[Eng/CC] 우린 이제 딩고가 무서워요! 힐링에 미쳐버린 딩고가 위너에게 무슨 짓을?! 빙고트립 Bingo Trip ㅣ 위너 WINNERㅣ 딩고뮤직 DINGO

Not as a member of WINNER
but Kim JinWoo as a person
What type of person are you?
You mean Kim JinWoo, myself? How it is now?
It’s tough to say
Do you have a burden as the oldest in your group?
They are doing so great
So, there was no such thing like the oldest’s burden
It’s because they are doing really good
19th of OCT, 2019
The story of 1,890th day
from the moment WINNER’s debut
-The first story-
19th of OCT, 2019
A week before WINNER’s comeback with ‘SOSO’
Guess whos’ back?
Hello, everyone! we are WINNER
(Hi, DINGO!)
-WINNER’s comeback with ‘SoSo’, which isn’t that so so-
– the 6th-year IDOL that grew restlessly so far-
-A week before their comeback, they visited DINGO…-
PD: Do you know why you guys are here?
For traveling?
I heard we’ll have some ‘healing’ moment
PD: How do you guys feel now?
(Had a practice till the dawn)
Current time: AM 8:00
It’s too early morning
My mind is not awake yet
We’ll be awake gradually
-No worry, DINGO will wake you guys up 🙂 –
It starts at 8 p.m.
– 12 hours later, Different Atmosphere –
PD: We’ll travel for sure
(Filming day was only a week before the comeback)
PD: You’ll be traveling while preparing for the comeback
PD: I know you all don’t have much time
PD: It is a tour,
PD: which will be within a day
PD: We prepared a journey in the city for you to relax
So, It’s a compact tour
for our busy schedule
Is that what you prepared?
Healing in the city?
– Take a healing moment for your heart –
– also, take a healing moment for your body –
– We also cover your healing for your stomach –
– We prepared as much as we love you, WINNER –
Don’t think it would be “so so”
PD: We’ll allow you to enjoy the journey…
PD: If we just do, it won’t be so fun
– For WINNER’s healing moment-
Today’s BINGO board
– Do –
with some tough(?)missions!
-BINGO TRIP, How it works!-
01. You can remove ‘location’, ‘mission’ and ‘verb’ at the same time
For example,
In a pretty cafe / Don’t show your teeth / departure
-BINGO TRIP, How it works!-
02. Before you move, you can remove ‘mission’ and ‘verb’ once more
For example
Lie along / take a nap
-BINGO TRIP, How it works!-
03, If you face difficulty, you can you ‘DINGO chance’
For example
DINGO chance, which located at corners and the center
-BINGO TRIP, How it works!-
04. If you make three bingos, we’ll present you with a great gift!
-Can WINNER really make three bingos in a day!?-
(I knew it)
What the hell is this?!?
Using WINNER’s personal credit card to buy things for DINGO.
As DINGO put such things like this.
People before us were saying DINGO.. DINGO..
I don’t go well with DINGO.
I am at the wrong place now.
My mom told me not to go place like here.
DINGO knows how to push and pull.
I think we could do one bingo now.
“In a pretty cafe”
“using dialect”
and “eat”
This is such a pretty cafe, right?
Agree… there is no pretty cafe like here..
We can’t find one like here.. right?
(Trying to figure out the mission once again)
In a pretty cafe, what do we do?
Using dialect.
Using dialect.
(In one word, He is asking if they could do more than one mission at the same time)
“In a pretty cafe”
“Using dialect”
“Not showing white teeth”
In that case, we could do all at once!
Let’s do all together! LOL
PD: In one place, Only two missions are allowed
For one color, two missions?
Oh, is it??
Bro, we miss something important
What is it?
We could make it fun here~
Let just go now
We should not stay here any longer
Let’s go now
Look at production team’s face now
This should be fun for more hits
and people will watch more! right?
You thought that as well?
I am suffocated now for not being fun
from this early morning
Let’s go now!
It doesn’t matter where we go
Let’s go
and figure out what to do there
We can’t stay here any longer!
We should not do things here!
let’s go!
Let’s fill this up first!
“In a pretty cafe”
PD: (In Hurry) You guys should decide where to go
How about going to the forest?
Okay! let’s go
Should we go first? to fill this bingo?
Shall we go there now?
Why are you keep hiding your teeth?
I am doing the mission now, right here!
Don’t show your teeth!
-Observation note for SeungYoon-
01. He’s always doing something really hard
-Observation note for SeungYoon-
02. Other members look at him weird
-Observation note for SeungYoon-
Sometimes nobody knows what he is doing so hard
Let’s go there and have some fun!
PD: What is left after the tour!?
PD: That is why the theme of today’s journey will be taking a photo
Oh, is it?
-A piece of moment that lasts forever-
A piece of moment that lasts forever-
Since WINNER’s hobby is taking their daily life photo
We prepared TODAY’s journey for them!
How they are going to make their memory?
Don’t show your white teeth
What if it’s yellow?
You can show yellow teethLOL
PD: If you make three wishes, we’ll grant your wishes
PD: Did you decide your wishes?
Three bingos? Wish?
PD: One wish for each of you!
(So touched x1)
It’s so great then!
So great!
PD: For your healing, we did prepare for you!
Do you mean DINGO will do what they can at the most?
For instance,
Lamborghini is not possible, but something realistic?
PD: Lamborghini ? go for it!
For real?
Why do you accept so easily?
DINGO think that we can’t ever make it
(They are fun people… LOL)
-We should’ve stopped there…..-
-Minho’s hands were golden!-
-BUT DINGO was.. like …-
My wish should be
I want today’s filming goes fun and well
-Only 30 mins since starting filming, such a touching atmosphere-
What is wrong with this man?
– But later, SeungHoon be like.. –
Guys, do you like DINGO?
Do you like DINGO?
They are BAD people!!
Let’s move first
Let’s just go now!
“In a pretty cafe”
“Using dialect”
“Not showing white teeth”
and “depature”
Let’s Go!!!
Let’s go!!
When I have a game like this,
You know..
I do really my best!
I mean really!
-Between summer and fall-
One day with warm sunlight
– Getting away from the city, It’s a place where you can relax –
-What would be waiting in the forest where WINNER decided to go-
We just arrived in the first place for BINGO trip!
-First Mission-
In the forest / ??? / enjoy
PD: Take a Walk in the green forest~
Walk in the forest~♬
You can’t make that vibe(?)
Show us chic face, SeoungYoon
One, two three!
It has been a while to be a model
(Looking too cool that it’s even suspicious )
-Before departure-
Stop showing your white teeth now
Well, this should be…
In the forest / be chic like a model / Enjoy
Let’s go to the forest and enjoy!
Ohhhh, cool! Chic x2!!
That was so chic!
Be chick just for one time~!
Why are you so shy?
#Hey_Young_man_be Chic!
#When_You_Want_to_be_Chic_Look_ up_to_the_Sky
I went on a runaway in Paris
Did they teach you anything there?
Like how you walk?
They focused more on the individuality, so they didn’t give me a tip like that
I think
There was a thing that is important for walking
Walk freely but keep your shoulder steady
Be confident for your stride!
Big stride like a model!
I see, keep shoulder steady~
Shall we try here?
Here we have a runway
Minho, walk first~!
Big stride?
Confident face expression!
Be chic!
People behind do a thing like this
Ohh, the backstage!?
(If you want then, we’ll do!)
You made this place like Paris
like BLOWFLY!!
(wordplay in Korean, Paris with blowfly)
Next up!
Are you ready!?
Keep your shoulder steady!
JINWOO x3 Come On !!
(Keep your shoulder steady)
(Confident and big stride)
What is that?
(Big Stride!)
(No movement on the upper body)
– The Alphago walks as it’s inputted –
Ohh! shoulder was steady!
Good job!
Lunge x2
– Feel like being healthier by just looking at him –
– Chic walking that also taking care of health –
Last member! SeoungYoon!
When I play a game like this
I mean..
I do all my best
with all my heart!
I gotta do my best!
-In 27 years of life, he did the best all the time!-
(Shout out!)
-What would be his walking? who could immerse himself into a thing-
-Walk with big steps-
-He just walked away..?-
You are not fun at all
let’s wrap this up
SeoungYoon doesn’t seem good today
We can’t use this footage because of him
You don’t know what PD expected from you..
We are all doing our best
The oldest bro walked side to side..
Those kids
They wear sunglasses! looking cool!
We are fans
Do you want to take picture with us?
Her birthday is today
Oh, Really?
Happy birthday!
What is your name?
She is DaEun
– WINNERS birthday song only for DaEUN –
Daeun who we love ~♬
Happy birthday to you~ ♬
Happy birthday!
Tell me your one wish
– Wish…?-
-And devil’s whisper started..-
When the camera is shooting
Say what you want to your mom~!
This is your chance~!
(I don’t have a wish)
Good kid~
-Happy Birthday, DaEun-
It’s good to make good memories!
For Daeun, it could be a memorable moment
Oh,, someone recognized you
Do you know Song MinHo?
Who is that?
Who called me?
Please take pictures with us~
Okay! Come! Run~!
-They said okay, LET’S GO!!!-
-It’s much more than expected –
Let’s take all together!
Come quickly~!
Marine boys~?
Fall in~!
We should take together
Are you guys all same-aged?
All same-aged?
No, some are 6th grade, and some are 4th grade
I see~
(popular guy)
Thank you~!
Thank you guys~
Have fun!
We’ll have a new album! Check out guys~
It’s coming out next week!
Please, listen to our music~
-We should take our group photo-
I like this tree!
Let’s take on in front of that pine tree
– Today’s first group photo for WINNER –
-Something looks awkward-
-We tried to take some more-
PD: You all didn’t do one mission
PD: The oldest
PD: with a gentle voice..
-While they were choosing the mission for the forest-
Stay chic!
Let’s do this!
“The oldest singing in a gentle voice like doing musical”
Oh, it’s good!
With that, do the N line poem!
-Such a good weather to do N line poem-
(Do well, my bro!)
PD: The oldest bro! Are you ready?
Give us a keyword first
PD: Keyword is
PD: Firstly, for the warm-up! Use word DINGO for the two line poem
Like you are singing musical
In a gentle voice!
Whenever you are ready, I will say the syllable
He is getting ready now
Okay! one , two, three!
DIng di ri ding ding ding~
DIng di ri ding ding ding~
(Instantly looking at production team)
How was it?
It was just a warm-up
PD: It was pretty okay, and yes it was a warm-up
Well, sorry to say
BUT, please do in a gentle voice!
Like you are singing musical in a gentle voice
PD: Next word is
PD: Park In Seo!
(So embarrassed and he can’t hide that feeling)
Park.. In..Seo….
Before we do Park In Seo
(Trying to make time for him)
Let’s talk a bit about Park In seo
Park InSeo Means that..
The name of our fan club is Inner circle
So we made a shortcut of Inner circle
we call InSeo
and added last name, which is Park
It’s Milyang(name of place), Park
(I gotta do this!!)
(Inner circle…)
(…It shall pass)
-Members are trying to make time for the oldest bro-
It’s InSeo Park, so we are at the park
(So lost.. and nothing can see now)
PD: Well, then
PD: We’ll give him some time till lunch
Oh, really?
Isn’t that more than enough time!?
Then, he won’t say anything till lunchtime
We won’t fail! We’ll help you out
-Three line poem is this good! What a cooperation!-
One two three!
Park In Seo~~
Park InSeo~~ ♬
Seo rang hae~ (Love you)
Seo rang hae~ (Love you)♬♬♬
-Serenade for INSEO is spreading over the world-
– FINI~~SH!!-
PD: Okay! Pass!
Let’s go!
What are you going to do without us!?
I know, right~
PD: Members supported so well
PD: So, I passed you
Thank you!
We made one BINGO with your courage!
PD: I could see JinWoo’s shaky eyes
In the edited version, there will be a closeup shot for your eyes
-Here comes eyes closeup shot that MinHo asked for-
In a place like here!
It’s great to have a coffee with a book
Let’s grab a cup of coffe here!
I think there is a cafe next to here
DINGO: Do you guys want a coffe?
Ahhh. caffeine.. I need some..
AHHH!! I feel so sleepy now
Oh.. feeling weak!!
PD: We’ll buy you, BUT!
PD: You know nothing is free
PD: If you show us something, then we’ll buy you coffee
What do we need to show you?
I think we did a lot a while ago
Till now, we’ve been showing you things!
It should be fun
So, it will get hits and people will watch!!
I will take picture with you. Can you borrow me this one?
We need diffrent picture!
-What SeoungHoon showed us –
01. Riding DaEun’s quick board
-What SeoungHoon showed us –
02. Chic Look
-What SeoungHoon showed us –
03. Lunge Walking
-What SeoungHoon showed us –
04. Celestial Harmony
We were showing things to you all day!
PD: You guys are popular for~
PD: Not showing your Aegyo(acting like cute)
Oh, that is under our contract.
That is why we can’t just show you….
We just had new contract
PD: Then, Instead of Aegyo,
PD: Can you show us your title song by your face expression?
PD: to describe the vibe of your music
I will do in Aegyo version…
I will just break the contract
Oh, wait!
“Minho who has many Aegyo”
“In a super cute voice”
We need coffee, right?
PD: Who is going to show us?
(Everyone says) Minho!!
His rap part is really cute!
I will sacrifice myself
while breaking the contract
I’ll just break the contract
Ok, do it!
Minho’s rap part is really
if he can do in a cute version, it’s really cute!
What..? my part is cute?
-This is the part that can be cute if he tries to-
-Finally, the time for his Aegyo, which breaks his contract!-
(Getting ready!)
Oh.. It has been a while
-Getting ready in real-time –
He is on!!
-Members are cheering up!-
(Now he’s ready!)
– We’ll go in one take-
Are You All Ready!?
So lovely~
-Super excited to watch / don’t care at all-
-MinHo is doing Aegyo-
How old are you Minho~?
So cute~
MinHo’s Aegyo was so fatal…
How old are you, MinHo?
Good job!
-Here they get DINGO card!-
Oh! The color of this card was the same as mine
I thought this was mine
-This man is still in panic-
Thanks for Minho, now we could get coffe!
How many staff do we have now~?
PD: Just for four of you guys~!
No! Count all the people around here!
Maybe 200 coffee will do
Okay, let’s go!
Since you made this!
I will hand him this card
-What will happen to this card..?-
Wait a moment!
Don’t move!
I didn’t use the corporate card at all!
I got this card by breaking the contract…!!!
-Preventing Spoiler-
Let’s go up first
We could buy 200 coffee for people here!
I am so happy! This is healing!
We got the CARD!
I should just run away wit this!
We got the card~!
Let just go, guys, ~!
Ouch! x2
OUCH!! x3
-Upcoming story for next week-
We are dragged to the weird place…
@$%@$#^@%[email protected]^
WINNER is getting weird…!?
We are in the wrong place!


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