(ENG/SPA/IND) [#SuperTV] Out of Control Card Game! Eun Hyuk VS Donghae ① | #Mix_Clip | #Diggle

If I win
You go home straight away
If I win
I’ll go home and take your clothes
He’s weird
Why take my clothes?
(This bet doesn’t seem fair…)
– Okay?
– Agreed
(Let’s get this started)
(No cheating~)
(Eyes are faster than hands)
(You know the rules of gambling
Nothing stays forever)
Okay, we’re all in
You deal, or you die
(Korean card game late at night)
(Eun Hyuk gets a head start
with a good card)
(This is going well…)
Too early for that reaction
(What about this move~)
– The cards are sticking well
– What are you doing?
– It it a bomb?
– Yeah, get another one
Dong Hae’s really good at this game
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
(Dong Hae needs 2 more points to win)
(Then I’ll take these cards)
Oh, these are not that good
It’s over
(2 points lost)
Done, 7 points
(I win!)
If you were a man,
you’d continue playing
If you were a man…
7,8 points done~
I have the best card
I’ll do it, you know
Okay, I’ll continue playing
But there’s only 1 left
– Hey, something’s wrong
– What?
– What’s this doing here?
– Hey, did you hide a card?
– Was there a ghost?
– Be honest
This is not right
Hey, why did you take that card
I did the bomb
So you gave me this card
But it’s here
Wait a second
– When did you hide the card?
– You’re being absurd, this is over
What’s this all about
Someone must’ve seen this
It’d be so funny if you replay the camera
– Why is one missing? weird
– Until the last…
(Dong Hae started with a good card)
Don’t be so cocky
You have to remain calm
(Eun Hyuk starts with the same card)
(Dong Hae gets the same card again)
Why do you keep getting lucky
Good cards!
(I’ve got one too~~)
(This is kinda funny)
This card for 2 points~
(Then me too, another card worth 2 points)
(2 points each)
(Dong Hae’s 2 points short of winning)
(The owl card)
What should I do? It’s over
(Dong Hae has the other half)
(Dong Hae’s got almost 7 points)
You lost
Bet another thing
Like clothes
That’s how you get addicted
Bet more clothes
You need the gambling addiction center
(Call 1336 for consultation)
I’ll do this… and what’s this?
What’s wrong? Why?
Hey, it’s not there!
(2 should be left, but there’s only 1)
What the hell is happening?
(another mystery case)
Hey, move over
Why don’t they match?
Get the hell out
(Don’t you dare mess with me!!!)
Where is the card
(And I was winning!)
Why don’t they match?
Dong Hae’s true colors are showing
Such a bully
Hey wait
(What’s happening here….)
– Why don’t they match?
– Were they paired from the beginning?
(Someone must’ve seen this~)
– Is this a movie
– This is happening for real
I’m not even kidding, pair them up
Why don’t they match? It’s creepy
(Was it wrong from the beginning)
Why won’t they match?
Where’s the…
(But the 4 cards are all paired)
Nothing’s wrong here
But why don’t they match?
– Just tell me, I’ll let it slide
– I’m not kidding
– I’m going to replay this
– I hope you do
(Creepy laughs…)
Final round then
(Last serious round begins)
Owl card
You earn points with that card
Owl card
(Dong Hae gets 2 points)
I got it now
You need the flow in gambling
– You go up, you go down
– Just like life
This is how you say goodbye to me?
(The owl card is still left)
– Got it
– Finish it
(The one who gets the owl card
gets the upper hand)
(Dong Hae wins it)
I got the flow now
(Should’ve got that…)
I think this is over
It’s going to be over soon
You know why?
(Hey, another one!)
Look close, you know
Seriously, don’t hide
You always mess it up
when I’m about to win
Game over
You just finish it up
(I have it~~)
How am I losing like this?
(Dong Hae gets the bird card first)
– Wait, let go
– Stop it
(Don’t you dare cheat~)
(Such a tight score)
Hey! I won!
(3 more points for blue cards)
– No, you only have 6 points
– No wait
Then I’ll get this
The end!
(Eun Hyuk wins)
(Playing until the end
just to check the pairs)
They’ll match
What the hell?
What is this?
I’m getting the chills
(Another card is missing??!?!)
I quit
How is this happening?
(Chills down the spine)
How do they not match????
I’m just going to go
Don’t leave
It’s weird in here, creepy
– Unbelievable
– You can’t even stage this to happen


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