Disney’s Contemporary Resort Room Tour : Castle View + Fireworks

>>anAboutThat: Hey everyone!
Just wanted to show you this room in the Contemporary.
So, this one is actually unique.
I wasn’t expecting it, but I actually got
a castle view instead of the garden view.
So that was quite a surprise.
Alright, so let’s take a look.
So, we have a desk.
Two queen sized beds.
So, it does come with a sofa bed as well.
You can sleep a lot of people here, between
the sofa bed as well as the beds.
Like, four people over here and have another
on the sofa bed.
So, very large room.
Lots of space.
It does come with a television.
Pretty large.
As well as some decor pieces.
If we look, it does come with a safe as well
as hangers to hang your clothes.
Ironing board.
There we go.
Coffee maker.
Some art between them.
Down here below, we actually have the fridge
as well as some more shelves.
There’s the fridge, pretty spacious.
When I got in the room it was already on,
so you can get any food you bring back from
the parks and put them right in there.
And then over here is just a closet to put
away the luggage.
This one is actually a part of the main building.
Um, meaning, that it connects to where the
area is for all the eating and the monorail.
You can kinda hear the people, but not so
So, as soon as I walk out my hotel room this
is actually my view.
I can see Chef Mickey’s pretty clearly.
I could even zoom in… and the Contempo Cafe.
We have the great mural as well.
And you could kind of see across the gap,
the other rooms.
There’s the door.
But, what I really like is that this room
has an awesome balcony with an amazing view
of the castle, which I was not anticipating.
I’m gonna show you.
Alright, so this is the Magic Kingdom Castle
So, literally, I can see Space Mountain as
well as the Magic Kingdom Castle, Cinderella’s
Castle, right from my window.
Well, from the balcony.
The balcony does have two chairs so you can
just sit out here and lounge.
Then when you’re cold, in the winter season,
maybe you want to go inside and watch the
fireworks from the castle from your bed.
So, plenty spacious.
You can kinda see the parking lot down there.
Ah, let me zoom in.
You can definitely take a great view of the
fireworks from there.
And Space Mountain…
I’m excited.
I’m gonna check those out.
Probably in the next few days or so.
You can see the busses as they go.
All the traffic.
I’m excited.
I’m going to watch the fireworks from here.
It’s going to be a lot of fun.
So, the bathroom is really spacious as well.
When I actually got in I was surprised by
how many towels they have.
So they already have it set up for about four
You do get the hand towels as well as washcloths
and then the large bath towels.
The shower is in that first room when you
step in.
And then there’s also the toilet in its
own little separate room over here.
So, a couple of different sections, but we
have the nice looking tile in here.
It has a bathtub and a shower combination.
They do give you all of these little amenities
The different H20 brand, um, Disney Resort
brand Sea Marine, revitalizing shampoo, conditioner,
sea salt bath soap.
All of that good stuff!
Um, sinks!
Pretty flat.
Pretty flat sinks.
Not a lot of space to put things right here,
so I’m assuming some people might use this
kind of as a platform.
And they also give things like mouth wash,
vanity kit, solar relief gel, uh, body wash,
conditioner, shampoo.
So a couple of different things there.
And then they also do give you a hairdryer
too, that you can use in your room.
Plenty of outlets.
We have outlets in the bathroom as well as
plenty of outlets in the actual room too.
Especially over the desk.
Even over here on the nightstand.
There is no clock I’ve noticed, but they
do have the USB plug-ins as you could see
right here and right here.
As well as the light controls, so if you want
it a bit lighter, you can definitely raise
the lights above the bed.
But for now, I am going to go take a peek
out the balcony and watch the firework show.
[Distant instrumental music plays along with
the sound of fireworks]
[Whimsical instrumental music plays]
Thanks for watching!


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