Grand Palladium White Sand Resort & Spa – Riviera Maya Mexico

Okay more than any destination in the Caribbean
the Riviera Maya has the colossal resorts
Huge resorts. They start out with one and then they
put another one beside another one all the
All the same brand and same companies but with
different levels of service different things included.
You have the Grand Bahia Principe complex with the
Tulum, Akumal, Coba
You have the Iberostar complex. You have the
Barcelo Bavaro Complex
These are huge resorts. Some of them have a
kilometer of beach
They’re gigantic. Now if you want something
gigantic, but not that big,
the Grand Palladium
in the Riviera Maya is great alternative. It
consists of several different sections like
the Colonial
Kantenah and
The White Sands
It’s a large resort but it’s not a colossal resort
You can still get around wondering, you can
still get around walking and what makes this
resort so unique
and so sets it apart from other resorts is
it has its own made-made lake.
It’s a large lake – it’s surprising. So you have these
accommodations going all the way around this
man-made lake
and you can take a boat ride along it and you can
get canoes and canoe
to your villa. There’s so many different things
that you could do so it’s a real cool
experienced if you want something totally different
and unique
Cindy & I had a great time at the Grand Colonial
at the Palladium. We stayed in the Colonial section
which is only mabe about
not even five minutes walking downtown our trail
to the White Sands.You do get to use their facilities,
their pools, bars.
They have a beach section with a salt water pool.There’s a
lot of inconclusions they have and you do get to use it
One of our favorite things which is not in
this video, I’ll tell you right now is
by the Colonial section they have an adult pool. It’s a
small pool
surrounded by palm trees. It is absolutely
gorgeous. It’s like something out of a magazine
it’s absolutely gorgeous and that was one
of our favorite places to hang out.
But for just wandering around
it’s a large resort and we would often walk over
and just look at the beauty of these places
but I have to tell you a warning right
off the bat, when the sun goes down
around that lake,
they were many times when we were swarmed
by mosquitoes.There’s lots of mosquitoes
as you can well imagine in a hot
humid climate with water
So at our Colonial Villa we didn’t have that problem
We looked over a jungle and saw beautiful sunsets
but in this area, we did encounter that. As a matter of
fact, one of Cindy’s
awesome photographs is of this little frog
with the mosquito on the top of it’s head, it looks like
it’s drilling into it’s brain
it’s a cool thing
We loved the resort
The food was great, the entertainment is good. They have a
a disco
They have a shuttle that you can take around but if
you don’t want use the shuttle, you can walk around
snorkeling is above average because there’s
a bay and in that bay
there’s a lot of structure for fish so I have videos of that also.
Not high definition for these ones, but I have videos.
The beaches are
smaller size
It’s not a humungous beach
overall it’s a great resort
and at certain times of the year
if you’re looking at last minute deals, you can get real bargains
Check it out. Recommended resort
criticism has

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