Ghostbusters (1/8) Movie CLIP – Venkman’s ESP Test (1984) HD

Good guess. But wrong.
Clear your head.
All right. Tell me what you think it is.
Is it a star?
It is a star. Very good. That’s great.
Okay. All right.
Think hard. What is it?
Close. But definitely wrong.
– All right. Ready?
– Yeah.
All right.
What is it?
Come on.
Figure eight.
Incredible. That’s 5 for 5.
You can’t see these, can you?
– You’re not cheating me, are you?
– No, I swear they’re just coming to me.
– Nervous?
– Yes. I don’t like this.
You only have 75 more to go, okay?
What’s this one?
It’s a couple of wavy lines.
– Sorry. This isn’t your lucky day.
– I know.
I’m getting a little tired of this!
You volunteered, didn’t you?
We’re paying, aren’t we?
Yeah, but I didn’t know you were
gonna give me electric shocks!
What are you trying
to prove here, anyway?
I’m studying the effect of negative
reinforcement on ESP ability.
The effect? I’ll tell you what
the effect is. It’s pissing me off!
Well, then maybe my theory is correct!
– You can keep the 5 bucks. I’ve had it.
– I will, mister!


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