[ENG SUB] SOSO하게 백일장 할랬더니 아무말페스티벌 열려버린 💙위너💙ㅣ빙고트립 EP.4ㅣBingo Tripㅣ위너ㅣWINNER

28 Years old, Lee SeungHoon
What is in your mind when you are exhausted or facing difficulties I probably need to solve the problem In my 20s, I am heading to my destination with quite a big burden on my shoulder I have overcome so far At that moment, it might be tough and scary In many cases, It comes to me nothing after a while Of course, I might get injured inside Being in front of the camera is still awkward and making me nervous I have done this for so long though… Who I am in the frame doesn’t change But I tend to take care of how I would look quite a lot for the filming At the same time, I also want to show something from my inner heart more as well The story of 1,890th day
from the moment WINNER’s debut The Fourth Episode -BINGO TRIP- -Trip of Healing in the city is already halfway done!- PD: How was the healing? It was really great! Let’s give them a big applause!>>5 seconds summary of the previous episode (Fake Massage) (ASMR for the other world) (Real Massage) (SATISFIED) Namaste~1 Namaste~2 PD: Since we had enough healing for our body now -What would be waiting for WINNER?- -What would be the next healing…?->>10 minutes later You should not forget It’s about healing the heart Figure out the main idea with your heart You will find an answer from that You should try as well I AM THE KING I am the king… -What they are so immersed in….?- PD: writing contest for the upcoming fall season PD: We’ll give you a key word PD: You guys can describe your heart with the keyword PD: in the paper you recevied PD: The keyword is SoSo
[In Korean, So So means something that is small, tiny or minor] So ? So? (What should I write..?) PD: Do as you wish~ Reverently, I’ll grind an ink stick (Thinking hard…) I can’t really write… -SeungYoon couldn’t write more than two words, which is the keyword ‘So So’- How do you call this thing? Inkstone! Inkstone! Inkstone might not be the real stone..? I am watching you now!
[Wordplay in Korean with the word ByeoRu(Inkstone)] -Just so fun to hear whatever he says- You just write down words without a hitch (No hesitation) (Satisfied) It’s simple and it’s such a master of calligraphy -JinWoo is so satisfied with his writing- -As JinWoo finishes early, he feels anxious- (So many hesitations on tip of his brush) -The oldest Hyung(brother) is doing ….- (He gets a bit bored now) Both of you meditate for so long I am thinking of what to write… -Here is a guy who has so many thoughts…- Think of the key word with my heart (MinHo is in his own world so deeply) I will find an answer there The problem for him is that he talks too much Let just double it!
(When he feels awkward, he acts like someone else) LOL Repeat after me I AM THE KING (MinHo likes to be a KING…) (He has been showing the KING’s spirit whole day) (Try this)
I am the King! (SeungYoon don’t care at all) (Sad) I am the king -We admit your king-like visual- -MinHo started writing something!- -What would be their SoSo?- At a glance, we have four different works here -They are about to talk about their work- JinWoo seems like you described a mountain..? What does this mean? It has a deep meaning ㅅ (Korean Consonant) ㅗ(Korean Vowel) ㅅ (Korean Consonant) ㅗ(Korean Vowel)
소소=SoSO If you take a look again, these are actually all ‘ㅅ’ ㅅ is same as 人( Chinese character meaning the person) So, it means four people (like us) It means us It means like that It’s about interpretation.. not the dream (Found Something) in a different perspective, It looks like T Y T Y I didn’t think that.. You should’ve said that you thought of it I thought that~! I thought of it for sure TT~ (show us) ~ Replay of his T T~ Well, Let me show you my work Wow, incredible (How did he describe his work?) 21st generation is the generation to change the concept If I reverse this, WOW!! Call me Korean Banksy Once SeoungYoon’s work is revealed, they are so amazed! (With his delicate touch, it becomes a piece of art) How did he prepare a live performance…!!! Call me Korean Banksy! The keyword ‘SoSo’ and WINNER can’t be apart We do have a deep bonding with this word! -loud applause coming out!- I will start with 3 million won!! 4 million! 4 million, Ok It’s all yours I will take only cash~ I will use the money for the good purpose What a high-pressure sales… I wrote it simple (I wrote a simple poem…!!) Ahh~ both sentences start with the word ‘소’ (So) Work like cow(소), we’ll eat beef(소 고기) (touched) I can see your will and determination from your work I can see your values on your work as well It contains lots of meaning Beef=eating beef means~ it means the wealth
(Korean beef is quite expensive) Before I get older, I will work harder like cow I will eat beef It is such a good message What are those two dots on the letter 소? Did you make cows horn? That is true It could be 火(Chinese Character meaning fire) You are correct How come you know everything~ Lastly, let’s see SeungYoon’s work~ -He seems not so confident..?- -All other members were done, but SeungYoon was still working on it- (DONE!) Are you done? When SeungYoon do something like this, he gets way too serious He gets just too serious for nothing (agree…) I know… I might finish the last I am sorry. I am almost done I am getting faster! Oh.. come on.. I am done as well Give me a second Sorry… You feel rushed..? My letters are getting weird… My hands are shaking Don’t rush me …!! No one rushed you here! Take your time~ I just don’t feel ok …to make you guys wait No one rushes you~ Take your time Oh.. my writing.. I am failed -When other members were showing their work- -While cheering for others work~- -SeungYoon lost his confidence gradually- I did this seriously again.. It’s not again but always Don’t feel bad I wrote about the feeling that I had for today That is good! Before I come here I was like how they could heal us
(Looking at DINGO…) That is what I thought back then You had thoughts like that? -Now, they are trying to make SeungYoon a bad person- Just for a bit.. it was personal though Just in my heart I didn’t show off though since I am pro Then, why do you show off now? “Don’t think it would be small”
“You never know what type of happiness that would be” After the letter ‘모’, what happened there? What is that~? I was running out of time…so the ink was spreaded.. That was a really great massage! I guess we did what we could do here I also think that we did what we can here I guess we should move to the next place for making more memories I think it’s time to check out the BINGO board now We should make at least one BINGO…. ~Talking about HOW to make BINGO~ “As DINGO told us” “In a place where time stays” “where time stays…?” In a place where time stays / As Dingo told to do / Record real yourself Where is the place where time stays? PD: The place where time stay is.. PD: You guys can go and check out Oh, we’ll find out once we get there? Where time stays.. I should be careful with my watch… (What?) It gets dark outside,
Where did members go for the place that time stays? Oh, you are really tall PD: When you heard the name of the place, what comes to your mind? I think it’s where has strong gravity I think I know the place I take(?) my members It’s related to my hobby as well I also do with the same reason Do you remember photos that we showed you for last 4 weeks? Photo, with their own meaning Portrait The third place of BINGO Trip
It’s where time stays It’s a place for black and white portrait It’s where you are familiar and unfamiliar
Place where you can leave one moment of your life WINNER
What type of moment they will record..? I like this! I am so excited! I will take you guys to the studio OK! We’ll take group photo first then we’ll take individual portrait later You guys want to take a photo like this, right? How should we pose..? You want to do the same pose? SOSO..? We could just pick one pose, and be like..? soso? But this could cover too much since we need to reach out hand to the front We could be like talking to each other for photo Okay~ This film photo takes only one shot for one photo We are not taking multiple photos -Members are thinking hard for their pose-
-Since it will be a just one photoshoot- Just one photo? Let’s show our hands slightly Maybe, we should do other pose Let just put arms around each other’s shoulder Yes, this should be good Don’t close eyes If you close your eyes, it will just come out like that That is a memory too Will you smile, right? Yes, I should I am a bit nervous since it’s just one photo I’m nervous We have taken so many pictures though.. I know, right? Q, When did you guys meet for the first time? It was in the training room How did you guys feel to see each other? Well.. It wasn’t bad not bad? It was like.. Oh these guys will be with me right Then, four of you now~ Nervous looking.. Remember the moment when you guys met first In one shutter Only a piece of picture that capture their moment I think we did ok! It was so nervous I am so curious It’s not about who is good looking in this picture It’s the picture to recall today It means a lot It’s where time stays.. WINNER’s time It’s cool 2019, OCT, 19th
Where time stays AND.. Photographer at the studio asked me.. She asked us the feeling when we met for the first time So, I tired to recall that moment It was akward and nervous We were young as well We might lose those though.. I could recall those feelings I felt a bit weird In SeungHoon’s heart “The feeling of weird at the moment of first meeting” People that I met so far The relationship that I made or out of the people that I get to know.. They are the most precious people It might be because of my youth that I grew alone They are very precious to me In SeungYoon’s heart “My brothers” I do think that.. I am very lucky I do think that I am very fortunate to meet good people I don’t have to show how I feel, and just keep it on me.. “How are you doing?” “Something going bad?” They can tell what I feel I am happy to have people around me know how I feel We do know that we need each other We lean on each other I just feel gratful We are just shy guys that.. We won’t be good at telling each other that ‘I love you’ In MinHo’s heart “People that I am grateful with” It’s just a short moment Sometimes, we were apart even it’s a short period of time I felt really sorry for fans SeungYoon, MinHo and SeoungHoon… They do try hard Sometimes, it’s tough to see their effort In JinWoo’s heart “Sorry and worry” “WINNER” Member “Brothers for forever” NEXT week
for 6 years from their debut
Those who are in the 20s

We’ll get to see WINNER’s portrait BINGO TRIP


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