GIANT Board Game ALPHABET SLIME CHALLENGE! Sis vs Bro vs Sis SuperHero Kids Challenges

– Hey guys, I’m Hope!
– I’m Eden.
– And I’m Noah.
– [Group] And we’re the Super Hero Kids!
– And today we’re gonna be playing
the Giant Board Game
Alphabet Slime Challenge.
So we got our bowls, we got a dice,
and what we’re gonna do is roll the dice,
and go to one of the letters,
and whichever letter it is,
we’re gonna get a slime ingredient
that starts with that letter,
and put it in our bowl.
So let’s do this.
Noah, go first since you’re the youngest.
– Ready, whoa!
– Five.
– Five!
– Okay, go.
– One, two, three, four, five.
– E! So what slime ingredient did he get?
Lets find out.
E is for Elmer’s glue!
What do you want?
So we have glittery, or clear, which one?
– Let’s do the clear.
The clear,
– Ooh, clear.
– Okay, there you go.
(upbeat music)
– [Hope] Stop, stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop.
That was a lot of glue.
Now it’s my turn, okay.
– [Noah] You got.
– [Group] Two!
One, two.
– [Hope] I got B!
– [Noah] I wonder what B would be?
– B is Beads or Baking Soda.
– Ooh.
– Okay, I definitely think
I’m gonna go for beads.
Oh my god!
This is so colorful, so.
It’s now Eden’s turn
– [Noah] Roll the die
Roll the die.
Roll the die die die.
– [Group] Two!
– [Hope] So A, B!
She got B!
So that’s baking soda!
– [Eden] That’s a lot.
– [Scott] Nice.
These are all great starters.
– You guys ready, whoa!
– [Hope] Two!
What’d you get P? Or F? G!
– One, two, G!
Let’s go see what G is?
– For glue or glitter?
– I’m going to do glitter!
– [Hope] Ooh pretty,
– [Hope] Oh my god,
Okay, my turn!
– [Group] One!
– One! I got C.
C is for contact solution, clear
glue, color, or cornstarch.
That’s a pretty hard decision.
– [Eden] I say, do glue.
– I say, do glue because
that’s what makes slime.
I’m doing clear glue.
This is gonna be like an Easter.
Eden’s turn.
– My turn.
– [Group] Four!
– One, two, three, four.
– F! F is for fish bowl
beads or food coloring.
– Ooh, I’m going to go with food coloring.
– Food coloring! Okay, okay, okay.
– Turquoise! Ready?
– [Hope] Yeah, go!
– Do you have a spatula?
– [Hope] That was a lot.
Now, it’s Noah’s turn again!
And I’m really sad because I’m behind,
I gotta step up my game.
– Ready, go!
– One!
– Ugh, I always get ones.
– H.
– H!
– Lets go check the result.
– That’s mine, that’s the
letter of my first name.
– H is for Hand Sanitizer!
– [Hope] Ew, what that noise is not.
– Oh my gosh Noah!
– Ew.
– [Hope] Why’d you do that?
– [Eden] Nasty.
– He got it everywhere.
– It’s a mess
– Hope’s gonna get like a six
to get in front of everybody.
I call it, six.
– [Hope] Darn it!
– [Noah] Three.
– [Hope] I got a three.
Okay, so we have C, D, E, F.
I’m definitely do fish beads.
Ooh, haha.
I’m adding all of them.
Last one.
– You ready?
Get one, get one, awe.
Get one, get one, Yes!
– [Group] One!
– G!
G is for glue, or glitter.
Which one?
– I’m going to go with glue.
– Glue.
– Clear.
– Clear, we all got clear.
No one wants the glitter glue anymore.
– Ooh.
– Whoa, it looks like the
Antarctic, doesn’t it?
– Kind of does.
– [Hope] That’s pretty cool man.
– Roll!
– [Group] Three!
One, two, three!
– K!
– You got K!
– K is for Kinetic Sand!
– Yeah! Okay, ready?
– Don’t add a lot.
Oh my gosh, he has a blue theme going on.
– The ocean.
– [Hope] That’s an iceberg in the ocean.
– [Eden] Icebergs are white.
– Yeah.
– [Hope] Okay that’s a really
blue iceberg in the ocean.
One, I’m passing Eden!
Two, three, I!
– The winner gets 10,000 Superbucks.
I’m going to get it,
’cause I’m three spaces
away from passing Noah.
I is for the ice beads.
– Ready?
She rolling, she rolling, what she get?
– [Group] Three!
One, two, three!
– J, J is for Jewels.
Okay ready, gonna boop.
– Beautiful.
– [Noah] My turn!
I’m going to roll it on you.
Five, I got five!
One, two, three, four, five,
I got P.
– That’s the third letter in my name.
– Okay, P is for paint.
– Paint over here.
That’s enough.
– Did you hear that squeak?
– [Hope] Everyone is blue,
I’m like the rainbow girl.
– [Hope] Okay!
– [Group] Three!
– [Hope] One, two, three!
L is for lotion.
It’s not going out all the way.
– [Noah] Ooh, I’m moving on my dice,
I’m moving on my dice.
– Okay, good enough.
Let’s go, Eden’s turn!
– Here we go. Six!
– You lucky duck!
– [Noah] Oh that’s mean.
– [Eden] One, two, three, four, five, six.
– You got the same one as me!
I got P!
– [Hope] Nothing new here, kiddos.
– Okay.
– White Paint.
– [Noah] When I tried to roll this today,
I’m gonna fall off the dice.
– Whoa, yeah that was pretty neat.
– Roll!
– [Group] Five!
– Ready?
One, two, three, four, five,
I got U.
– You decide!
That’s cool!
What do you want dude?
– I’m going to decide
to get the Blue Orbeez!
– Okay, do not add all of them,
please I really want some.
– [Eden] There are other colored Orbeez.
– Yeah, yellow.
– [Eden] Ooh.
– [Noah] Ooh.
– Five! That means I
get to pass all of them.
– [Group] One, two, three, four, five!
– I got Q!
– [Group] Q is for question mark,
choose your ingredient.
– I’m going to choose
some snowy snow.
Oh this is gonna be a good slime.
– One, two, three, four, five, six.
– I got five, ready?
One, two
– She passes me.
– Three, four.
– She got the Orbeez!
– U for you decide
– Oh I mean, you decide.
– I think, I’m going to go with with Snow.
– Okay, so now she’s done,
which means it’s Noah’s turn!
– Okay, are you ready to rumble?
Okay, I’m rolling!
Lets see what I get.
Again let’s go.
Okay, you ready?
One, two, three, four, five!
I made it!
I won!
Z is z mix, mix?
What does that mean?
Oh, I get a mix, mix.
It looks so cool, look at it.
Okay, now I need to add some activator.
Okay, I got my activator.
– Don’t add too much.
– But my slimes already there, so?
– [Eden] Ooh weird.
– Ready, set, go.
– [Group] One!
– [Eden] R! What’s R?
– R is for anything red.
Okay, obviously I’m going to pick these,
the Red Orbeez, here we go.
– [Noah] No.
– [Group] Four!
– One, two, three, four.
– [Group] Y!
– [Hope] Lets see, what is Y?
Mix, mix!
– Cool, I’m down!
I get to add my activator
and mix it all up.
– That means, it’s left to me!
– All right, ready?
Add a little bit.
Whoa, the baking soda is
all clumpy at the bottom.
The snow texture is really cool.
– Here I go!
I got a one!
Which is S, which means to go subscribe!
Make sure to hit that big
red button down below.
Okay, now I get to roll again.
Whoa that’s a big number.
One, two, three, four, five!
I got x.
X is for Borax Water.
Okay! Now it’s time for me to
mix, since, if I roll again
I’m just going to get a Y or a Z.
So, here we go, here we go, ooh.
This looks cool.
– Mine’s turning into slime.
The Orbeez make it cool.
– Mine is like a very Eastery, fun time.
– Mine’s like the sky.
– I’m all done,
I accidentally over activated my slime a
little bit, but that’s okay,
’cause it’s still a nice
clear, Eastery slime.
My slime name is Easter Wonderland.
– My slime’s name is Alien Brains.
– My slime’s name is Big Blue Sky.
– Okay, that was pretty
cool, make sure to vote the i
which slime you think was the best.
But Noah won the 10,000 Superbucks!
– And I have great slime too.
– And make sure you give
this videos a big thumbs up,
and hit that big red
subscribe button down below
to watch more of our challenges,
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to watch another video,
and we’ll see ya there.
Remember that there’s always time for fun.
– Bye!

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