from the exchange counter. Run low again? Repeat
the process. It’s really that simple. It’s just a matter of whether it’ll take 5 or
15 minutes so just make sure to have a bit of surplus before attempting this. Thanks
for watching and be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for more on Dragon Quest and other things
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