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Many have asked ourselves Why does Alastor have deer parts? and the answer we can have in the way he died But what would you tell me if I told you …
and eye to the reference of my secondary channel that this information has already come out in podcasts (officers) and putting all this together, we can get to how his last moments of life were Welcome to the Brillo G channel, remember that if you like this type of content you can subscribe and activate the bell for youtube to notify you when a new video is uploaded You should first know more about the topics that have already been thoroughly explored in previous videos which I recommend seeing first but recapitulating Alastor was a cannibal and a Louisiana killer in addition to possible voodoo practitioners radio announcer and theater personality in addition to not being the type who follows or persecutes his victims because he has a rather strange code of ethics against that this is mentioned by the same creator of the series for that reason we must stop seeing Alastor not as a hunter, but as someone who acted for opportunity with his spontaneous personality of * Hazbin Hotel * now we go to the time in which Alastor lived it was an era from the 20s to the 30s which had an increase in unemployment rates along with insecurity and criminality also at that time the police investigation tactics were very rudimentary and the evidence he could have obtained only if the perpetrator left something forgotten that could identify him in addition to the saying of some crime viewer as well as a possible trace that I could leave after the act was perpetrated as well as the police officers at that time they tried to fit everything in a circumstantial way for example if the suspect I had no alibi at the time of the act, however, it could be added that Alastor was able to practice voodoo practice that even today generates some intrigue Now imagine the fear that the person who practiced it could create at that time if we add all that and the inefficiency of the police also social instability is likely that people have to do justice on their own esto ante un asesino en su comunidad ahora que sabemos la situación en la cual vivía Alastor how does this explain that he has deer parts, in the podcast the creator mentioned that Alastor he lived like a servant who died at the hands of a deer hunter As we can see he shares traits with these animals added to this on one occasion he was asked about Alastor’s fears, to which she commented that at one time he was afraid of dogs, although now they only dislike him this because dogs have to do with the way he died Now we have all this information we can conclude that Alastor became a serial killer in the late 20s and was running away and hiding from justice while perpetrating his crimes, however it was not justice who found him but it was the people themselves which tried to avenge the victims while not letting there be more and not to allow a ruling by the justice They decided to take everything in their own hands, you also have to know that deer hunters often use hunting dogs Which they could have used to hunt Alastor himself the fact that some hunters could have given him home himself would explain several things like why he has deer parts, which would be a representation of how he spent his last moments of life being part of a human hunt and how it was only at the end of his life he only possesses certain parts of these animals Also the representation of Alastor in hell represents how it was that he was alive in this case the appearance of Alastor combines Being an elegant man besides radio announcer with deer parts also among the curiosities of Alastor you can know how his life was but that will be a subject for an upcoming video however some also believe that Alastor may have been fleeing justice and may have gone to a cabin in the woods place in which he could also have spent time with deer and that is why he has features of these animals Do not forget to like and share with fans of * Hazbin Hotel * on your social networks until a next video goldenes. translation made by the creator, if you found faults or difficult parts to understand please comment.


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