Epic Casino Fail

foreshadowed casino uh… did someone
uh… their plane uh… slots
it shows that she won forty two point
nine million dollar
she’s likely hip
sheila makes twelve thousand dollars a
so she just one forty three million
dollars it’s opal
fixya comes it is here
uh… you’re only supposed to win the
of two hundred fifty one thousand
dollars you’re you know for everybody
label will make it easy to get rid of
two hundred thirty one thousand will
make it up he will give you free
yeah that’s ron that’s all wrong
first of all okay
i’d i’d believe that that machine made a
mistake because it says on it you know
the maximum and maybe you can win is the
two hundred thousand whatever relatively
few yeah cell at it’s posted by debt
everyone can see it so she knows that it
was a mistake with that said she should
at least be given the two hundred fifty
one thousand dollars
but the here’s how it will really go yes
our ad battered women forty three
million we mean you were a lot of
fasten the plywood hero it was your free
breakfast ok at pretty violated my
lawyer because that’s what’s coming next
ok for your breakfast lunch and then
okay uh… and i wouldn’t
instantly sue you know i csun right they
had come a long for three million
dollars in eastern europe regressive
block off in a way that upcoming forty
i’m comin on comedy or house uncover new
casino update as well as i possibly kent
casinos by their you’re in a battle with
the casino for how much money you can
take from them and how much would it
take from you in this case they lost
about ok so i’m a lawyer up and i might
come for you beater
the minimum i would settle for is twice
the maximum
you’re right visas to enter the dow’s no
i think the computer made there of
course right
sad day for you your computer generated
their right on the day the court
and i’ma get minimum five hundred
thousand dollars bubble pulitzer oceanic
plate for a lot more
as all of you know what my first
settlement offer buyout merciful i’ll
cut it in a ok was forty three million
follows do this for twenty one and a
half times get attica put them on a
scale uh… unlawful out-of-pocket come
on what he alleges double by lawyers
organize that it would to lower their
forward next time i have eight lawyers
ok so when it you know we knew it was
all day long
that i’d come home on the debt
you made a mistake away you know what
when you made a mistake uh… and you
take my money
well here to you but don’t you
so nam com
usually when you’re not aggressive
you’ll win
yeah i definitely seven by almost want
to go back in a loss of represent louise
who this habitat and by the release what
do you do in gambling when you get made
only twelve thousand start playing the
penny slot idaho like twelve thousand a
another issue walking
so i guess i was wrong right
you’re going to go chapman’s appeal i
know i gather you have a little fun
billion or the least i got your back
and when you went about what your pet


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