DIY Mini Top Hat

Hey Crafters, It’s time time to get your Circus Freak on, ’cause we’re making Mini Tophats
Alright, let’s get started
First cut a piece of 3X12 inch cardstock and adhere the ends together to form a cylinder about this size
Then use an old card box or something of the sort
And trace out a circle that is just a little bit bigger than your cylinder
Cut the circle out very carefully with an Exacto knife or a utility knife, something like that
Then use a pair of scissors to trim and bevel the edge a bit
Now, use a fast drying glue like a low temperature glue gun and make a circle roughly the size
of your cylinder on the circle, and press the two together
Then do a round of glue along the connecting edges
Now get out a piece of scrap fabric.
You’re gonna use the natural roll of the hat piece to glue the fabric on
Glue a little bit on the top edge, then press that edge on the fabric
Glue a little bit more, and slowly roll it to follow it’s natural roll path
You’ll know what I’m talking about when you’re doing it
Keep doing this until you reach where you started.
You wanna take this step pretty slow, straightening the fabric as you go
This is the most important part to make the hat look really good
Now you wanna cut the excess side fabric off and trim up the bottom, leaving a couple extra inches to tuck inside
Then cut along the top circle
Now cut slits in the excess fabric at the bottom so everything tucks in nicely
Again, use the glue gun and glue those tabs to the inside, making sure the fabric is nice and taught
Trace the top onto another piece of fabric, cut it out and glue it to the top
Next, take out your thicker wire and use your hat piece as a guideline as to how big the circle
should be. This is going to be your brim
Cut the wire and tape the ends together
Set the wire ring on top of another piece of fabric and glue little bits over the ring like so, cutting excess fabric off as you go
Next, glue a piece of fabric down concealing the wrong side and cut the excess fabric off
Now you’re gonna glue bias tape around the top edge of your hat using tacky glue
Do the same for the brim of the hat
And it’s feather time
Sandwich a piece of your thin wire between two feathers with your tacky glue
Do this twice more, and twist the ends of all 3 wires together
Bend the twisted edge of the wire to fit inside of the hat and glue with the glue gun
Cut two parallel slits in the center of the brim piece, and feed your lace through so there’s
equal parts coming out of both slits
Then you can use your tacky glue to secure the lace at the openings
Now squeeze a good amount of hot glue on the inside edge and quickly set it down on the brim piece
So the glue will ooze down and fuse the two pieces together a bit
Now you can use your tacky glue and glue along that connecting edge. This is gonna
make it really strong and secure.
While the glue’s still wet, trim with a piece of lace and let dry completely
When it’s all finally dry, you wanna let it sit overnight
It’s gonna be super sturdy and strong
Then you can put on your new fancy hat
And ham it up for the camera


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