Disney’s Caribbean Beach Review – Resort and Room Tour

This is the first time we stayed at
Caribbean beach.
The standard rooms here
at Caribbean Beach Resort have two queen
beds and they have a pullout bed that
comes out of this cabinet that is under
the TV.
It’s a large flat-screen TV and
there’s a mickey asleep in the hammock.
The storage was incredible. I mean
there’s like five of us for a million
days – I wish was a million days…
We had a drawer that we didn’t put anything in
that oh, that drawer too. So two
drawers that we just even use.
There are
two drawers on this side of the pulldown
bed and the other side looks like two
drawers too but they are actually fake.
It’s a door
to the mini fridge. And the mini fridge
has glass doors so it’s nice to see what
your head in there without having to
open the whole thing.
And there are three
shallow drawers and a bench.
This bed is actually very easy to open and close. Let
me show you how it’s done.
And voila, it’s done. And to open, you have
some handles over here and it kind of
goes on its own. And there it is!
The room
is very roomy…
The beds are really comfortable.
Let me show you now the bathroom doors.
Very similar to Coronado Springs.
They open and close very easily and there’s a
very wide opening, very spacious, it
doesn’t take up any room and it’s great
because it blocks the light. There’s a very
bright light on top of the mirror and it
blocks the light when you are getting
ready in the morning. Don’t wake up the
little ones or the big ones.
The reason why we got this room is because
there are five people in our party and
we need the fifth bed.
The value resorts do not offer a
setup like this,
although All Stars Music has some options
and Art of Animation. It didn’t work out
for us
price-wise, our discount, the room setup,
this was actually gonna be cheaper to
stay here with the discounts that they
had for the promotion around this time
of the year which is January. So it worked
great to stay at a moderate resort and we
loved it. We had plenty of outlets for
all of our electronics – hers and mine.
Behind the bags here there are outlets
and USB ports. That was very helpful to
charge all of our equipment. There is
only one night stand in the middle of
the two beds but it also has outlets and
USB ports. On this side of the bed
there’s room for luggage, strollers,
shelf, jackets… And we have a corner room
so we have two nice windows, a table with
two chairs and some family members here
coloring their hearts out. Oh, I did messed up.
He did messed
up… the language…
Reminds me of the Epcot ball. It does?Oh, it does!
In the
bathroom area we have ironing board with
iron shelf. It’s a very similar setup to
the value resorts – the non renovated
rooms. The difference is we have double
sinks with storage underneath.
There’s no ledge on the sink but there is
plenty of counter space and there is a
nice mirror there for makeup just like
we had at Coronado Springs. And we have a
bathtub in there and shower.
So guys what
do you think of the resort so far?
I think it’s awesome!
Well, I still like All Star Sports. He likes All-Star Sports. I know you do!
Well, luckily we have a video on All Star Sports.
Just click on that “i” on the
corner and you will see our review of
All Star Sports!
This is the view from
our room from the inside. There’s a
parking lot there but there’s a very
nice courtyard on this side.
This is the outside. Look how pretty it is! There’s the
courtyard. We are on the second floor
There are no elevators. So if you have
wheelchairs or strollers you will
probably want to stay in the first floor
we did have strollers but they were
easily folded and light to carry, so it
was not a problem for us.
Look at this view of the resort!
It is amazing! It has a big beach on the
other side, and there is a smaller beach on this side too.
There are ice makers on both
floors but I did not see any vending
machines nearby, either downstairs or up
So we are in Trinidad North and our
building is salmon-colored. Right across
from us, there’s a yellow building over
there. Every section has a different
colour. The bus stop is also very close
to our building. We stayed in building 31
and I really liked that building because
it’s close to everything so if you’re
staying here at Caribbean Beach, it is
worth it to stay in the preferred room.
It’s just a short walk away to the
bus area right there.
And there are some food carts there that
they have breakfast items in the morning,
if you don’t want to do the buffet and
they have similar carts around the resort.
And here’s the pool! The main pool.
Oh! Look at the ducks!
Who are you
shooting at? The pirates? No! At the water!
At the water?
To give the fishies a taste of their mind.
look at mommy!
This is so easy!
It’s time to get down.
He made it! Woohoo!!!
The buildings here at Jamaica are yellow.
And every section has their beach and
view of the lake.
Now I wanna know what they thought. Guys,
did you like Caribbean beach or what?
I loved it!
Tell us in the comments below which
moderate resort is your favorite! We want
to know, cuz me we will go there! Who knows!
And don’t forget
Bye bye everyone! Bye!!!


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