Exploring the Abandoned Hotel Grim

At the center of a dusty windswept town stands the target of today’s exploration
Constructed in 1924 the grand building was once the crown jewel of Texarkana
Today however, it’s decaying walls and collapsing floors are only a reminder of times past
Now we’re venturing inside to discover. What’s left
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Washing machine
It’s disgusting in here
Is it open, and the car in there?
No no car, but it’s weird because the shaft doesn’t continue downwards more
This must have just been accessed for a maintenance area
Yeah, cuz here’s where the bump stop was for the elevator
Stairs above us too
Completely rusted through on some of them. They’re not rusted through the marble is busted
Okay, we’re at the lobby you can see right in so let’s be careful
It’s a nice staircase
This is the main lobby
Wow the curtains’ still there
This place has been abandoned since the 90’s
I’m behind the pole
Pretty big
Somebody’s very organized with their beer
These tired curtains really sell the creepy look
Looks like the whole roof collapsing back here
It’s barely even a building anymore
lets head up to the second floor of the lobby
Oh my god this building is fun [Sigh]
Don’t know about this step
Every floor is gonna be like this
And the other staircase looks worse
but this right here looks like
standing on the side
Elevator Shaft
I got that water in my mouth
Got it direct right in my mouth
Look at these stairs these are the ones we saw from below pretty fucked
Wow glass panes on elevator doors it is not something you see anymore
This elevator looks like it was
Completely replaced the doors like a normal door
And the car is pretty plain looking
Get all the furniture in here
You found another stairwell, this is the dark and creepy one?
Okay, we’re going up in this stairwell
because why go up the dark and creepy stairwell when you don’t have to
All the rooms look pretty empty
Pretty big though
And they’re gonna have a fun time renovating this place
It’s probably not even gonna resemble
yeah, there’s water it will save the outside it’s like a shell
Here’s another elevator
These are the main elevators
And neither has the arrow indicator my favorite part of all hotels
All these TVs they left behind are cool
and the fact that most bathrooms still have intact mirrors, and they’re clean mirrors
Oh the razor slot
Next floor
yeah. not much here
no, we might wanna be going straight for the roof
Into the creepy stairwell
this one at least looks more structurally sound than the other one though
This is an old TV
Could choose from 13 different channels it looks like
Control the brightness sewing was vertical and the volume
It looks like a suite or like some kind of connected room
This looks old
And this fridge
still have a bed frame in here
And a sofa in here
Look at this TV
This is back when TV’s were like a piece of furniture
this one had
13 channels again just like the other TV
state-of-the-art 13 channels
Well the back is pretty ripped out
That’s a shame
This room is pretty cool
Except black mold or fire damage. I think it’s a mixture of all fire damage.
With the writing on the door
This is not like a sweet though
Oh nice
Together all destroyed 7/8 TVs. It’s it’s a lot. They’re all different – yeah I
Feel like this place has all of your cliche urbex photos like here is your chair just Sean underneath the window
Here’s your long, hallway with a creepy window at the end
That siege easy to pop out the window
Right, that’s the TV. That’s the TV yeah
anyway, this looks like a press a letter setter a
Little work try it
We found a new staircase that goes up but not down
That’s weird
To look at the building over here
It’s fucked oh
My god, it’s like a very concrete
It’s still there. Well. It’s basically just a frame yeah
When they run out of this they’re gonna tear out everything except the frames, I’m gonna have to
Is that maybe an elevator car I want to see the second one if it’s like a vintage one. It’s not
Well the car is right there two floors up so that’ll be cool to look at if it’s an older one
Well, we can make it up one more of these
I’ll believe the renovation when I see it
Yeah look how much older this elevator car looks new it
Fresh air it’s a pretty nice roof deck
The Spanish tile roof really stands out from all the other buildings in this town
Until the sign predates neon because you can see the spots where our light bulbs would have been
Looks like a cool room in here, but there’s like another room built into it it’s now falling apart
You think this was some kind of ballroom, and then they built built rooms inside of it
Oh, yeah, he can see the molding. This is definitely a ballroom. Yeah, they wouldn’t put that up Elvis Co more rooms
Into it I?
Would just skip that step yeah
This stairwell is pretty sketchy as well
Elevator machiner the sign is right on top of this right
Maybe you would climb out here and go onto the roof, but it doesn’t exist anymore. Let’s see what?
Yeah, this was roof also, holy cow
This is the highest we can get unless there’s a ladder on the outside of the building which I don’t think we’re gonna climb
No going outside and him the building. Yeah. It’s a horrible idea
All right, let’s head out
Currently there are plans to redevelop the building into residential lofts, but the construction date continues to be pushed back
Given the condition of the building and its surrounding area the developers certainly have their work cut out for them
But hopefully they can save this historic building
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