Elovera pubs ko mother elovera se alag kaise kar ka grow kran- Urdu/Hindi

So viewers, this is my Aloe vera plant. Lots of baby pubs are grown alongside it. If these baby plants are not separated then as they are grown with the root of the main plant … so they also suck nutrients along with the main plant. Due to which they affect the growth of the main plant and also it doesn’t look beautiful. As now I haven’t separated these baby plants so they have grown big.I Should have separated them when they were small. Now I will separate some baby plants and then grow them as a separate Aloe vera plant. It’s very easy to grow new Aloe vera plant from these pubs. Simply we have to plug out these baby plants with their roots and then plant them in some separate place. And after some days that separate plant will start to grow if everything is done in a right way. Now I will separate some pubs from this alo vera plant and I will also tell you some things that I know about this. First thing is when you are planning to separate these pubs then… start watering that plant for 2, 3 days before plugging pubs. This will make the place moist and soft. It’s easy to plug out pubs with roots when the soil is soft. I am watering my aloe vera plant from last 3 days and hopefully, now it will be easy to separate baby plants. As now baby plants are grown big, some of them are small but most are big. Bigger baby plants have more deep roots so they can cause some problem. I think its better to separate baby plants when they are smaller, But not too small as.. as very small plants have weak roots which will be difficult to grow as a separate plant. Let’s separate a baby aloe vera plant. So that’s how you have to plug-out baby plant. Make sure it has some roots with it. After plugging out it will better if you plant it in your desired place as soon as you can. I have a pod so I will plant this baby aloe vera plant in it. One important thing, If you are transplanting any plant like alo or some other plant than you must… Immediately water it after planting. Watering a plant immediately will increase your success rate to next level. So let’s give water to this plant. Looks like now our pod is ready and hopefully this plant will grow. One thing is when you plant a baby alo plant in someplace… then after some days, its color starts to change to brownish red. And then it looks like as your plant is dying. But don’t be worried as baby alo plant will become reddish… for few days and then again it start to become green. So if your plant changes it color to brownish red then don’t plug it out keep watering it and after… some days it will become green again. So that’s how you can transplant a baby alo vera plant. It’s very simple you just have to take care that while plugging you have sufficient roots with the baby plant. You must separate these baby plants from the main plant so that… So that its growth is not affected and it also look beautiful. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for getting more of my videos. Stay happy bye bye.

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