Eddie Hall & Robert Oberst Gamble in Vegas | The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History

[ music ] [ indistinct conversations ] – Smell that? – Smells like money. We’re in Vegas, and it turns out, Eddie’s never
been here before. So, I want to give him the full
Vegas experience. Obviously, I gotta take him
gambling. – Let’s play blackjack, huh?
– Okay. – Oh, hi, guys.
Perfect timing. – Ah, that’s a little bit small
to squeeze in here. [ music ] – I’ve never actually gone to a
casino and gambled real cash. So I’m really excited. – You know how to play?
– Up to 21s? – 21.
– Yeah. – Don’t go over.
– Okay. We have a nice, crispy 800. Can you change that for me,
please? Want to just split it down the
middle and do half each? – Yeah. – Let’s start with fives,
then work our way up. I just want to get used to it
a bit first. – Okay. But what if we win
the first hand? – Good point.
Let’s start with 10. – It’s Nick’s money, anyway.
– It’s Nick’s money. Yeah, it is Nick’s money,
anyway. – Let’s do it. – Oh, yeah.
Starting right. That’s how it’s done. Blackjack.
There we go. That’s how it’s done. Give me a six. Oh! I freaking love you. With every hand, I just kept
winning. Blackjack. Blackjack. Sixteen.
Come on, bust. Bust. Yes! Yes! Everything’s coming up Obie. Double down.
What have we got? – Double down.
– We’ve got $200 on this bet. – Double up, double down,
split the double, double black, triple purple.
I’m all in. Hit me. – Don’t take the–
– Oh! – You just screwed me right
there. – You’re stealing my
beginner’s luck. – Yeah.
– Okay. – If one us wins, we win. So this is $950. – Yes.
– I’m down $200. You’re up 550, I’m down 200. – Eddie’s having a hard time.
He keeps losing. But the cards love me today. I’m really glad I came along. I got you on my back, brother.
I’ll carry you through this. – Okay. Thanks, brother.
All right. – We’re gonna switch it over
and do some roulette. I think you’ll have more luck
there. Thank you very much. I don’t really know how
to play roulette. – I have no [ bleep ] clue.
– You don’t, either? We don’t know much about
roulette, but we hear it’s got good odds. I’ll take a chance. Fifteen right here.
Take that. Five on 29, and then a five on the 33. Don’t bet on this because
that’ll screw me. – Yeah, okay.
I’m going to do black as well. – Okay, be the red. – What do we got?
What do we got? Black 15. – Yes.
– We won here. Boom. It’s gonna be black 11. That’s what we’re
rolling on now. Black 11. Eleven. Black 11.
Black 11. Oh! – I’m doing black again. – You’re doing black again?
– Yep. – All right, let’s go black.
– You want a black? – Black 28.
– Yeah. – There we go.
– Yes. – 860, 266.
– Yep. – We’re up 286 bucks. I say we cash out
and call it a win. – No.
286 all in. Double or nothing. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – Always bet on black, baby.
– Okay. – Let’s get it.
All on black. Come on, Annie. This one’s for Annie. I am nervous. – Come on.
– Come on, black, come on black. Come on black.
Come on. – Hands are sweating. It’s all on the line now. – Come on. – Come on!!
– Come on!! – Double or nothing.
It’s a foolproof plan. Keep looking at it.
Keep looking at it. It’s gonna happen. – Here we go.
Here we go. There we have it.
There we have it. – Yes!
– Yes! – Yes! We win! Yes! – Always bet on black. Whoo! – Show me the money! – I’m rich!
Ha-ha-ha! – ♪ Money, money, money ♪ ♪ Money ♪ – [ laughs ] [ music ] They say whatever happens in
Vegas, stays in Vegas. I say whatever happens in Vegas,
pays in Vegas. Ah. – Tastes like America. – Tastes like victory. – Same thing.


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