to my channel upbeat rhythm and I have a
little something to show you guys I
don’t know if you already know but every
time that you come into the casino you
go here to the cashier okay
and you go down we’re from acquired
chips trade and chips and then visitors
bonus you get a thousand chips every day
that you come to the casino so those
that didn’t know now you know get those
chips there we go and then you make sure
you hit that will if you haven’t already
every day there’s something new so let’s
see what what I can win today
let’s come let’s go let’s go let’s go
let’s go winner winner winner it’s
better than nothing
that was just 40,000 right there all
right all right all right so far so good
I hope y’all having a great evening and
I just wanted to post that to let you
guys know
you can acquire a thousand chips every
time you come into the casino they are
also having a bar piece of the casino
missions witness Baker
I think that’s double money demo RP
what are we going here
okay cashing out and got up to that one
that was really good already
okay let’s get one more
I mean we can do it with the replace
let’s just see
if you guys like my videos I hope that
you subscribe to my channel hit that
like button and you can comment down
below it’s all over I’m afraid word from
the uncle in Hong Kong we’ve got to sell
too much drama
your condo should be fine but I’m
finished I’m so sorry I thought we could
build something right here champagne
miss Baker still in beta okay Tori you
can Santa trained young this chasing
sure made so swear wash your hand for
the Fuji 30 time that warrior Julien you
well at least after five years we got
this place opened there is that forgive
me not come in peace again well I’m
sorry about everything
pan down maybe I can help your uncle in
you leave with a little more dignity and
more I will offer asking plus the 20
percent and a quick sale in a good
relationship but you got to help me help
kill my uncle
oh Jesus cannot believe what I am not
here and you’ll keep your jobs the
diamond will remain the diamond the
entire team even the Monsieur yeah you
keep your jobs and I can pull it off if
not my uncle will attack you again kill
you or destroy this place and buy it for
peanuts I’m sorry I know it’s not a
great way to do business
no kidding it’s not a great way to do
business it’s all I got
my uncle is written Lafuente Blanc a
ranch okay we’ll think about it
don’t think about it now get out of here
yeah get out of here gentlemen made him
excuse me
what do you think I cannot do such a
thing but maybe you can for a lot of
money for a lot of money
okay let’s do this
very good even though we sell mr. Chang
will be very happy when Duggan’s dead go
to the ranch
take him out however you can there’ll be
lots of guards
so get past them first the money is
ready to transfer as soon as it’s done
now he won’t answer the phone
don’t try to get away
we’ve cold in the chopper
go get him out of here
am i right
oh my god
no it’s done isn’t it oh shit don’t say
anything I don’t want to know but I know
dear Lorna
you’ve been drinking
salutations welcome back
they’re waiting for you in the lobby I
heard you acquitted yourselves most to
jointly Bravo
thanks you all I now have full ownership
with this car house mr. Chang is on a
full heading west
things are changing already absolutely
what are you waiting on mr. comes if
ever there was a celebration to me the
champagne that might be the last bottle
of French you get to taste like
sparkling piss but they let us put
champagne on the label now he needs yeah
well I guess that’s one of them any
costs the savings we can look forward to
under your ownership all in the name of
synergy might be just funny twice the
profit from happy out like we’ll get
along fine whatever minds me Vincent yes
sir will no longer require your services
oh he said no longer require your
circling ourselves but even you pass it
to my but I see yes sir I see it was a
privilege working with you fine people
Thank You Vincent
well you all got a casino to run don’t
wait too long before putting my first
check in the post I hope to see you all
on the tables oh the joys of being
American owned that’s not how I hope
things would turn out but we’re still
running oh and your condo still worth
at least well I’ve got some work to do
very good good luck old friend
26000 i’ll thank you all for watching
like I said hit that like button
subscribe to my channel cuz I can use
some subscribers and I appreciate the
help and I’ll comment below I’ll see you
guys in the next video

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