(Eng Sub) [Purple LIVE] BINGO QUIZ with M.O.N.T(몬트)

Shall we say hello to our Mubeat fans?
2, 3! M.O.N.T! Hello we are M.O.N.T! Hi~!
1. If you guess correctly what the member answered on the interview, it’s a success! If not, must carry out a mission!
2. Playing as a team! But, the member on the bingo box cannot say anything.
3. If it’s wrong, member to proceed the mission will be chosen by rock-paper-scissors!
4. 2 bingos to win! If won, special prize will be given!
Here’s the first question.
I’ll choose this.
-NARACHAN’s favorite beverage?
-You all know, right?
We’re always the same.
Iced Americano!
Iced Americano is right, but I twisted the answer for Mubeat fans.
Iced Americano even in the coldness.. That was my answer.
Ah, it has to be precisely correct like that?
I understand it now.
So I just have to stick this black sticker on NARACHAN’s name, right?
-What is it?
-This needs to be done by hyung.
‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ cute version.
No! I’m already the cute one in this group, so other person has to do it.
‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ cute version.
Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
[RODA is it]
-Can’t believe it…!
♪ I’m going crazy (now) I can’t control my face ♪
♪ I’m going crazy (now)
I’m definitely against it ♪
Cute, do it cute!
♪ Will you go out with me or not?
What do you want? ♪
♪ Will you go out with me or not? Tell me quickly ♪
♪ Will you go out with me or not? What do you want? ♪
♪ Nana Na Nana Nana ♪
♪ Will you go out with me or not? ♪
I didn’t look too much like an old guy?
From the back it kind of did.
Next question is
-mine, let’s go with RODA!
-The one right next to it?
Yeah, we should go in order, since it’s a bingo.
[Q. RODA is the ( ), when he’s ( ).]
Go ahead and guess~
It’s too hard.
I think it’s hard cause it’s about him.
RODA is the ‘happiest’ when NARACHAN is ‘sleeping’!
-Wow! You got that right?
I’m right? Really?
-How did he get that right?
-I am definitely smart.
But, now that I think of it, you have to plan it our to make a bingo.
So this line is a no.
-This line too.
-Right, right.
We need to start a new line.
Then, I’ll go with ‘BITSAEON’!
BITSAEON question, please!
[Q. Phrase that BITSAEON says the most is?]
-Too hard~
-Why is this too hard?
I say this so many times!
There’s actually a video of me just saying this phrase.
Well, since we have to guess this right..
Hungry~ I’m hungry.
♪ Hungry~ Your oppa ♪
So, I see that there can be a fail on bingo quiz game.
What happens if we fail on making bingos?
Should we do this ‘NARACHAN’?
-Why are you keep on picking yours~
-Ah, okay, okay.
BITSAEON’ on the very top.
Okay. ‘BITSAEON’, please!
[Concept that BITSAEON wants to try is?]
Oh this is too easy!
Always, our BITSAEON hyung admires TAEMIN sunbaenim’s ‘MOVE’ so much.
Wait. We have to be exact.
-I can do it!
-You can do it, okay!
Sensuous. Sexy, sensuous!
Since we got it right, we’ll put on a purple sticker.
Next question is, oh there’s a M.O.N.T question here? Aren’t you curious?
-We don’t really need it, but I’m curious of it.
Let’s get one right from here first and then try it!
RODA, please!
-Wait, we won’t be able to make a bingo~
-We can do it.
Moment when RODA felt heart-flutter by a member? Ah it’s hard..
-You felt that from us?
-Ah, what was it?
[What did I say for this…]
-I can’t remember what I wrote..
-You stupid!
-Think of it, fast.
-Why don’t three of us guess it.
Is this a question for all three of us or what~
(Read the answer) Ah, I remember now. If I give you a hint by action..
How do I explain this?
[Let’s guess together, Mubeat fans!]
I know!
-Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
-Yes, right.
-Go ahead.
-I’ll get chills if you get this right.
Getting directions, wait!
When NARACHAN finds the directions that RODA doesn’t know of!
I do have excellency in navigation.
-Since we have one more bingo.
-Let’s go with M.O.N.T question!
Then as a break, let’s do M.O.N.T question to cool down.
Okay, would we be able to cool down though?
M.O.N.T’s favorite song from this album is? Have to guess at the same time.
Okay, there’s no fooling around for this one.
Let’s answer in three.
One, two, three!
‘Will you be my girlfriend?’
♪ Will you go out with me or not? What do you want? ♪
So we’re almost done?
If we get it wrong here..
We have to guess this one, would that be alright?
-You sure?
Can we trust you? It didn’t seem like it with the question before.
I’m pretty determined, so.. Wait, really?
-We had two wrongs with NARACHAN. He has a record.
-Oh, it is?
Food that NARACHAN can’t eat? None!
The answer is, none!
None, there’s nothing like that!
Wow, really?
We go overseas for concerts a lot and he can eat dishes that even natives can’t.
We got one bingo.
But we only have three chances left.
‘BITSAEON’, please!
[Q. BITSAEON’s sleeping habit is?]
-Well, we already know this.
-What are you doing guys?
Even from Ganghwado..it was..
Okay, I’ll say the answer.
-BITSAEON’s sleep talking is! Uh..
-W, why?
BITSAEON’s sleeping habit is sleep talking!
I just got it.
He sleep talks a lot. His sleep talk pronounciation is so good.
It sounds like, ‘Ah, don’t~’, really.
Okay, next question.
Which one? Maybe ‘RODA’?
-No, no, no.
-If we get it wrong then..
-But I wrote really easy one.
Then we can just go with this ‘RODA’.
-You wrote it too hard..
‘RODA’, please!
-Which bungeoppang(fish shaped bread) part does RODA eat first?
-Wow, this is hard.
-Have we ever eaten a bungeoppang together?
Never together.
Which part do you eat first?
I just grab and eat whatever part I see.
-It’s divided. Head-body-leg.
-Tail, tail.
Oh, tail.
-Please guess.
-Oh, me? I guess it? Really?
-Part RODA eats is…!
-Body, body, please.
Body was right..
-Staff: It wasn’t the body.
-Oh, it wasn’t?
What is this! Where is you mind at!
[Order that RODA eats bungeoppang is head-tail-body]
Random dance!
Uh, this is what you’re good at!
♪ It’s a bummer, it’s already 12 ♪
♪ What to do? It’s already 12 ♪
♪ Let’s dance the night away ♪
♪ Don’t mess up my tempo ♪
♪ Listen, this will be enough ♪
♪ I said don’t mess up my tempo ♪
♪ This beat will steal her heart ♪
♪ It’s one of a kind To the rhythm 1 2 3 ♪
♪ Everyday, day, every, everyday ♪
♪ With u, with u, with u ♪
♪ Everyday, day, every, everyday ♪
♪ With me, with me, with me ♪
♪ Everyday, day, every, everyday ♪
♪ A week, a week, a week ♪
♪ Everyday, day, every, everyday ♪
♪ Everyday, yeah ♪
The two left are ‘RODA’ and ‘NARACHAN’.
-Pick one!
-Do rock-paper-scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
I’ll go with NARACHAN’s.
Ah, moment when NARACHAN felt heart-flutter by a member?
Hint please!
Okay, here comes the hint right away.
Song? Overseas?
Something like, singing foreign song in overseas.
Me! When NARACHAN felt heart-flutter was
-when BITSAEON sang Polish song in Poland!
-Oh, overseas!
The answer is, just singing foreign songs in overseas.
-I thought you said Poland~
-How could I put that as an example~
Next mission, please!
Next mission is singing ‘Be Mine’ in a rabbit hat.
[Since BITSAEON is in charge of cuteness, he’s it]
I have no tongue.
♪ Can I call you hey! ♪
♪ Can I call you mind! ♪
♪ Need a nickname for both of us! ♪
[My co-worker’s business that’s unbearable to watch]
♪ SAEON~ ♪
♪ Call me as yours~~ ♪
-Ah, great job.
-I like you so much.
So the two bingos, we’re already failed..
M.O.N.T’s bingo game, failed! Ba-bam!
[Still tried more questions for fun]
BITSAEON’s favorite color is?
That’s too..
What! It is white!
He said white at the last live!
Answer is, also purple!
I said purple many times.
It’s not purple?
-White and purple.
[BITSAEON wrote that BITSAEON’s favorite color is mint]
Maybe you’re reading someone else’s?
What is wrong with M.O.N.T~
-How can your answer be changed from prior interview~
I changed it to mint at the end..(Then forgot about it)
I think I know this!
I think I know what this is!
[Dancing to ‘Ohnanana’]
You have to bounce!
[So immersed into it]
You guys are so good at it.
Oh, it’s fun!
You don’t have to make this expression.
When I’m into it, I make I pout like that.
I was really fun.
Thanks to the bingo game to guess about each other,
we got to know about many fun facts.
We didn’t do too bad, right?
I thought we were doing a really bad job.
-But now that I see it, we got a lot right!
Please love us M.O.N.T, who debuted with, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’
Enjoy our song, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ as well~
Shall we say goodbye to our Mubeat viewers?
Until now it was M.O.N.T, M.O.N.T! Thank you!
Thank you~


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