Flippity.net Bingo

hi everyone this is Brad today we’re
taking a look at flippity bingo
flippity bingo uses Google Spreadsheets
just like all the other flippity ones
here I want to show you though real
quickly a demo using bingo in this case
what they’ve done is they have come up
with all 50 states and their capitals
and I just want to show you what the
bingo cards look like you can set it up
for however many bingo cards you would
like and you can easily either use the
terms or the alternate terms in this
case it’s going to be the states and the
capitals I’m just gonna keep the terms
for right now just show you what it
looks like cancel out the printing and
then you can see that just like bingo
all of the bingo cards they do come up a
little bit different so each one will be
unique then again if you did do
alternate terms you can see here we’re
just the capitals would come up so
that’s a nice feature if you click on
play over here you can send this direct
link using a QR code as well let me come
back to the list though so when you are
calling out the names of the states and
capitals or the states or capitals you
can just say hey California Florida
Illinois so keeps track and it’s nice
when someone calls out then go and you
can also do this as well or just clear
it now to show you how this all works
what we’ll do is you can just click on
template they also will give you
instructions I’m just gonna click on the
template here just to show you you
always need to make a copy so when you
make a copy it does become yours usually
takes a couple seconds and also in this
spreadsheet they do a nice job of
telling you what you can modify and what
you can in this case don’t modify the
blue cells but all these the terms here
alternate terms you don’t need the
alternate terms although in this case it
does make sense to say enter as many as
you would like and 25 is the minimum
with no maximum now in order to get the
link you just simply click on get the
link here
as it says don’t forget to publish to
the web so you just got a file publish
to the web click on publish okay and it
has been published so what you’ll need
to do then is we’re gonna close out of
it here we’re gonna click on this link
or all right here and sure enough here
comes your flippity in this case bingo
states and capital so it’s the same as
it came up before if you have any
questions let me know it’s a great a
great new game to play and take care
hope you have a nice day take it away

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