[ENG SUB] 세븐틴 부승관, 제주도에서 딩고때문에 어금니 꺅 깨문 사연은?!(feat.주먹울음)ㅣ빙고트립(하)ㅣ딩고뮤직

*Previous Episode*
*SeungKwan went on a mysterious tour with DINGO.*
*BINGO TRIP!! plan a tour schedule with a BINGO board!*
*While accomplishing the mission, Seungkwan could finally have lunch with Monbin’s assistance.
SEUNGKWAN: Moonbin~!! thanks a lot!!
*FINALLY!! Great the black pork that he dreamed of!!*
SEUNGKWAN: Yes! I will go for black pork!!
*HERE comes Black Pork!!*
*Dilated Eyes*
OWNER: Do you see the black hair there?
OWNER: This is the “BLACK PORK”.
*Super concentrated!!*
*Looking at the camera?*
*He is trying to do something…*
SEUNGKWAN: I will try to act like Mr, Baek.
SEUNGKWAN: He knows the timing~
SEUNGKWAN: He knows how to cook!
*Delicious Sound*
OWNER: I will give you a piece now.
SEUNGKWAN: (Finally) Thank you!
SEUNGKWAN: The juice comes out from pork is like~
SEUNGKWAN: The juice is like alive!
*Truly Suprised!!*
*He lost words..*
SEUNGKWAN: Wait a second.
SEUNGKWAN: This is really delicious!
*He is trying to taste deeply with closed eyes.*
OWNER: How is it?
*I can’t just eat it! I was awarded for an entertainer!*
SEUNGKWAN: You know this is like~(trying to act like Mr. Baek)
SEUNGKWAN: Mr.Baek sounds like he is about to criticize in the beginning of the talk.
SEUNGKWAN: I should not eat this for lunch.
SEUNGKWAN: Then, the part gets edited.
SEUNGKWAN: Well.. criticism..?
SEUNGKWAN: what.. what ..?
SEUNGKWAN: I should not eat this for lunch because it makes me want to drink soju~
SEUNGKWAN: Then, Mr.Baek says like this place know how to cook~
*The perfect combination!! Jeju Black Pork with Salted Anchovy!*
SEUNGKWAN: Eat it like this?
*He is so touched!!*
*The taste is like RGRG…*
PD: Manager seems like he wants a bite..
*One bite?*
*Come here~!*
*Time to taste the Black Pork! *
*Deep it!*
*deep in the salted anchovy as well~*
*One for brother~*
*Super Happy Face*
SEUNGKWAN: It makes you laughe~ right?
*POWER of Black Pork*
SEUNGKWAN: If you don’t laugh or lost interest in your life lately~
SEUNGKWAN: This Black Pork will makes you smile~!
SEUNGKWAN: Wow.. This is really like..!
*I have to do this!*
SEUNGKWAN: I will take a photo
SEUNGKWAN: then send it to group talk (Seventeen)
SEUNGKWAN: I wrote as “DINGO bought for me~ Guys It’s so Daebak!!(great) “
SEUNGKWAN: Four members read it but no one answer.
SEUNGKWAN: If anyone could guess the member who replies the first, I will give you a piece.
One said ~ Minkyu!
The other one said~ HoShi!
SEUNGKWAN: Don’t say who you like!
Maybe JeongHan?
Q. Who doesn’t talk the most in your group chat?
SEUNGKWAN: Joshua doesn’t talk at all…
SEUNGKWAN: He doesn’t even read either..
SEUNGKWAN: He didn’t read..
SEUNGKWAN: Jun.. doesn’t read either.
SEUNGKWAN: But!! S.coups reads a lot lately!
SEUNGKWAN: and Dino too!
SEUNGKWAN: Dino sent like Members! I do love you all!!
DINO: We’ll be the best!!
SEUNGKWAN: Dino says things like this lately.
SEUNGKWAN: Hoshi also says similar things to cheer us up!
SEUNGKWAN: Vernon posts funny pictures.
SEUNGKWAN: Well, sadly no one could pick the right member…
PD: Wait a moment!!
PD: I want to pick another member then!
SEUNGKWAN: I said earlier that he didn’t even check message..
SEUNGKWAN: The answer is S.coups
S.coups: Wow.. It looks so delicious. Is that black poke?
*S.coups! visit us! Dingo will treat you black pork!*
PD: So the other members all read?
SEUNGKWAN: Yes. They read but no answer.
*Peaceful Seventeen as usal*
SEUNGKWAN: I feel like I didn’t have much break so far
SEUNGKWAN: After this food
SEUNGKWAN: I want to experience the trip itself naturally
*Insert for the JEJU Ocean where you can enjoy!*
*Insert for JEJU Hanrabong*
Here comes a Hanrabong chance!!
SEUNGKWAN: What could I get from Hanrabong chance?
PD: When you use a Hanrabong chance, you have to pose like~
SEUNGKWAN: Making pose is JeongHan’s talent!
*JeongHan is almost like travel mate for Seungkwan”
SEOUNGKWAN: I will use a JeongHan chance now.
JENGHAN: Seoungkwan~
SEUNGKWAN: I have a favor to ask you again.
SEUNGKWAN: On the bingo board, there is a thing called “Hanrabong chance’
SEUNGKWAN: for “hanrabor chance” I need a signature pose”
SEUNGKWAN: I can’t think of anything with my IDOL power…
SEUNGKWAN: What could be good?
JEONGHAN: Okay. Wait there
JEONGHAN: I will show you outside.
JEONGHAN: You see me right?
SEUNGKWAN: Yes. I can see you well.
*What is he trying to do…*
SEUNGKWAN: Are you setting your phone there?
SEUNGKWAN: Jeonghan is really…. wow
SEUNGKWAN: He has all like cutie~ sexy and everything.
*Check on owner’s face lol*
SEUNGKWAN: Well.. first
*Moved a bit for a bigger space*
*SO shamed….*
SEUNGKWAN: It’s what Jeonghan told me to do… for real.
*Two masters meet up!*
*BLACK PORK Master ///// HANRABONG Master*
*Hanrabong master lowers his head*
*Take a look at Jeonghan’s version*
*Free time *
*Remove one more box*
*Move back two boxes*
*Change Bingo board as you wish*
*Recommended tour attraction by DINGO*
*CONGRAT!! You picked DINGGO tour attraction*
SEUNGKWAN: For real??
SEUNGKWAN: Really? I picked that one?
SEUNGKWAN: Oh I did.~!
SEUNGKWAN: I picked the DINGO tour attraction!!
SEUNGKWAN: Well, the DINGO tour attraction??
SEUNGKWAN: I am good for anywhere!!
*SO! Seungkwan is on the ride to DINGGO TOUR ATTRACTION, but he doesn’t know where he is going”
SEUNGKWAN: (Very suspicious) Where am I really going?
PD: We are going to the popular spot in JEJU!
PD: You can see mountains and ocean in one place there!
PD: Beautiful views as well..
PD: You could take good memories too!
*We are looking at the thing that he is about to try*
SEUNGKWAN: I can see mountains and ocean at the same time… and that means I go high..?
SEUNGKWAN: WWAAAA.. My butt is in the air!!! for real!!
SEUNGKWAN: (Getting scared..) Where am I now.?
*As a young man living in 21 century, He tries to search with smart phone*
*Well.. It seems like he turned on the navigation*
SEUNGKWAN: So.. Where am I?
SEUNGKWAN:Well.. go wherever.(almost give up)
*As he gave up, he feels comfy*
*and he falls asleep…*
*Eventually, he slept. zzzzZ*
*His phone fell.*
PD: DId you sleep well?
SEUNGKWAN: Ahhh I didn’t sleep~
PD: You even dropped your phone~
*After he gets awake, now he is looking around*
*Scared eyes*
SEUNGKWAN: Come on Seungkwan. You don’t get scared from biking.
SEUNGKWAN: How can I make it the most thrilling..?
SEUNGKWAN: It’s fine if it says nothing..
SEUNGKWAN: But when it shows like that, it is scarier.
SEUNGKWAN: Why it is scary here..?
SEUNGKWAN: Hi. I am here for the biking ride.
SEUNGKWAN: I am getting in now.
*in this beautiful mountain side.*
*With the nice scent of flowers*
*You could get a fun memory with biking*
SEUNGKWAN: For injuries, go to docots~
SEUNGKWAN: For broken heart, come to this biking~
SEUNGKWAN: ….(Lost words)
SEUNGKWAN: All people are using Irony now..
SEUNGKWAN: The seat is a bit scary…
SEUNGKWAN: (Self-hypnosis) Let’s have some fun~
SEUNGKWAN: It’s just a biking.
SEUNGKWAN: It’s just biking. I am not scared!
*Discordance between his words and actions*
SEUNGKWAN: It would be fun to check out a museum park.
SEUNGKWAN: I am good anywhere. Take me anywhere DINGO want~!
SEUNGKWAN: I’m loose-lipped.
SEUNGKWAN: You don’t have to go so hard from the beginning.
SEUNGKWAN: @#[email protected]#[email protected]%#@%
SEUNGKWAN: [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]
SEUNGKWAN: (Talking to the camera crew) Are you ok for sure?
SEUNGKWAN: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
This is the sound that Main vocal SEUNGKWAN make from SEVENTEEN!!
When he is on biking ride!
SEUNGKWAN: I am really scared now..
SEUNGKWAN: It gets done earlier than I thought.
SEUNGKWAN: Is this it~?
SEUNGKWAN: It was too short~?
*It goes back on swinging!*
SEUNGKWAN: I should not say anything!!
SEUNGKWAN: I am sorry..
SEUNGKWAN: Please stop..
*SEUNGKWAN gets his confidence back as he steps on the ground*
SEUNGKWAN: These are my things!!
SEUNGKWAN: Punch machine~
SEUNGKWAN: Insert footage now~ Take it~
*These are not the sound from my mouth*
*Make cool pose, but putting money in gently*
SEUNGKWAN: Some might be so exctied..
*Check out his own arm.*
SEUNGKWAN: Anyone wants to have a match with me?
* Bring it on~!*
*JEONYOUNGHWAN/ Manager / age: no one knows/ Chengdam-dong – nuclear punch*
First match!! Punch competition
SEUNGKWAN: I got 910 points! 910!
SEUNGKWAN: You only got 908~
SEUNGKWAN: well is it 928?
MANAGER: it is 928
*Second shot from Manager known as Cheongdam-dong nuclear punch.*
SEUNGKWAN: He won it. must be happy huh?
SEUNGKWAN: show me your full power. Don’t pretend to be weak.
SEUNGKWAN: Okay! Let’s try that one!!
SEUNGKWAN: Second game!! Come on x5
SEUNGKWAN: Come over here!!
SEUNGKWAN: Come here bro!
PD: Before you do that!
If you just do it, it’s not fun. so~
SEUNGKWAN: Yes. right~
PD: Let’s bet something~
SEUNGKWAN: What do you really want?
PD: so the manager will be on Dingo side~
PD: What do you want to bet?
SEUNGKWAN: What should I bet..?
SEUNGKWAN: what..? Biking?
*DINGO’s proposal is finger flick*
SEUNGKWAN: finger flick ? Call!!
SEUNGKWAN: This time, You do it first
MANAGER: Show me your forehead.
SEUNGKWAN: Now I am at Hyupjae Beach!
*What is happening here..?*
SEUNGKWAN: What should I do now?
SEUNGKWAN: Now I have one binggo.
SEUNGKWAN: To have two bingos, I have to wear stuff while showing my insider power At the beach.
SEUNGKWAN: That is what I need to do.. sigh..
SEUNGKWAN: Enjoy as show everything with my body…?
SEUNGKWAN: Should I go with “enjoy as I wish” or “be self-sufficient”
SEUNGKWAN: I’ll just go with “enjoy as I wish”.
SEUNGKWAN: How should I enjoy ~
*Dance like insider*
*Dance in the other dircetion*
* I can’t do oppositie*
SEUNGKWAN: I will go to that baby while dancing.
SEUNGKWAN: Speaking Japanese. x2
SEUNGKWAN: Play with me~!!
SEUNGKWAN: Do you reconize me?
You sang wifi right?
SEUNGKWAN: Ohhh people sang WIFI!!
Sing WIFI for us~
*Singing WIFI*
SEUNGKWAN: They want me to sing WIFI.
*Keep singing WIFI*
SEUNGKWAN: When you heard WIFI, what was the first impression?
People: You sang really well.
SEUNGKWAN: How do you think about SENGKWAN..?
People: You are so fun
People: and cute~!
SEUNGKWAN: Thanks a lot!
SEUNGKWAN: They said that I am cute!
PD: I gave you a mission to enjoy the trip like an insider.
PD: Do you guys think that I can clear his mission?
People: yes! hahaha
PD: How was it?
SEUNGKWAN: I couldn’t have finished if they were not here
SEUNGKWAN: I could feel the warm heart from Korean people.
PD: Do you like the hat?
SEUNGKWAN: Yes I love it!
PD: Do you want to keep it on you like that?
SEUNGKWAN: When can i stop..
SEUNGKWAN: Mission Claer!!
*Bingo Trip*
*Using Hanrabong Chacne!*
SEUNGKWAN: I only need one more box to check out
SEUNGKWAN: So I’ll use the Hanrabong chacne
SEUNGKWAN: Harabong chacne~
SEUNGKWAN: Hanarabong chacne!
*Using hanrabong chance to change the bingo board.*
SEUNGKWAN: Can you do that for me?
PD: I can’t just give you~
PD: So ~ Show us Aegyo ~
*Aegyo is something like….*
*Bingo Trip*
*Aegyo starts…*
SEUNGKWAN: Theung ↗ GWANni↗NEunnn.↗..
SEUNGKWAN: Harabong…sigh…
SEUNGKWAN: SEUNGKWAN want to use Hanrabong chacne.
SEUNGKWAN: Two egos…
First Ego: Aegyo Seungkwan
Second Ego: SEUNGKWAN: Please hit me …
SEUNGKWAN: I earnestly ask you..
SEUNGKWAN: Can you just do it for me..
*Box “Be self-sufficient” changed to~*
*”Make” and “Symbol of friendship with DINGO”
SEUNGKWAN: I also want to give you a nail cutter
SEUNGKWAN: thatI bought here in Jeju.
SEUNGKWAN: to your DINGO office.
PD: Can I reject the gifit.?
SEUNGKWAN: You said denial..?
*Just kidding*
PD: Yes! you did three Binggo now.
PD: Your three gifts for three bingos are on its way.
*Memories from the morning passes by~*
*Also rode the most thrilling biking*
*Well. It was kinda tough day*
What will be the gift for three Binggos.
SEUNGKWAN: Beautiful person is here..
SEUNGKWAN: Haha(super haapy)
SEUNGKWAN: It’s my mom.
SEUNGKWAN’s Mom with rewards.
MOM: How have you been~?
SEUNGKWAN: She is my lovely mom.
Mom: Hi everyone~
SEUNGKWAN: I wanted to do more thing with DINGO
SEUNGKWAN: If i take this one my members would love it much.
PD: Will you show us too right?
SEUNGKWAN: of course. I’ll do!
SEUNGKWAN Thanks a lot today!
Mom: Thanks for your work DINGO!
SEUNGKWAN: It’s such a nice view!
SEUNGKWAN: Yes~ Beautiful
MOM: It has been a while~
MOM: Time flies so fast.
MOM: It just goes so fast.
*DINGO Crews’ accommodation*
SEUNGKWAN: I want to treat production team.
“After shooting, SEUNGKWAN’s mom prepared dinner for DINGO crews”
SEUNGKWAN: Yes. We need to feed them.
MOM: we need to feed them? haha
SEUNGKWAN’s mom prepared this much food!!
SEUNGKWAN: Mom~ Is there anything that i can help?
MOM: Things to help?
MOM: You want to cut tofu?
SEUNGKWAN: Me cutting tofu?
SEUNGKWAN: Ok. I will try it
SEUNGKWAN: Mom. Noddle seems almost cooked enough~
MOM: Getting done?
MOM: Nah, You need to cook a bit more~
SEUNGKWAN: I don’t know~
SEUNGKWAN: Isn’t it hot? mom~?
MOM: I am okay~
PD: We could help too!
MANAGER: take a bite on cucumber~
SEUNGKWAN: This is pickled wild chive! Really delicious.
MOM: Be careful~
MOM: Let’s have dinner~
PD: Loud applause!! Thank you !!
MOM: Please, enjoy!
MOM: Try that
DINGO1: It’s so good!
SEUNGKWAN: Is it ok?
DINGO1: Mom. It’s really delicious.
*Mom took care of everybody~*
MOM: Try this veggie as well.
DINGGO1,2,3: Thank you!! So delicious!
MOM: Place this dish here and share it~
SEUNGKWAN: It’s interesting to have your food with DINGO crews.
PD: We like it !
PD: How many time do you guys meet a year?
SEUNGKWAN: When I have a concert, My mone comes~
SEUNGKWAN: Maybe, I guess four times?
SEUNGKWAN: I couldn’t really meet up when I was a trainee.
SEUNGKWAN: At that time, I had maybe 4 days of leave~
SEUNGKWAN: I spent all four days hugging and crying with my mom.
SEUNGKWAN: I cried a lot back then..
SEUNGKWAN: I was around 15 or 16 years old.
SEUNGKWAN: When I become trainee, I tried to do my best
SEUNGKWAN: But it wasn’t that easy doing it somewhere away from home.
MOM: Yes we cried a lot.
MOM: I cry a lot so he does.
MOM: You know~ When I see him off at the aiport.
MOM: He cried a lot while looking back
MOM: So I told him like don’t cry next time~
MOM: We promised over and over again to not cry and it gets better.
*When one cries, the rest all cry(DINGO Crews)*
MOM: We talked about the bright future in the back
MOM: So we promised not to cry.
MOM: I send him off at the airport, and I tried not to cry
MOM: So when one of us started to cry, the other one said that we promised no to cry.
SEUNGKWAN: I Thank you for everything.
MOM: We shouldn’t have cried, now the food taste bad(Joke)
PD: Manager eats so well in this sad vibe.
SEUNGKWAN: You are slow-witted(Joke).
PD: You have one Invitation to DIngo
PD: I also want to give you another invitation because of this lovely dinner from your mom.
PD: So you have two now.
Thanks a lot!
MOM: Hope you enjoyed~!
Unforgettable day with BINGO Trip in the beautiful Island, JEJU!
Many things happened..
Dear. Bright SEUNGKWAN
DINGO won’t forget BINGO trip either!


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