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Hello guys! Welcome back to Ushi Gaming Channel. So another Game of Dice video. And this time, i’m still using the same skill card setup as the one on my previous video… I haven’t changed it yet because i think it’s quite good… it’s already good enough… And this time i want to play the team match. Still with my favourite map, which is Aquamarine. Okay so team match with random players. So as usual i will take the city conqueror and add takeover item. I don’t really think that the start money is required..? Okay so anyway let’s do it. Okay we got the match. So, on the team match… we actually play like… 2 players vs 2 players… So i’m on the red team… and my opponent is the blue team. Okay here we go.. So i’m on the 4th turn. Alright, so i have 3 takeover certificate, that’s nice. I guess i’m on the last turn, 4th turn for exactly… Oh, he landed on Fortune Road… Well, if you landed on Fortune Road you have to roll one more dice and you will be able to… like this one. Increase your cities toll or go to start or to steal other player’s city. Well actually on the early game like this… The better one is to get more cities rather than landing on fortune road. It’s too early in my opinion. Okay, 6. Oh, he failed to get extra city. Okay so if i landed on my teammate’s city i don’t need to pay a toll… But if i landed on the blue team’s city i need to pay toll. So let’s use this. Select a character to move on a random block. I’m gonna choose myself. Because there are so many empty cities right now. Oh, nice. Move to start. I can get 1 free empty city… when i landed on start in this map… this Aquamarine map, only for this map. And I can do one more run. I want 10-12. Either 11 or 12. Nice! I got a city ! Well golden ox is really awesome but I want to get more cities at first. If I landed on golden ox, my cities’ level will get increased. That’s really nice. Steal City? Don’t steal mine… Oh… 🙁 He stole my teammate’s city. Oh, no… that was my city actually. xD Mine is the pink one? And my teammate’s is the red one. So my team mate tookover my opponent’s city. That’s nice. He got an empty city. SO now my turn… I will start to use the Round Trip once i have like 3 or 4 cities…or maybe 4-5 better? So i have only 2 cities for now… so i’m gonna wait for one or more turns… And then i will start to use that Round Trip. It’s gonna be awesome if you landed on the golden ox, and then you used that Round Trip. It will increase your Golden Ox’s level. That’s really nice. And then… Oh, he cannot takeover it, that’s really too bad. Oh? Success? He got an empty city. Oh, that’s sucks, that’s my opponent’s… Can i start to use this? OH, i can start to use this. Take 2 random properties when there are less than 8 unowned property. I got 2 for free… So i want…. 6? Oh, random 🙁 There is a random probability so that it will become “random”… i mean around 43% chance i will get the number that i want (when rolling the dice). And the other 57% chance… it will become random dice. So far i got 1 2 3 4… 4 cities. I need to get out from the jail and i can start to use this one to immediatelly raise my cities level. I got a skill card. Oh this one. This one is quite good. I can takeover the opponent’s city that has really high toll. It’s gonna be really nice. Oh, maybe i can start to takeover that one. Nope, or should i wait…? The city that has the dolphin boost effect is gonna be awesome to take over. So if you landed on the Dolphin Boost, you will be able to increase the cities toll, like the for… the same colour blocks, which is nice. Oh still can afford it, so it’s still OK. And now… blue team. Takeover one random city on the next dice roll. Hopefully it’s not mine. Oh, landed on empty city. Escape now. I want to land on… let’s try 5-7… hopefully 7… golden ox? Oh it’s 5. It’s OK i can put a bet on my city so that i can get more money.. .. if opponent landed on my city. And it can actually also protect my city from getting takeovered. If the opponent cannot pay the toll that they needed to pay on my city. Nice fortune road. Oh nice, golden ox. I will also get the effect because he is on the same team as mine. That’s really nice. My cities will also get the golden ox. Okay opponent’s turn. Oh the blue team actually have more cities, that’s really sucks. Okay let’s use this Round Trip to immediately increase my cities level. And let’s aim to 10-12 i guess… 11 ok. I think i still can afford to pay the toll. My team tookover the city. Okay, item loot. I think it’s one of the event’s things. Okay my team’s turn. He has 3 skill cards. What is he gonna use? Move to the nearest non city block. OK… Oh he still can afford it. It’s OK. If both of us goes bankrupt. It means that we are gonna lose. But if one of us win, we’re gonna win the battle. SO basically i have to make the blue team, both of them go bankrupt. He took over that blue city. But this guy still have 3 takeover certificate, that’s really bad. Okay i’m gonna use this to this one i think? Looks really good. Okay… And i also can get that chain…i mean if i have city on the same block. All of the cities on the same color blocks are mine i will be able to get more tolls fee for them. That’s really nice. Okay so i’ve just raise the purple color… OMG he took over my city, that’s really sucks. Nice…nice move. He just went to the where the opponent is, which is the golden ox, and that way we can control the golden ox once again. Already level 4… wow. And he can actually bet on my cities as well. So this is how the teamplay works. OK nice… GG.. I got 2 billion. So that one went bankrupt and he took a loan. Nice one. I want to get 10. Hmm should i take over this…? Yes. I have one. SO now i have 2. I have 2 vacation spots. If i have 2 vacation spots, it will become level 2. If i have another one, that’s gonna be like level 3. That’s really awesome if i can get one more. So now it’s 480M, the toll. Can put a bet right there, nice. Our opponent, the upper right player, the blue one went bankrupt once. So i need to make him bankrupt once again to make him really really bankrupt. Okay my opponent’s turn. 5… Okay he’s totally bankrupt now. Okay all of the blue cities… i mean the one on the upper right player’s cities, all gone. That’s nice. My turn… it’s kinda risky if i go to 3. So i’m gonan try to get 8 or 9. Oh it went to 7. Okay, my own city. So it’s OK. Oh he tookover that city. Really? He didn’t takeover that city. I wonder why… So the blue citiy is only 1. So the red team, my team is leading now. That’s nice. 2, go to start again. WTH.. that’s nice. He will get another city. OK i think we can win this. Okay let’s go to 9. Yes, it is 9. Really nice. Alright i got one block. More skill card. OK this is a really good finisher. I can push the opponent’s character like 1 block before his position. Okay i can pull that character. Nope, too far away, i need like 6 blocks. I want to go to 10. Oh it’s 11. Nevermind. I went to jail. But it’s OK, i still can pay.. oh nice. Wow 21B? Oh that’s an instant win? REALLY? NIce nice so i just win 7B just now. Okay so that’s the team match play guys. It’s kinda fun to play with other player, cooperate each other. Yeah you only need to beat the other 2 players, just like the single one, but this time there were only 2 colours, red & blue. I think that’s pretty nice. Well i haven’t used my finisher cards like push or pull, like just now but i can actually win the battle easier with the skill cards. I mean i can push that opponent’s character like 1 block behind his position now, and i can force that player to pay on my city. And that way i can make him bankrupt in my own will. So yes I think that’s all for now. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t. Press the like button if you liked this video. And download the game if you haven’t downloaded it yet. Try it at least once. And let me know what’s your opinion about this game on the comment section below. If you already downloaded it or played it before. That’s all guys, thank you for watching. Bye bye 😀
Game of Dice punch! 😀


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