Easy Cooking Tips : Dice a Carrot

Hi! I’m Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert
Village and today I’m going to show you how to peel and prepare a carrot for dicing.
There’s really no need for a peeler and you’ll see why, I’m going to take the
top end off of this carrot so that we can square him off and I’m going to cut another
section here so this will give us a carrot to work with and I’ll show you how to clean
this smaller end in a second. So all we’re really going to do is just take our knife
and go down this direction so that we take outer skin off and as we’re doing that we’re
scoring off the carrot for dicing and for cutting. So there’s really not that much
waste, some people may be concerned that if they use a peeler that they wouldn’t create
as much waste but there’s really not a whole lot to be honest with you. So I’m going
to make cuts this way and if you’ll notice I’m using my knuckles as a guide for the
knife and I’m not putting my hand over this way or over this way I’m just using the
knuckles as a guide. I’m going to shave off a section here and I’m going to shave
off another section here so essentially we cut that into thirds. Next since I said we’re
going to dice this carrot I’m going to cut this section into thirds…and take this section
again same song second verse cut that into thirds. Now you can use these cut if you’d like
as a batanae cut and these are used in some recipes and some French recipes as well and
you can leave the carrots just like that if that’s the presentation you’re going for
however, today we’re just doing a dice so I’m going to align these up all even with
each other and start to dice this carrot up in nice and metrical shapes which are squares
finely diced and there is a nice cleaned diced carrot and that’s a little more efficient
way than using machines and things of that nature.


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