Gaya Island Resort, Sabah x CeleBeaute | Queenzy Cheng VLOG

Check-in at Jesselton Point
10 minutes later
The library
Kinabalu Villa
CeleBeaute Whole C – Your powerful natural Vitamin C and immune system booster
Private Dining – The Bajau Laut Beach Barbecue
Happy Birthday to me…
Sunrise with a spectacular view of Mount Kinabalu
CeleBeaute Collagen – Clinically proven for healthy joints and beautiful skin
Feast Village
CeleBeaute Synbiotics – The ultimate solution for healthy digestive system
On the way to Tavajun Bay
CeleBeaute Tx – The perfect skin whitening formulation with UV protection
Singgah Singgarung Experience
Private Dining – The Sinagang Steamboat
Farewell Gaya Island Resort!


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