Golf Solitaire Card Game : Golf Solitaire: Keeping Track

One of the important strategy move for the
game of golf solitaire is actually one that
we use in stud poker, which is keeping track
of the cards that have been played. Now fortunately,
in golf solitaire, you have more information
that’s revealed than in say stud poker, and
what you can easily do is keep track of aces,
for example, that are on the board, and remember
any aces that have been played here, and you’ll
know how many are to come from your down cards.
Same goes for any value cards. Now, I’ve set
up a board which is pretty obvious as to what’s
been played, what remains in the deck, and
what’s up. As you can see, we’ve played part
of this hand, and we have pretty much exhausted
our low cards. The card values that are still
up are pretty much almost all the high cards
in the deck, so I have a question for you.
If a seven comes off, and I have an option
of playing a six or playing an eight with
this board, what do I do? Well, I submit that
if you know how many sevens have been played
you can answer that question, but in most
cases, you’ll play the six to clear it, unless
all the sevens have been played and you’re
on your last one, because you know when the
next seven comes up you can go on a nice long
run and get a nice low score.

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