Florenza the Card Game Final Thoughts

hey everybody 500 floor Enza the card game and keeping it short and sweet this is short and sweet game it’s really quick it plays really smooth really simple really elegant I mean this is a this is a very kind of almost pared down game there’s not a lot of fancy neat surprising mechanisms or anything in it it’s very straightforward gather resources convert them into victory points kind of thing with some hit with some simple hand management thrown in very straightforward but very elegant you’re like a really kind of pure example of the form and nothing wrong with that all I mean actually Jenna I found we enjoyed it very much you know in our first couple of plays which I mean again I haven’t played it very much you just got the other day so you can consider these initial impressions but it was very it was light and breezy and fun it was a nice way to spend an hour because it’s over pretty quick you it’s very satisfying to have a plan and go for it and build it and that’s pretty much it that’s all I say no I will say something else then this doesn’t bother me at all but I will mention some people first of all I think I think first and foremost this game was really designed with more players in mind it goes up to four players with only two players there is very little competition for getting the resources you want it’s not very hard to get what you need because there are so many of these cards down here that you go you never really have to work I mean we net no point have we ever felt the need to try to grab the first player marker because we were so desperate to hold on the first player there’s always so much available that it’s just not really an issue and I think Bob and I would suspect with three or four players turn order becomes more important things get tighter because these caught these location cards would get gobbled up much quicker I would think it’s much more likely that you might want to reserve a monument because you’re afraid somebody else might build it but in a two-player game there just doesn’t really seem like there’s that much competition now Jenna I don’t mind that at all but I do know some people say that oh the two players weaker because there’s not as much competition it’s not quite so hard and unforgiving and you know you don’t have to constantly re-evaluate all your plans because everything goes to sunder because somebody else beats you to a key critical resource and all that if you’re one of those types of players who needs that extra level of challenge it needs that in your face oh how can I get that thing because I know somebody else is going to take it so do I take that you know if you need that desperately this game would definitely just make sure you play this game with three or four players and you’re probably fine because the two players I think you’ll find instead it is a very relaxing laid-back easygoing game it is interesting I think because they did for the for the two-player game and for the three player game they remove a bunch of cards from the floor ends a deck and I think a couple from the artist deck but they don’t remove me from the monuments and they don’t remove any well I think what they could have done if they want to have that same level of tenseness of it all will I be able to do what I need to do in a two-player game if they had say removed say oh you know instead of having seven monuments out all the time there were only five monuments so there are fewer on offer and some of the monuments got removed from the game if a couple of resource types in their entirety got removed from the game so there were only like three resources and then it’s gonna be much harder to get what you need that would have made it tighter and you know that kind of removal it basically they did not scale it down for two player they did instead said hey you know what let’s like two-player just a really fun relaxed experience and that’s white and I enjoy because we have no problem with a fun relaxed experience and we’ve enjoyed it very much and this is definitely a keeper we think but you know that my time that’s just something you might have to bear in mind that if you really want that tension and you plan to play this only with two players you might not get that tension otherwise I can’t really think I’m smart so you know it’s pretty it’s uh you know it takes up a lot of table space that’s kind of obnoxious too this is not a game we never be able to play a restaurant because it’s it’s so expansive but that’s a shame because you really some of the advantages of card games they’re very portable you can play them in a lot of spaces this game gobbles up as much space as a full on board game so that’s a shame but a minor complaint but I think we’ll definitely keep this and decide to play if we ever just need a nice breezy relaxing quick game it gives it a little bit to think about and gives us a nice sense of accomplishment when we successfully complete what we set out to do three turns ago and then we are we just see who got the most points then from Renza the card game will be our game and I sell them played friends of the board me so I cannot compare this against that at all I really look forward to trying it someday and if I ever do get to play Forenza I am the final thoughts for that I will compare that to Florence’s gardening but in the meantime that’s it thanks for watching everybody if you have any comments questions anybody who knows the full game and does know the card game please comment some of what you think and if I made any mistakes I apologize is very easy to lose track of all these cards but as always let me know and I’ll note up the video and beyond that thanks for watching everybody have a good day uh buh-bye


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