Giant GUESS WHO Game in Real Life to WIN Youtube Channel! (Game Master Inc. Vs. Best Friend)

– We have to win this, we
have to get RZ Twin back. I cannot lose my channel, especially on my birthday! How could you? You tricked us! – [Matt] What if it’s a
giant game of Guess Who in real life?
– In real life?! – You’ve been on my YouTube channel, how could you play against
me to get it taken down? – They’re setting you up to lose, but I can help you win. – Matt, Daniel! – [Matt] You just bet
GMI your YouTube channel! – I know, Matt, you have to trust me! Daniel!
– Daniel, Daniel! – Let’s get in the van.
– Daniel! – Daniel!
– Yes, yes. – Hey.
– Hey. – It’s a long story, but just bet the GMI my YouTube channel. I’m gonna play that–
– What?! – The giant game you were
talking about, right? – Yeah. – I said that I would play them. – So you might lose your YouTube channel? – Yeah. No, I mean no, it’s not gonna happen. We’re gonna win, right, Zamfam? – Yes!
– Okay, well, they gave you a present for
your birthday in here, right? – Yeah, a jump rope.
– A new rope, oh! – It’s just this Guess Who game. I guess I guess haven’t opened it. – Yeah, maybe there’s a clue inside. – There might be something. What, three, two, one– – [Matt] Game pieces! – It’s just a game. – [Matt] Whoa, it’s empty, though. – Whoa, whoa, wait a sec. They’re planning a giant game. And this game is Guess Who. What if it’s a giant game of Guess Who? – [Matt] In real life?! – [Daniel] In real life. – Make sure you are subscribed
with notifications on and give the video a big thumbs up. We have to go get ready
for 9/28, my birthday. Let’s do it. Okay, so this looks like the
building that they sent me. We have 15 minutes until
they want me to meet them, so we need to go and figure
out how we can break in and set up spy cameras
so you guys can help me in this giant Guess Who game. – So, since we only have 15 minutes, we need to split up,
actually set up spy cameras. Do you know, that way we can operate inside of the hacker van. I’ll take the roof. – I’ll take the stairs. – Okay, and I’ll look and see if there’s any type of elevator to
take us up to the location. Are you guys ready? Zamfam on three. – [All Three] One, two, three– Zamfam! – Okay, you guys. I think there might be
an elevator in here. We do not have much time, so we gotta get up there, we need to set up the cameras. I cannot lose my channel, especially on my birthday! – Okay. Up on the roof now. It looks like there’s something up here. There’s also a water tower at the top. Let’s see if I can get
a better view up here. The only way to get in is through one of those
windows, it looks like. I’m gonna figure that out right now. – All right, Zamfam, so I need to figure out how to get up. Red light! Like the Red Hood! Okay, do you think that
this is it, you guys? Three, two, one– It’s working, it’s working. Oh my gosh, I have let
Daniel and Matt know. Whoa, look at that wall! You guys, what is that? – [Daniel] I’m inside the stairwell now. Oh, look at this. A motorcycle, a motorbike. This might be a way out. Oh, some more stairs. – [Matt] Maybe it’s this window. Ugh, nope. – Oh my gosh. I hope Daniel and Matt are figuring out how to get inside too. Okay, there’s a room, there’s a room. You guys, this is a giant white room. Do you think this is
where I’m gonna be playing the giant Guess Who game? Who do you think I’m gonna
be competing against? All right, hopefully Matt
and Daniel will get here soon and we can set up the cameras. – Oh, just a kitchen, okay. Huh? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, okay. Was that me or did that look like me? Did that look like me? I don’t know, maybe I’m seeing things. This door’s open, that’s where I went. Oh, I hear voices. Sounds kinda like Rebecca. – Daniel!
– Rebecca! – Finally, you got up here.
– Yeah. – Where’s Matt? – [Daniel] I don’t know, I
haven’t seen him in a while. Matt! – Movin’ in, guys. – [Daniel] You okay? Where’d you come from? The roof? – I set up on the roof. – What?
– What?! – The beams you saw across. – [Daniel] Oh, okay. – We’re inside. – Okay, well, we need to get ready. I have to get into my birthday dress that they want me to wear for it. So, hurry, let’s set up cameras. – [Daniel] Okay. – Do you think this is
gonna be where the game is? I think it will be. – It’s a huge space.
– It’s giant! – Yeah, it’s definitely GMI, I mean, it’s all white. – Okay, this is confirming our suspicion that this is gonna be a giant canvas. Look at the size of this room! It’s huge! – Let’s just get the cameras set up ’cause I’m gonna need your guys’ help. – [Matt] Yeah. – [Rebecca] Careful, Matt. – All set. – Where else should we set it up? And where should I stand? What’s gonna be the best spot, you guys? For you guys to help me. – Hey look, this is the
closest to the exit. – So let’s set up more– Someone’s, someone’s coming through– – [Daniel] Whoa, whoa, whoa. – Guys, hide! – Daniel, gimme that camera.
– What? – [Matt] Daniel, that’s you! – Okay.
– It’s you! – Okay, I didn’t wanna tell you this, but when I was coming
up the stairs this way, I thought I saw myself too. This confirms it. But, like, who? – [Matt] What is he doing? – Okay, he’s gone. – I told you you had a clone! – What’s he doing here? – Maybe he’s here for the game. I mean, it’s supposed to
be starting, you guys. That reminds me, I need to get changed. – Here you are, Beck. Beck, you almost done? – [Rebecca] Yeah, hold on! I’m here. Hey.
– Oh, whoa. – [Daniel] Oh! – Whoa, birthday outfit! – They said to wear a birthday outfit, so I had to change. – Pretty bright. – It’s bright, but it’s my birthday. – All right, we gotta get
set up inside the hacker van. C’mon. – [Daniel] Did you set
this all up yourself? – I mean, it’s not that hard. It didn’t take me that long to change. What do you guys think? – What?! Oh, I mean, it looks awesome. Nice job. – So I have my earpiece in, so I can communicate with you guys. You guys are gonna be watching me, right? With the secret hidden cameras set set up. – Yep, we only got one in, though. – [Daniel] Yeah. – But one camera, it’s not enough. – I was thinkin’ of this earlier. I think inside of here,
there’s a wireless transmitter that can actually help boost the signal. Yep, it’s right in here. Rebecca, I can’t believe you’re doing this on your birthday, though. – I know, I cannot lose my channel today. But you guys, in case you did not hear, I have a lip gloss that
is coming out today. You can preorder it, the
link is in the description. I am very excited, it’s like the most favorite thing. All I want for my birthday is for people to get the
lip gloss and preorder it. What about your channel?! – I mean, that too. I mean, I definitely
want to win whatever game I’m playing against the GMI, but my lip gloss too, you guys, link in the description! – Oh my gosh, I think, get back in there, okay? Daniel and I have this, we’ll be on communication, okay? – Okay, okay. – Okay, good luck. I don’t see anything, but it sounds like she’s
going up the elevator. – Yeah. – Okay, Zamfam, so I am about to enter a giant game against
the GMI for my channel. I could lose my channel. I cannot let that happen, especially on my birthday. So, wish me good luck. I have no idea what to expect. You’re not Daniel,
you’re D2, how could you? You tricked us! You made us believe it was you, where is the real Daniel right now? – Oh, he won’t understand you. His mind was wiped the last
session of cerebral analysis. – But Rebecca, I’m so glad
you decided to join us. It’ll make taking your
channel that much easier. – You’re not taking my channel. We’re getting back RZ Twin. – RZ Twin.
– Right. – What is the game that we’re playing? What’s this giant game? – Well, as you may have guessed
from your birthday present, it’s a giant Guess Who game in real life. – Yeah, there will be three rounds, and you’ll be playing against
some of our top GMI agents. Best of three wins. – And guess who will win? – Um. – [Both] Us. – I’m gonna win, you guys
aren’t taking my channel. – Aww, poor Rebecca Zomolo’s channel. – And right on your birthday, right when you released
that lip gloss product line. – Lip gloss.
– Oh. – Oh, look it. Signal booster’s working. All right, now the camera’s live! Okay, who is that, do you think? – Yeah, who’s filming? I don’t know.
– Okay. – Whatever, you guys win, you get that, but if I win, I get RZ Twin. – Yes, whatever. We have dealt with Daniel, but we don’t want you cheating or letting Matt help you in any way. – Plus, we have to set up. – Take her away!
– Now! – Wait, what do you mean? No, no, no, no, no! That’s not the– That’s not what we agreed on! I said I’d play your game! Where are you taking me? – You will play our game. – What?!
– We’ll be with you shortly. – And unassisted. – What, no! No! – Oh no!
– Oh, no, no! – Rebecca! – Where are they taking her? Let me out! Matt, Daniel, come in! Hopefully Matt and Daniel
can use the hidden cameras and help me win this game
with different clues, but– I gotta, I gotta go. What? You guys trapped me for this? I thought you said you had to set up. – Set formation. – What are they doing
with all these people? – It’s a giant– – [Both] Guess Who game in real life! – [Both Agents] Let’s play. – Rebecca, you may pick your side. – I’ll go on this side, yeah. Okay, so how does this work? How do we play this giant Guess Who game? – We will send a picture
of one of these characters to your phone. To win, you must guess
your opponent’s character. You will take turns asking questions and to knock a character out– – What?!
– Whoa! – The Quadrant just took her out! What, that’s how they’re playin’ the game? – This is a scary game of Guess Who! – It’s so scary! – It’s simple. You’ll get the hang of it. – She’s back, okay. – What’s up? Are you doing something? – Okay, listen. I need to get information about the people that she’s gonna compete against, right? – Okay, it’s like facial
recognition software. – Exactly. – Round one, GMI player one, please enter. – It’s Alice! My best friend, I mean, ex-best friend. You’ve been on my YouTube channel, how can you play against
me to get it taken down? – It was a really tough decision. Just kidding. You didn’t really get
many subscribers anyways. – I mean, you don’t even
have a YouTube channel. – Not yet, anyway. But let’s just say this
isn’t set up in your favor, so you might not win. Which means I might the Zamfam very soon. – You’re not getting the Zamfam. – Reading that right? She’s the one that’s gonna replace Rebecca on the Rebecca Zamolo channel! – Oh no! – Okay, so, who goes first? – Our favorite game. Rock, paper, scissor. – Rock, paper, scissor, shoot. I go first! Okay, we got this, Zamfam. – Great, Rebecca gets to choose first! – Wait, is that a good thing? – Let’s play. – We sent the characters. – [Both] Players, check your phone. – I don’t have my phone. Oh. How did that get there? Okay. Okay, Zamfam, so it looks like I have Mark and I have to guess whatever
Alice has, I have no idea. But we can do this, we can win this. – Janice. This is gonna be super easy. It doesn’t matter who she’s got. I’m gonna win. – Okay. Alice, does your person have a hat? – No. – White team, hats out. – Is your character wearing glasses? – Yes! – Of course he is. – Oh no. – Black team, everyone
without glasses, you’re out. – Okay, Zamfam, it looks
like I got more out than her, which means I’m closer to winning. I don’t wanna lose my channel. Comment below what
question I should ask next. This is really important. Okay, Zamfam, so there’s
a name that’s very similar to the person I’m playing. I think it might be them, so I think I’m gonna make my guess, okay? Alice, does your person have green hair? – No again. – White team, green hair out. – Okay, you guys. That wasn’t who I thought
it was, obviously. And now I think I might be
losing, it’s her turn next. I just hope she doesn’t guess something that will eliminate a lot of people. – All right, Rebecca, does your character have a beard? – Oh no, Zamfam, she asked
a really good question. She’s gonna figure it out. Yes! – I knew it. – Team black, everyone
without a beard, you’re out. – Okay, Zamfam, she only has two now, which means I have to guess or she’s gonna win no matter what. I like Kenzie’s bow, it had the neck, and that’s the first person
that the team I brought out. So I think it might be Kenzie. Comment below if you think
I should pick Kenzie, I think I just have to do it. I have to make a guess, you guys. Alice! Is your card Kenzie? – Incorrect. – Alice, if you get this next one right, you win. – All right, Zamfam, don’t
forget to like and subscribe because it’s gonna be my channel now. Rebecca, is your character Mark? – Oh my gosh, you guys. I just lost. Yes, it’s Mark! – Alice wins! – Zamfam!
– Alice! – Thanks, guys, thanks for
playin’, thanks for playin’. I have a new YouTube channel and a new lip gloss line! – What, no!
– Bye, guys! – You can’t do that! – Bye, Becca! – Alice, no, she won! – Okay, well, there’s two more rounds. I can still win this, you guys. We haven’t lost, Zamfam. We’ve got this, we have two more. And I know we can win, okay? We need to figure out
who the next opponent is. – Round two. Everybody set? – GMI agent, please enter. – The Red Hood?! How is that even fair? I thought the Red Hood was just an actor, I thought it was over! – GMI, one last round. We will start again. – Let’s play. – Rebecca, does you person have glasses? – Oh no, Zamfam, I have Leslie, and she has glasses. So hopefully there’s a
ton of people with glasses because I have to win this. Yes! – Team black, everyone
without glasses, you’re out. – I was getting tired. – Okay.
– All right, come on, Rebecca, you got this! – Red Hood, is your
character over the age of 30? I don’t know. – No. – No?! – White team, everyone over 30 is out. – Rebecca, does your person have a hat? – Zamfam, Leslie does have a hat. It’s a visor, but I
think it counts as a hat. Yes! – Team black, everyone
without a hat, you’re out. – Okay, Zamfam, so I just
thought of something. There’s only one person
with red hair here. You guys, and the Red Hood loves red. So I’m pretty sure that is the person. So I could keep going
or I could win this game and guess the red hair. Comment below if you
think it’s the red hair. I mean, you guys know she
trapped me in her mansion and it was all red. So how could she not pick
a red-haired character? I think I have to do this you guys. Give this video a big thumbs-up right now because if I don’t guess right, I lose my channel and I lose you guys and that can’t happen, I have to win. This is one of the biggest
decisions I have ever done, this could be a game
changer, but I’m gonna do it. Okay. Red Hood, does your
character have red hair? – Yeah. – Yeah? There’s only one person with red hair! – White team, everyone
without red hair leave. – You guys! I won! Zamfam, I won! Is your character Matthew? I won, Red Hood! I won!
– No! – [Both] Whoa! – Rebecca!
– Whoa, hey, whoa! – [Rebecca] No, no! – Don’t get too excited. There’s still another round. Let it go! – They stopped her. – The GMI’s like stoppin’ ’em. And the people in the game. – Oh, scary. – Little opinion, that’s what it is. – You can say that again, brother. – Yeah. – Rebecca, come join us. – You’ll enjoy who’s for round three. – Round three? Who’s for round three? – Bring in– – [Both Agents] Round three! – What?! What, what are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here! No! Got the three-in-one outfit! – RZ Twin?
– What? – Wait, this could be good! Maybe she’ll help out!
– Yeah! What are they doing? – No, no, no, no! – This isn’t supposed to happen! – Complete. – RZ Twin, are you okay? – Take your position. – Zamfam, I don’t know what to do. You guys know RZ Twin is me, I mean, she is my clone, so I don’t know how I can win this. I think this might have been a trap. There’s obviously something they wanna do to take over my channel. – Rebecca, you won the last round. You can go first. Round three is a speed round. There will be three
questions with 10 seconds to ask those questions. Ready? Begin. – Does your person have long hair? – White team, short hair leave. – Does your character have short hair? – Team black, long hair leave. – Okay, is your person a boy? – White team, boys leave. – Is your character a boy? – Team black, girls leave. – Does your character have a bow tie? – White team, people with bow ties leave. – I need to take a break
so I can get some water. – Two-minute water break! Everyone who is out is dismissed! – Those twins are always so thirsty. – I know. – I’m gonna go down there really quick. I’ll be back. Just gettin’ some water! Okay, Zamfam, right
now I am tied right now with RZ Twin, who’s
under cerebral analysis. If I lose this, I lose my YouTube channel. That can’t happen. I need to figure out what to do right now. Matt, Daniel, come in! Matt, what? – Psst, c’mere! Come here! We should be careful! – [Rebecca] Who are you? – I’m Zoey. RZ Twin told me to give you these glasses. It’s the only way you’re
gonna win this game. – [Rebecca] But RZ Twin’s
under cerebral analysis. – I know, it doesn’t make sense, but I am gonna need you to trust me. I formatted these glasses so you can see people’s true eye color. Some of them are wearing contacts, and they’re just clones. – Zoey? Why’s she in, like, that cape? I remember the person in the cape? Everybody kept on saying
it in comments section! – Everybody in the Zamfam
was commenting about that. – Guys, comment down below
if you saw this person in the other videos. I think it was in the prison? – [Daniel] The prison break one. – Yes!
– Yeah. – And also in the library! – Oh, when you got taken! – I got trapped! Hold on, what’s she saying? – They’re setting you up to lose, but I can help you win. – [Rebecca] And why should I trust you? For all I know, you’re
just part of the GMI game. – Because I was casted
as your best friend. – [Rebecca] No, you weren’t! Alice was. – No, Alice was my replacement. I’ve rebooted the system and took my name out of the database. Basically, I’m invisible,
but still tracking patterns so I can stop them. Trust me, I’m on your side. – [Rebecca] Okay. – Remember the GMI prison? I was there. But I couldn’t get inside
before you escaped. You can even ask your Zamfam. I was wearing a cloak like this. You need to wear these glasses, but don’t let them see you put it on. They can’t know you have this advantage. – [Rebecca] Okay, all right, thanks. – [GMI Agent] All done? – Yep, sorry. – Three seconds to spare. – Yep, sorry, but I had
three seconds, so I made it! Hold on one sec. – Rebecca, do you need me to break in? I can cause a distraction or something? Okay, if you do want me
to break in right now, say, hooty-hoo! – Hooty-hoo! Hooty-hoo. – Okay, she said– I’m gonna go try to grab my
backpack I left up there. – Oh, you left it?! – I left it! – Okay, good luck, good luck. – Okay, here we go, okay? Two, one– – Hooty-hoo! I’m just stretching.
– Stretching now. – Yep, yep, yep. – Get back here! – Get him, get him! Get the backpack! Hooty-hoo! Hooty-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Hooty-hoo-hoo-hoo! – Zamfam, it’s true. It looks like Ellen has brown eyes, but they are actually red. I can see through here. And Alice, it looks like she has blue eyes, but
really they’re brown. But the GMI, I think
they’re trying to trick me with the eye color, so
if I can just do that, I can win this game. Oh, they’re coming back. – Oh!
– I got it! – You got it!
– Yeah! I got my backpack. – Wow, that was so fast. – I know. – Let’s just finish this, so we can have your channel. – She only knows. Let’s just continue the game. – She has two picks, we wanna know what she knows. She shouldn’t crack, so– – We can’t mess this up. – This’ll be fast. Continue! – It’s my turn. RZ Twin, does your
character have brown eyes? I’d like to make a guess! RZ Twin, is your person Alice? – What?! How could she know?! – Everyone, out here now!
– Now! – She won!
– Yes! – I don’t think this
was part of their plan. – Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Look, she looks like she’s in trouble. Everybody else is gone, let’s go! Okay, let’s, what– Let’s go, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon. – How could you know that? Tell us! – Who helped you get this far? – Matt, Daniel! What?! Matt! Daniel! – Let’s go, go, go, go, go, go! Let’s go, go, go, go!
– Go, go, go! – Shut the door, shut the door! It’s locked, it’s locked.
– It’s locked! – [Matt] Let’s go, let’s go! – Hey, oh, guys, it’s not– – [Daniel] Whoa, whoa,
whoa, hey, hey, hey. Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, look. – Guys, this is Zoey! – [Daniel] Yeah, we know! – Okay, but she’s the one
that gave me the glasses, she’s on our side! – We know!
– Yeah, we saw her! – Okay. – [Daniel] We saw her on camera! – Okay. – There is something you
guys need to know, though. The agents up there? They’re only the pawns. – Okay? – Mr. X is the one that’s
in charge of everything. – [Daniel] Who’s Mr. X? – I don’t know, I almost
uncovered the truth, but somebody corrupted the database. – What do we do? – [Matt] You guys, I have an idea. – [Rebecca] Yeah? – If the agents have the information, we’ve gotta track the agents.


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