Fancy Hotel मध्ये राहणाऱ्यांची लक्षणे | Every middle class family in fancy hotel #bhadipa

We have two separate beds for ourselves
And Tom will be sleeping between us! You don’t worry
Look at the chandelier…
Nice na?
Look Aai, a flower pot
Not a crack pot, a flower pot
And look who’s here
Greetings, Kaku
Aai look, it’s a baldie… so shiny!
What are you doing, let’s go…!
Signs of Maharashtrians in Fancy Hotels
Sir, do you have all your documents?
Here they are. My school leaving certificate,
Middle school marksheet, high school marksheet.
Backlogs? This one is yours

LIC Receipt, my local train pass, PPF papers, it’s all here
But sir, do you have your id proof?
Do you want to link our Aadhar id?
Your Aadhar card will do. Any identity card?
Oh I-card?
You should have said this earlier
I always have it. Here it is.
I have to stand in line for PPF. So I always have these papers with me.
Hindi – English
How do I connect to the WiFi?
Click on Amanora Fern Hotel
Enter your room number here
It will connect itself then
Can I see my Malika (daily soaps) here?
Listen, she says this is working now.
Babu, who is Malika?
At least wear a shirt before you leave!
Excuse me!
How to bring hot water from the tap?
Oh no, I’m also tourist here
Dial 121 to bring housekeeping facilities
Yes, you too?
So let’s sit one night…
To play cards?
Pleasure. I love you.
Homemade is best-made
Somebody has stolen all our bottles, look
Yes, I asked them to boil those
But they are mineral water bottles!
Maybe it wasn’t fresh?
Vasanti, where are the fragrant soaps we had here?
Who know who used them before us?
They were unopened
Just use these paper soaps I got along
They didn’t give us the schezwan sauce we deserve, what is this?
Those aren’t noodles, it’s pasta
Do you want some pure ghee with it?
I have methi theplas, besan laddus,
And rice with powdered spice also!
After all, nothing can match homemade food
Should’ve also gotten a mosquito net!
I did…
For every last penny!
Mamma’s Wedding Gift, Narcos Mexico, The Goddess Wears Kumkum – download!
Babu, we’ll run out of our data pack!
But we have free wi-fi!
We got an excellent deal on Trivago
Free wi-f-, carparking, laundry and complimentary breakfast
And spa coupons! Can I have those?
I used them already
Both of them?
Kadam Kaka wanted to do a facial, it took him two!
Sorry na… What are you doing?
What is this?
A solo trip! Booked from your card.
It’s for free!
Listen, I’m going to the gym
When did you start gymming?
Starting today
The treadmills in their gym have personal TV screens
Shitli and Jaydi are having a face-off in the maha-episode!
But what about the gym costs?
It’s free na!
Hello? Can you send someone over to Room 320?
I need a few photocopies, actually
Not a lot, but colour copies?
Copies of those?
They’re all free
So what Shitli said to Jaydi was…
Wait, why are you shivering?
Turn up the AC please
You’re shivering in the woollens and want more AC?
But it’s for free na
Love thy neighbour
Did you buy jaggery sweets in Lonavala?
When will you do it?
I don’t know!
I have an extra packet, here, you can have it
Thank you Kaku, I touch your feet
Did you to the temple together?
You guys are married, right?
Aww, no… what are you saying?
Not yet!
How old is he?
And in this age?
What do you mean?
It’s only in our 50s that we can afford all of this.
You’re so young!
Because Babu booked it!
On Trivago!
You mean the guy with the long beard? Babu, is it?
Does he ever shower?
Do you hear anything?
Ssshh… wait!
It’s a nice room
Isn’t it? Come in, have some tea.
I hear different things in my room
Let me check again
Because Aai said so…
What are you doing?
See new shampoo?
Smells like apples!
Why are you packing them? Are you stealing?
Babu, it’s complimentary!
Juju, weight scale?
Aai is on a new diet na!
Soft na?
Aai told me to!
Babu? Shaving kit?
No shave November no?
It’s not for me, your mother asked for it
My Aai?
Yes, beard growth is on!
Aai’s beard?
No, Ani’s!
Pack it, I’ll get the towels
The final round
Look, doesn’t this look like a Karate outfit?
Yeah, but better focus on cards in this age?
We got a 2500rs discount, by the way!
2 of twos
Oh that’s nothing
We got 5000 off
Plus two.
Kaka, we booked online. Plus one!
We got the room at 7000
Plus one
That’s nothing then
We got it at 5000 only
Plus three of twos.
Kaka, we booked it on Trivago after comparing prices
Best hotel in cheapest prices
And those twos are real, pick your bluff
Have you ever seen a BhaDiPa video?
So you know you have three options then
Like, share and subscribe
Well, if you want to book hotel rooms at affordable prices
Listen, Kaka!
Download the Trivago app from the link below
And book a hotel room for cheap, just like we did.
Like they did, not us
And put back the spoons you’ve picked
Why are you hoarding water bottles?
And sugar sachets? You have high sugar levels!
Kaka, why do you need that hair dryer you’ve stolen?
That’s for my Juju
Babu? Juju…


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