ESCAPE The 2 STORY Box Fort Hotel Prison (24 Hour Challenge)

this place is super luxurious now ah
welcome to the box for hotel whoa
so I finished dinner and now I’ve gotten
all cozied up inside the box board hotel
so I think I’m gonna chill out watch a
movie on the TV and head to bed so Allah
I’ll update you guys in the morning
glad to see my hotel is up and running
Pappa Jake did a fine job I’ve
constructed Papaji to go to his room and
he’s in there right now perfect tomorrow
morning we’ll be paying him a little
visit and finally we can put an end to
Papa Jake oh not the bear okay okay I’m
just in my luxury box for hotel barons
not here just a bad dream
oh hey guys how’s it going just another
day in the luxury hotel box for you guys
want to watch me sleep right cuz I would
be kind of weird but I guess today we
are gonna be ordering some room service
so why don’t I give camp a whole little
call and see what he’s up to
yes weird where’s my Google home right
why do bars on my door what’s what’s
going on here maybe this hotels got some
super security system
okay Google security down we’re we’re
good you can turn the security off Papa
Jake’s awake now Pepe Pepe Paul but Jake
wants his breakfast is anyone there
probably gonna get my egg omelette where
is anyone gonna make myself my own eggs
what’s going on is this thing on you yes
sir it’s recording okay
wakey-wakey Papa Jake now you’re
probably wondering where you are
and well I can tell you you’re in the
hotel you built for me the Baron you
didn’t notice but it was me who gave you
the funds probably aren’t feeling too
smart now but while you were building
this hotel I was busy making the virus
for my second zombie apocalypse
I call it virus 2.0 and with you trapped
in this prison hotel I will be able to
deploy my virus so have fun in your stay
at this hotel
I have grump he will get you anything
you need
well maybe hello let me out of here hey
who’s on my money back where’s Logan
thanks dad oh you know these pictures
Nicole my grandpa he’s not gonna come
save me if this is true the Baron has
trapped me inside of the luxury hotel
and he’s planning to release another
zombie virus I’ve already gone through
his aaahm be apocalyptic grow my own
crops do you know how much I hate
growing my own crops no no I gotta get
out of here okay you guys no Papa Jake
cannot be held in the prison I’ve gotten
out of all prisons before in fact if I
had to list all the prisons I’m think
I’m a hundred percent escape rate
who is this grump wait guys I think I
have an idea my key card it should be
able to still work look the doors open
maybe I can use it to get these bars off
okay it should just be here come on who
are you name’s gum listen crumb I know
you work for the Baron and all but look
you’re working for the wrong guy okay
Grampa don’t you just let me out of here
I like the bone grump I know you like
the bear but listen to me okay you need
to let me out of here please scrump I
can pay you
I have money okay I spent my ten
thousand dollars in this stupid hotel
room but drunk when I get out of here I
can give you money
come on are you talking about lots of
money grump like tons of tape rolls I’ve
got a whole room full of tape rolls back
in my house you just let me out of here
sooner boy needs to be quiet crumpet I
don’t want to get in trouble grumpy just
please you need to let me out of here
crumb crumb crumb what are you doing no
no crumb please Crump we can make a deal
come on No please get my eggs he looked
up here okay guys it looks like the
Baron has caught on to me escaping and
he’s put some sort of guard to watch me
if I’m gonna get out of here I’m gonna
need to deal with him first what are you
doing I’m watching you from pleased we
could be friends I don’t have fun okay
okay grub I’m just gonna I’m just gonna
go over here and go to bed to talk to my
friends on the camera hey guys listen we
need to find a way to get out of here if
what the Baron is saying is true he’s
gonna be releasing a second phase of the
zombie virus we need to stop him gotta
be a way out of here there’s always a
way out of here
but with grump watching this is gonna
make it even more difficult okay now we
don’t have a lot of stuff in here guys
but there has to be something we can use
to get out of here it looks like the
hotel door itself is locked but behind
that there’s a set of bars even if I’m
able to get the hotel door open I’m
still gonna need to break open those
bars and then I got to figure out how to
get out of this hotel well let’s take
inventory we have blankets TV a box and
a useless phone there is a hotel safe
which I have not been able to get open
maybe there’s something in the hotel
safe that can help us get out of here
one of the bars must have fallen off
when they are installing it this extra
metal bar might come in handy we can see
what crumbs up to
crops either fell asleep or passed out
oh no I can hear me smart yes grump
likes to sleep all right we need to plan
our escape and fast maybe maybe if I
could get into this safe somehow there
might be something in here I can use
well we have a metal rod so maybe we can
try hitting it come on
break open stupid thing what are you
doing nothing
the safe safe call me a name sounds
I’m so sorry grump look I I just thought
I’m hitting this safe cuz he’s been a
but he was being a bad boy you need to
be quiet now okay yeah
no funny business Crump I will be no
more fun eNOS I won’t bother you
something don’t think it that’s safe
open ah
we can’t smash it open cuz crumple here
and I’ll get angry it’s also metal hey I
need to pry it open somehow that’s
probably my only options to pry it open
wait the bet is a blow-up and it uses an
air compressor there should be one
attached to it at the backs over here
just along here no no no here here’s the
air compressor for the bed to be able to
rip this thing out got it okay this is
the back of the blow-up bed now it has a
manual pump system here if I could feed
this into the door of the safe I might
be able to pry it open using the power
of air and I know it sounds weird but
trust me it might work pump on this side
here it inflates the compressor bag here
that’s what well inflates the bed and
makes it all super nice and comfy now
they think of it I don’t know why I
spent ten thousand dollars to sleep on a
blow-up mattress should be able to speed
this into the safe and essentially
exploded well
it’s working and getting it in that
should be enough move the safe now if I
pump this it should be enough force to
break open this door or the okay sir
crumble thank you let’s try it
hopefully this thing doesn’t pop before
it gets the safe door open come on wait
I think it’s working guys look the safe
door starting to buckle it’s starting to
bend here before my eyes
what’s so close I’m just gonna hear
coverage stuff cover this up
I do not know how he slept through that
but we were able to get the safe open
yes grub
I’m not waking you up grandpa I was just
sitting here doing nothing
b-but okay yeah no problem alright let’s
check what was inside that safe well
there’s not much there is an old 3d
printer and a screwdriver all right well
the screwdriver definitely could come in
handy and so could the 3d printer we
might be able to use this in some way to
escape from here but until we can deal
with grump and figure out a way to open
that main door there’s no way we’re
getting out of here let’s cover this up
yes through time okay
what’s for dinner oh what’s this
I put a lot of work into that one okay
um thanks grump grump I don’t know what
the barons told you but I’m not a bad
the bear is a very bad man both mothers
fun Houck is he your friend the Baron in
front the berries are friends with
anyone back in the day bear with me best
friend now I do important stuff for the
Baron are you gonna eat the food or you
can make me mad yeah no I’m gonna I’m
gonna eat this
it looks delicious grub really I wanna
see you eat it yeah no I’m gonna I’m
gonna eat it
uh okay just gonna get my fork and knife
here wow you can just really tell you
did a great job with this crumb I know
you made it you’re so I can tell you
made it yourself no I really can’t tell
I’ll just I’ll going for this Pete this
looks like a yummy piece right right
here yeah just it’s gonna twirl it
around here you like spaghetti right
ground but that’s how you eat it like
spaghetti fine – don’t see not exact
the the eggs but better than the eggs I
wanted for breakfast this is this is
great you don’t have any ketchup do you
grump yeah no it’s definitely scream
okay yeah no oh wow
whoa grump that is delicious mmm
best meal I’ve ever eaten in fact it is
so good grump but eating more of it
would hurt I need to save her every bite
I am going you know don’t even bother to
bring any more food today I’m just gonna
eat this today it’s that good really I’m
so glad you like it
okay yeah yeah I’ll keep working on this
grump okay this is really gross maybe we
could we could use this for something I
don’t really know what all right I think
I bought myself some time if we’re gonna
get out first thing I need to do is get
that door open but behind that is grump
and he literally won’t move he’s just
sleeping all he does is sleep look we
have a screwdriver and a 3d printer
maybe I can figure out a way to access
the door and at least get the door open
then if we can get the bars open we can
deal with grumpy
gather all the stuff that I could find
we’ve got grumps food I’ve got this bar
leftover from the prison bar and over
here I was able to find an old sparkling
water from the hotel now putting these
together I think I found out a way that
we can take down grump and get us out of
here the only problem is getting out of
this door what I was able to find though
is that if you feel long here this is
where the key card activator is so I
should be able to open that door if I’m
able to rewire it and right here is the
wiring module if I can break that open
using the bag I’ll be able to open the
door and then all I need to do is get
through the steel bars once through that
I’ve got a bit of a plan to stop grump
it’s a little weird but you’re gonna
have to wait and see how it works out
first things first I need to access the
wiring so let’s use this bag here to get
that thing open
and um oh there we go it’s moving got it
alright let’s see what we’re dealing
with here it looks like it’s a simple
wiring panel okay I should be able to
reroute the wires and short-circuit the
door here using the 3d printer I’ll be
able to 3d print my own wiring system
the only problem is once that door opens
grump is gonna see us and he’s gonna
come running
that’s an old wiring behind the TV and
there’s a vent over there I might be
able to use the wires to pull the bars
off I’ve done it before and it’s worked
let’s just make sure you got the wires
here so let’s get it wrapped around the
I’ve got the wire around the bars here
I’ll pull this out and feed it into the
ventilation shaft that should be enough
to pull the bars off once the bars are
off I need to rewire this so that this
will open let’s turn this on see what we
can do
staged to sweeten up grumps so he
doesn’t suspect anything
hey drop gum buddy got your present yeah
I got you present here you go it’s a
flower just show you that I appreciate
what you do and I know that there’s no
way you’re gonna let me out of here
because you’re the best jail guard that
there ever was so nice put that wherever
you want by ground okay now with gross
sweetened up it’s time to prepare the
weapons to take down grumpy honestly
guys I kind of like him and I feel bad
I think the Barons using it maybe if I
get a chance I let grump out of here and
I let him join me in Logan and their
fight against the Baron but
unfortunately the only way we’re gonna
get out of here and save the world his
through grump so we’re gonna spray them
in the face with this lock and load the
first weapon and second I figured we can
make a blow dart out of this old metal
bar and it takes some of grumps food and
stick it in the blow dart so that when
all these gates are open I can hit him
with a blow dart hit him with the
sparking water grab his pass get to the
elevator and get out of here once and
for all and stop the baron
looks like operation break out of this
hotel room is in full effect let’s do
first things first rewiring this control
panel to short the door and open it up
it pretty easy just connect the lines
there we go hand pull up the wires got
it now when I turn this on it should
sort the fuse three two one I think it
worked door opens next up is ripping the
bars off once I put that into the vent
shaft it should throw them off the door
that is definitely gonna wake up grump
which means we have to have this ready
to spray in his face and this ready to
launch well it’s not Adam the only thing
is guys once I put this through here and
those bars fly off they might hit me so
I’m gonna have to duck and cover behind
my bed okay here goes nothing guys oh
it’s struggling these things are gonna
come flying take some of this group
who’s the bull that was a bloater take
this scrum doesn’t sound right hold on
don’t move right we’re breaking out of
here don’t worry crap I’ll come back for
you you keep hard
got your key card for the elevator and
dump your packing heat it’s alright girl
I’ll come back for you buddy
the OL blmc soon enough time to get out
of here
come on elevated come on let’s go let’s
go let’s go
bottarga this
it’s here microbes stay right there


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