Domino Roll Out Gambling App Overview Video

Welcome to Domino Roll Out. A new and exciting
way to take your dice on the road. Take a
chance, place a bet, and roll. The goal of
Domino Roll out is to earn money by placing
smart bets and getting a little bit of luck.
Pick your bets and roll the dice by tapping
roll or shaking the device. The total on the
dice represents the number of dots you will
remove from play. This can either be done
by removing the domino with dots that exactly
equaled that number or by removing several
dominos that add up to it. The game is over
when the roll cannot be matched by any of
the dominos left in play or snake eyes is
rolled. If the game is in standard mode, you
can choose which dominos to remove. Here I
rolled a ten, so I might choose to remove
the number ten domino or multiple dominoes
that add up to ten. If the game is set to
Vegas, however, the highest number domino
is removed automatically. You can switch between
these modes by tapping the button at the start
of each round. The numbers at the top of the
screen represent how many domino dots remain
on the table, how much money you have to bet,
and current jackpot total. If you are lucky
enough to end the game like Zero dots, then
you have achieved a roll out and the jackpot
is yours. When you are ready to start, place
the bet in the top betting area first. These
numbers represents the total number of dots
on the dominoes still on the board, when the
game is over. Tap the plus and minus arrows
to change the amount you wish to bet. The
number next to it shows the odds to help you
decide. You can only bet on the top area before
the round starts. So choose carefully. The
second and third betting areas are only applied
to the next dice roll. The second is more
general, betting that the next dice total
will be even or odd. After the first roll,
you can also choose Bust and bet on the odds
that the next roll will lose you the game.
The third betting area is for specific numbers.
You can score through a list of 3 through
12. Betting on any of these is risky, but
well worth it, if you are lucky. Right from
the main screen you can tap or drag the top
right slider to change the background between
red and green. The bottom right button toggles
the sound on and off and the second button
opens the options screen. Every change is
automatically saved, so roll out will remember
what you like even if you close and reopen
the game. In the options menu, you can tap
new game to restart the current round. You
may also choose to Reset Jackpot or Reset
Player Money; since Roll out carries the totals
from game to game. Tapping the shake button
toggles your ability to roll the dice, by
shaking the device. Now that you are all set
up, start a new game and go have some fun.

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