Waddup, humans? Kurumi here!
And welcome to Mobile Legends: What’s new?
In this video, we are going to show you the
new upcoming event, Bingo!
At the moment, this event is only available
in the advanced server.
But as we all know, features on the advanced
server eventually comes to the original server.
So now, let us check out the rules.
A Permanent Soryu Maiden Kagura skin is guaranteed,
when you partake for 10 times on your first time.
Everytime you draw for 1 time, you have the
chance to get the following.
Permanent Epic Skins. Special Skins. Elite Skins. Normal Skins.
Permanent Rare Battle Emotes,
and item rewards like Hero and Rare fragments,
and Magic Wheel Potion.
Each 10 times draw guarantees an epic skin,
or superior.
I think superior means Special?
Not sure. But maybe.
There is a Bingo card also for each player,
which can grant you additional epic skin,
when you draw a line either horizontal, diagonal,
or vertical.
We will show you later what it looks like
and how it works.
If you obtain a skin that you already own
in this event,
they’ll be turned into Skin Fragments.
There is a history button of the skins you’ve
obtained from this event,
which will be shown later on.
Here are the skins that you can obtain from
this event.
It’s satisfying to see that the Epic skins
in the prize pool,
are all obtainable from Lucky Box events only.
It just makes me feel that the diamonds I’m
gonna spend on this event,
is gonna be worth it.
So worth it.
For the Bingo card, you have to fill 3 spaces
which can make either a horizontal,
vertical, or diagonal straight line.
This will give you an Epic skin upon completion.
So now, let’s test our luck with my first
10 times draw!
My first draw costs 1575 diamonds instead
of 2250 diamonds.
Kagura’s Soryu Maiden skin is guaranteed on
this first 10 times draw.
This is not a good draw since I only got fragments,
and potions on the 9 other draws.
Here, a slot in the Bingo card will be randomly
filled in.
Should we try another one?
Because I really want that Akai skin.
Well, yeah. Let’s go!
So far, so good!
Two skins in a row!
Wow. Third skin.
This is pretty lucky, in my opinion.
Wish me luck!
What the…
So here goes another fill for your Bingo Card.
So once again, this is Kurumi, a girl who
didn’t get that Akai skin.
Fork this sheep, I’m out!


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