ENG] IND] [몰카] BAR에 약빨은 미친놈들이 들이닥친다면?!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ – [동네놈들]

~Hood Boyz~ Today’s target Welcome! Hi, I would like to have Ballantine’s 17 Sorry sir, but our bar only allows qualified guests Qualified guests? Are you saying qualified liquor? Nope not about liquor,
I’m talking about guests I’m telling you straight forward,
Our bar only allows good looking guests Do you mean by looking itself like my face? – I’m sorry but please leave our bar
– What? – You want me to leave?
– Yes, we are going to have many guests later on It’s good thing to find you out in advance
when many guests are not around – Please leave the bar asap
– So, are you insulting my face? – Yes, so please get out of here
– Are you serious? – What on earth…?
I am so humiliated.. – Let me ask a question.
Are you alone at home? – Yes, but why? – That’s even worse
– (Jinho is confused whether Boogie does mean it or not lolololol) I’m just want to drink, that’s all Sorry, but I can’t give you a drink since our bar only allows good looking guys Why are you obsessed with a good looking guy?
Is here some kind of a club? No offense, but is your face mashed up? (come on..lets hold my laughter lololololol) (oh my gosh, I can’t hold my laughter) – What?
– I thought your face is crushed.. your face is like…play dough – Are you saying my face is like a clay?
– Yes, exactly… – I feel sick due to staring at you for a long time
– Hey! I’m a guest here! (Jinho’s face=clay face…?)
(Boogie..do you mean it or what? lolololololol) – I’m sorry to ask but is your lip fake?
– No! It’s not (Two ladies hold their laughter
since they feel sorry for Jinho) I’m so embarrassed.. Sorry, but it’s about to be
a peak time for having lots of customers I’m just saying that I’m also going to throw
the chair away – Why?
– Because you did sit on the chair My precious bar becomes like a food stall on the street, so please get out of here I’m so embarrassed and ashamed! Hey, look at this The way I wear this is dope!
No one ever ignores me! This is how people wear at a beach in Bali – Bali what?
– People do drink cocktails in clothes like this Then…you’d better go there
Why do you come here though… I will show you my dance!
I’m very famous! I’m not the one get ignored by anyone! – Did you know this dance is very famous in the Pacific
– Pacific? !!!!!!!
(What’s wrong with him…?) (she keeps looking at him) (too funny!)
lololololololol This dance describes an eel and lobster too! Well, it was good
but it’s time to leave Hey, I was not thinking to do this
Do you see this? You this right? I have this much of cash! (Jiho has been wished to throw money in the air)
(He is actually doing it now)
lolololololol – I don’t mind. Take this money and get out of here
– All I want is a glass of drink Well…what drink do you want? – I just want a glass of Ballantine’s 17
– Okay.. You just take this bottle to the corner
but be ensured that no one can see your face (what on earth!!!!)
lololololol You don’t even look at this direction
and make sure you are fully hidden (Boogie! do you play act or do you mean it?)
lolololololol No snacks are offered! Is this some kind of concept of this bar?
or do you really do this to customers? I’m not used to do like this,
but your are an exception (Jinho : Boogie…I’m going to kill you…) Don’t even dare to look at this direction
please fully hide your face and drink Can I order side dishes? Hey, I told you not to look at here! Just drink and leave here~ Okay… Jung.J entered! Please give me Ballantine 12yrs I’m sorry but we do not welcome anyone All I want is Ballantine 12yrs I’m sorry to tell you but you are not welcomed here I have money (..he is so mean…) Are you sure?
Let me see then (Oh…my gosh…) (They are holding their laughter so badly) …5,800 won? is this all you’ve got? (LMAO) Wait for a sec 5… 800 won (Boogie gives a drink amounted as 5,800 won) Thank you anyway… I used to have this bar once.. – at where?
– Apgujeong and Daehak-ro and at Soon-chang
Soon-chang chili pepper… (What on earth Soon-chang chili pepper is …)
lolololololol I used to be a sommelier
I do have a certificate – What you do for a living?
– well…I’m just wandering around Chung-gye stream – What are you doing at the stream?
– Seeping.. Just drink and leave here
(lolololololol) Well..I also used to mix up drink too Can I try now?
Please hand me over the drink on the shelf Do you know the drink called Chateau of Maldive? I will just show you how to make it then leave here It reminds me the old days (He is actually mixing the water with barley tea)
lolololol Just for a sec,
Hey I told you! don’t look at here! (feel sorry for him) mix like this You jerk! fxxx!!! (so harsh on him) – You beggar!
– I’m sorry sir…I just really want to drink (Jung. J got slapped due to a sip of barley water)
lolololololol The sound of this music… You should not play this kind of song! Ladies don’t prefer this kind of song
Let me recommend you a song – What song?
♬ I’m a firefly ♬ ♬ and I don’t have a friend ♬ ♬ the firefly grave you see is my home ♬ (she is trying to hardly hold her laughter)
lololololol (you jerk why do you chose the firefly song?)
(the lady is trying to disguise her face to hold her laughther!) (audience #1) ♬ don’t go away~ don’t go away~ ♬ ♬ please don’t go away~ ♬ Hey come over here my friend! (the two ladies might not been through this kind of situations before hahahahaha) (you jerks! the ladies give up holding their laughter!) Please give me more! Don’t drink too much.
I can see that you have been suffered a lot Well, just forget all the bad memories and play a song together! (you jerks stop it! it’s enough!) (he can’t drink anyway) ♬ I’m all here by myself ~♬ ♬ people who love me ♬ ♬ I want to keep walking on my path ♬ ♬ When you feel down and frustrated ♬ It’s prank cam ! I’m really sorry! Will it be okay to upload this video on YouTube? Yes, you can Thank you so much! – English subtitle by Amy H-


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