Disney’s Pop Century Resort – PREFERRED Room Tour

hi everybody and welcome to this episode
of Beth’s Best we’re doing a quick one take video
at Disney’s Pop Century Resort in a preferred room it’s getting late in the evening
we just checked-in it’s our travel day but Epcot has extra magic hours and so we want to
change real quick and get over there but
before we mess up the room
I wanted to show you our room here at Pop Century Resort we are in room #4124
we are on the end on the first floor technically this is a preferred location room because
we’re closer to the main building, lobby and the buses this is actually a
pretty nice location cuz it’s quiet and its away from the pool but let me show you
the room now these Pop Century rooms are not big
one of the smallest on property so
you’re going to walk in and if you just
trip you’ll go right over the bed come on in
get around the door here there’s just a window not much of a view, a small table
with seating for two this room is all
about sleeping, showering, and
getting ready to go back out to the park
so you’ve got two full-size beds
they don’t even seem like queens
they seem like fulls so you certainly can
fit a family of four in here if you needed
to. there are three drawers
not very deep but some storage and
you’ve got a small fridge and a TV
this is a standard cash room here at the Disney value resorts so there are
no real amenities there’s no coffeemaker
there’s no microwave if you need coffee
in the morning, I know I do,
you’re going to have to walk over to the
main building and go to the restaurant
the quick service if you want coffee
and then we’ve got the bathroom
really kind of an open space there’s no
closed closet here so you just got
hooks on the wall and then you’ve got
some hangers here in this open closet
area with a shelf for storage really not
very spacious only one sink and then
you’ve got the toilet and a shower
so this room really is just about
sleeping and showering and getting ready
to head out to the park so this was my
quick one-take video we’ve just checked
in at Disney’s Pop Century Resort this is a
preferred room this is room #4124.
I hope you enjoyed the video and
we’ll see you again real soon
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