Ellen Tries to Find Out Why Mandy Moore Is Crying

So we’re going to play a game. It’s called, Why
is Mandy Crying? Because you are really good at
being sad and crying and stuff. So it’s kind of like Speak
Out, but you have to cry. But I have to cry? You have to cry
or be really sad. Oh, my goodness. And I have to figure
out what you’re saying. Oh, gosh. I don’t want to look at it. OK. OK. All right. All right. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] There you go. All right. OK. No big deal. It’s like the most
ridiculous thing. Don’t look at that. OK. OK. OK. All right. But really be crying and really
upset, and I’ll figure it out. He humped me with his vino. Huh? He– he bumped me
with his burrito. He humped you and his– He bumped me with his burrito. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] He bumped me with his burrito. He humped you in his hernia. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] Do I move on? Yeah, move on. I guess, I didn’t get that one. Britney Spears
popped my balloon. Oh, no. Something about a
hot air balloon. Britney Spears
popped my balloon. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] Britney Spears
popped my balloon. Britney Spears
caught your froom. Britney Spears– Popped my balloon. –shot your balloon. Caught your balloon. Caught. Popped. Coughed. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] Something popped your balloon. OK. OK. [AUDIENCE CLAPS] This is it. One more. The donkey bucked my mom. What? [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] The donkey did what to your mom? What did the donkey do? The donkey bucked my– No. Your donkey did not do that. Bucked her. Bucked her. That’s terrible. No wonder you’re upset. The donkey bucked your mom. Oh. OK. Oh. That’s horrible. All right. Whew. That is a lot. Yep, that’s a lot. It’s a lot. But you were excellent at it. It was very– it
was very moving. Those tears came another way. Yeah. This Is Us airs
Tuesdays at 9:00 on NBC.


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