Glow Bingo benefits the USS Billings Commissioning Committee

back here in Billings the Phillips sixty-six employee veterans Network hosted a bingo game with a cause tonight globe Ingo provides a twist on the classic game with players marking their cards while wearing flashing accessories the money raised will go to the USS Billings Commission in committee the committee is a local group that is responsible for paying for the commissioning ceremony of the US Navy’s newest warship part of the expenses include leaving some billions related memorabilia on board the ship and throwing a party for the first service members on board Oh as a Navy veteran it’s a pretty big deal for me there’s a citizen of Billings it’s a really big deal for me and there’s a citizen’s in Montana it’s a very big deal because it’s uh it’s not very often that you get a u.s. Navy warship named after your city yeah so so it’s kind of a big deal the commissioning ceremony for the USS Billings is scheduled for August in Key West Florida

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