Disney Villainous Wicked to the Core | Game the Game

(upbeat music)
(soft music)
Hello, and welcome to Game the Game.
I’m Becca Scott, and today,
we are playing Villainous Wicked to the Core.
And here with me, my fellow super villains,
we have Khail Anonymous.
Hey, how you doing?
Hades here, King of the Underworld.
Looking to make maybe a deal for your soul,
no big deal, trade you for some AirPods,
you never know.
You may recognize his ridiculously familiar face
from Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes.
How you doing?
But today I’m Hades.
King of the Underworld.
(Becca laughing)
And of course, you know her, you love her,
Anjali Bhimani.
You have seen her on every TV show
that has humans and some cartoons.
Truth and…
No, that’s not true.
If there’s a doctor on TV and she’s Indian,
chances are like 50-50.
You’ve got me
or an angry Indian auntie.
But today,
(Becca laughing)
I’m going to be
the Evil Queen.
Clearly, ’cause I have big hair and dark lips right now.
The darker the lipstick,
the more evil the person.
Oh, is that true?
I’ve decided that today, yes.
Oh, nice.
My lipstick’s a little bit dark,
therefore I am the evil Dr. Facilier, right?
And he talks like this.
I don’t know, I don’t know the voice.
I think that the voice–
I think you should just talk
exactly how you–
I’m just going to talk
with my hands.
I don’t know.
You do you.
Okay, I will.
I’m gonna do it.
This is your brand of evil.
This is your thing.
You’re Italian.
Your just like, eh.
She was trying to do the French.
By being very expressive with her arms.
Oh yeah, but it’s like New Orleans French.
So it’s like (speaking in foreign language).
Have you decided whether you’re gonna say N’awlins
or New Orleans?
Oh, wow.
N’awlins, okay.
it’s N’awlins for sure.
It’s cooler though.
Does anyone say New Orleans, like that?
Apparently, I do.
It’s where I might
go to on that one, yes.
Hi, I’m Khail, I’d like to visit New Orleans.
One ticket to New Orleans please.
Oh, sweet boy.
Okay, so.
So, guys, our objectives are all different
in this game.
We are each playing as a different villain.
And what’s great is this game is stand-alone
or technically compatible with other Villainous games.
But it doesn’t have to be,
as we are playing it completely stand-alone today.
And Dr. Facilier, I want to both
find a card that says Rule New Orleans,
put it into my pile
that I specifically have a pile of Fortunes.
And then I need to find a card to reveal my Fortune
and get that Rule New Orleans card.
Then, I need to find a Talisman.
And if there’s any pesky Heroes on my board,
they will suck up the Talisman
and I have to Vanquish them before I can take
the Talisman back.
That’s some stuff.
Which is definitely
beneficial to us.
Right, clearly.
All right.
Let’s play those Heroes.
And her goal is to defeat Snow White.
And shall I share how that happens?
‘Cause it’s a lot of steps.
Only as much as you feel comfortable sharing
about your evil plans.
Which we know, but.
Yeah, we know.
So, I have to unlock the Dwarfs’ Cottage
by pulling and playing four Ingredients.
And then, find Snow White somewhere in my deck,
or if someone has already played her as a Hero.
And then, I have to force her to eat a poisoned apple.
Or just offer it.
She might want to, you know.
No, I’m gonna force her.
Okay, force feed it.
Appletini, maybe?
Yeah with Snow White’s…
Maybe I wouldn’t have to, all right.
She’s going for the
low carb.
She’s like Sex in the City.
This just got so dark.
Okay, I’m going a totally different.
Drunkorexic, is that a thing?
Yeah, no.
Is that a thing?
That’s the modern day.
All right, Hades,
what’s your beef and how do ya handle it?
All right, it’s pretty easy.
Just gotta head to Mount Olympus, no big deal,
just in case Wonder Boy is in the way.
In which case, it’s gonna be easy peasy.
Slide right into Olympus.
Gotta get there with three Titans.
Very easy.
Not a problem.
No apples here.
No healthy stuff.
We just gotta get three Titans all the way to Mount Olympus,
we’re good to go.
I like that you’re channeling the character.
Yeah, it’s pretty easy.
It’s beautiful, yeah.
Yeah, it’s solid.
It sounds like a salesman.
Ya know?
Now, for anyone that
didn’t care to watch the How To Play video, quick synopsis.
We’ve each got a Fortune deck.
This is for our evil deeds.
It helps us along in what we need to accomplish.
And we have a handful of cards
and any turn, we will move to one of our four locations,
can’t be where we started.
We will do the action symbols represented in that location
and then, to end our turn,
we just draw back up to a hand of four.
And we also have what’s called a Fate deck
on the right side of our board.
Now, this is pretty annoying.
It’s full of those pesky Heroes.
Yeah, so this only comes into play
when we choose to do a Fate action on another player.
And then, we draw two cards from their Fate deck
and play a Hero to thwart them in their nefarious deeds.
So, without further ado,
you shuffled there?
Mm hmm.
You good?
Are you still gonna shuffle, you gonna shuffle?
I think we’re good.
I don’t know.
Cool, cool, cool.
Now, I’m gonna take the first turn
and therefore I get no Power to start,
which is the currency of the game.
We have this pot of Power right here.
And, Anjali, you start with one Power.
Khail, you start with two Power.
Oh, I already got it.
We all start in the leftmost location of our board.
But from there, we can hop anywhere.
And I will go to, let me check out my hand of cards here.
Pretty good.
So, I am French.
Is this Dr. Facilier?
I mean,
if you want to be French, I will support you in that desire.
Oh, it’s so good, oo.
You know, we Indians, we can do French really well.
Special skills.
Don’t undercut yourself.
Those are Anjali talents.
No, I know.
That is an Anjali talent.
I will give you that.
Anjali is a very talented woman.
Why, thank you.
That was terrible.
That one, that part right there.
I was like…
Okay, so also
as a talented woman, Dr. Facilier.
(speaks in foreign language)
Yeah, okay, okay.
All right.
Okay, so we’re gonna do a little thing.
We’re gonna play some cards
and we’re gonna discard some cards.
Okay, yeah, now all of a sudden,
Dr. Facilier’s like, okay.
He’s like a wiseguy, okay.
I’m just, I’m really struggling here and doing my best.
Okay, so we will go to The Parade.
And while you’re there, we will take two Power
because we are broke.
It’s part of our French.
I don’t know.
Is that wrong to say?
Is that lore?
It’s very Puccini opera-esque.
Yeah, I sit alone in a hotel room
while the rain pours outside my window.
If you’re in a hotel room, you’re not poor.
Womp womp.
I’m on the streets.
I sit in an alley.
There we go.
I smoke a cigarette in the rain.
Yeah, good French?
I like it, yeah.
It’s so pitiful.
Oh, I like it.
So, I’m just doing each action on The Parade location.
(speaks in foreign language)
Does it say
(speaks in foreign language)?
No, I did that.
Oh, no, you’re just, okay.
This is a whole new New Orleans lore that you’re creating.
Give her some artistic license here.
Oh no, I am.
I’m just trying to make sure
that I’m not learning stuff today.
I’m just kind of, okay.
Not learning stuff, got it.
No, this is not learning.
Here’s what’s up.
We’re playing an Effect card.
This means, it happens once, and it goes in my discard.
It costs me one Power to play.
And I will look at the top three cards of my deck,
put one in my hand, and the rest in my discard.
That’s a good card
That’s a good card.
Oo, oo, yes.
We must destroy her.
Yes, clearly.
Oh no.
Discard those.
Now I’ve got a hand of four.
That’s no good.
So I’m gonna use the discard action, discard cards,
and I can discard as many cards from my hand as I like.
So, I’m gonna discard that.
And I’m gonna discard that.
And I’m gonna discard, nah.
All right, so I’m gonna draw.
And as soon as I draw, my turn is complete.
It is my turn.
All right, I am going to go to The Mine.
Do some mining.
And I can do these actions in any order, correct?
The Queen does her own mining?
Well, I’m very particular, darling.
My taste is very specific in my gemstones.
So, I’m going to start
by taking some Power.
This is how it starts.
Two, three, (laughs wickedly).
Now, we need to watch out for this.
Because Anjali isn’t just taking currency here.
She isn’t just taking Power.
What she does is she goes to her Laboratory
and she can convert her Power tokens into Poison.
Which will later be used to poison some Heroes
like, say, Snow White.
What, what?
Loading up on that
I can’t believe you’d even suggest such a thing.
This is a fun voice.
(Khail laughing)
All right.
So I took my Power.
And now, I need to play a card.
And I shall play Magic Tomes,
which is look at the top four cards of your deck,
put one into your hand, and discard the rest.
Man, if everybody’s doing that, I’m gonna do that.
I got one of these cards.
I wasn’t gonna use it.
Three, four.
And I’m going to look, and I get to pick one of them.
Right, I’m going to take that.
Oh, I’m sorry.
This is an Item card.
It stays out and you can use it repeatedly.
Oh really?
Do I place it somewhere specific–
Or anywhere I want to?
Any of those locations you like.
But, it will cost you two
to play that card.
So I’m gonna put it here.
‘Cause I will always have two
because I will have pulled three.
Right, and then–
And then I have to pick–
Did you pay your two to play it?
No, I did not.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you for keeping her on that.
Thank you.
That’s the hardest part.
I have no idea what I’m doing.
So, these three are discarded.
I just leave them face up.
And, now I have four.
Oh my goodness.
The Evil Queen’s a little older.
She takes a little more time.
You’re doing fine.
Give the woman
a break, will you?
You’re crushing it.
I don’t know why she’s
a 1940’s movie star now.
All right, and then I am going to play,
’cause I played one,
and now I am going to play this,
wait, hold for talent, this Ingredient.
Since I already put that down I should do that.
She’s making money
moves over here.
Each time
a Fate action targets you before you next turn,
take one Power from the Supply
and add it to your Poison.
this is a little bit of a bonus if someone
tries to come at me.
Come at me.
Then I’m all,
you’re only making her stronger.
Are you gonna pay for that
Mummy Dust?
I’m not afraid.
Yes, I did.
Or you’re just gonna walk…
Oh, okay.
There you go.
Got it, done.
I don’t wanna reach.
No no no no no no no, please, thank you.
‘Cause again, Mama’s a little old and she a little slow.
Okay, cool.
Then I get to fill up this deck.
Yes, and as soon as you draw, your turn is over.
Bam, it’s over.
All right, here we go, kiddos.
Ooh, kiddos.
Here we go.
All right,
we’re moving Hades over here
That was
kind of you, young man.
We’re checking out The Gardens, beautiful.
It’s the complete opposite of The Underworld.
But sometimes, Hades needs a break.
I’m gonna draw three of these
beautiful Power things which I’m gonna need.
I am going to, try to keep up here.
I’m gonna summon Stratos,
which is one of my Titans.
Get out of here.
Which I’ll put him over here.
Stratos can only be played in The Underworld,
which I’m doing.
When Stratos is moved,
you may move a Hero from his new location
to an adjacent location.
Don’t need that right now.
But we’re starting off with our Titan.
So that’s two.
Toss that in there.
I am also, ’cause I have two
play card things on here.
Oh my.
Also going to summon
the Hydra.
Oh man.
So that’s two here.
And he’s gonna go here.
And then, I am going to discard none.
I am going to draw…
I am going to discard one.
And I’m going to draw three.
All right.
And that’s the end of my turn.
All right then.
Now, no one played any Conditions yet.
But Conditions are another card type
in addition to your Effects, your Items, your Allies.
And Ingredients for the Evil Queen.
Conditions are played during someone else’s turn.
So keep an eye out for those.
You gotta remember to look for ’em.
Okay, what are we doing here?
What are we doing?
I mean…
I mean, it’s fine.
You’re the one
that set this game up.
I get it, I know.
Pressure’s on.
You are on it.
Just cards falling out of your hand.
I think what I like most in the world is a little Fate.
So I’m gonna move to Tiana’s Place.
I wasn’t ready for that.
And I’m going to take one Power.
That’s it?
Some of us don’t have all the
Power in the world–
We all have one Power.
To draw from.
That’s just the space she moved into.
You know what?
She’s gonna Fate me for that.
I have a feeling.
Yeah, you’re getting
Fated for that.
You’re getting Fated.
Flip two of those cards.
I’m getting Fated.
Straight up.
You’re getting Fated, bro.
You Fate, bro?
All right, there we go.
So, we have Phil.
Oh, no.
Phil and Hercules get plus one Strength
if Hercules is in Hades’ Realm.
Oh, you said oh no
because of Zeus here.
Yes, because of Zeus.
If a Titan moves to Zeus’ location,
that Titan is immediately trapped
before the Titan’s Ability is triggered.
Okay, but the Titan has to move into Zeus’ location
not the other way around.
So, I’m gonna discard Phil.
If you would, actually, can we slide your pile up there?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Discard just below
so we can make our–
Bye, Phil.
It’s gonna look just like the box.
Peace out, Phil.
Sorry, dude.
Didn’t make the cut.
Is gonna go to The Gardens because one,
it covers up some cool stuff for you.
I can discard and play.
Yep, and two,
you’re gonna have to slide all your Titans
over to the right to Mount Olympus.
And so, I want them both to have to move through Zeus.
This is your defense wall.
It sure is.
All right, all right.
I’ve got two more actions here.
I can play one card and I can discard.
So, we’re gonna do a little Slight of Hand again.
It’s gonna cost me one.
I’m going to draw three cards, again.
Look at them, keep one, and discard the rest.
All right, we’re gonna keep something else.
Mm-hmm discard.
And, now I can do one final discard of the turn.
And, okay, I’m gonna discard two and draw two.
And that is my turn.
The Evil Queen is going to go back into The Woods.
She’s done mining for the day,
now it’s time for her gentle walk through The Woods.
I’m going to take two Power.
And then speak to me of the Activate symbol.
So you’ve got that sweet, sweet Magic Tomes.
Right, so I could Activate,
but I have to spend two in order to reactivate this?
Is that what that is?
Or is that for some special activity that requires Activate?
No, this is just saying you can do a card ability
that has the Activate symbol on it.
And you’ve got one.
Ha ha.
So you wanna do that Tome?
I have to ask another
further question.
I cannot, at any time, have five cards.
Is that correct?
You can.
I can, okay.
In that case, I am going to take my two,
and then, spend my two to Activate Magic Tomes.
You actually don’t have to pay.
Like I said, I don’t have to pay.
I’m going to keep these two.
I am going to Activate
Magic Tomes.
So, which is once again,
look at the top four cards of your deck,
put one into your hand and discard the rest.
What you looking for there?
You looking for Ingredients?
I might be, right.
Right, I’m going to pick this card and I’m going to discard
the rest.
I like to be a little bit strategic
about my discards, you see.
Right, okay, so I have Activated.
I’ve taken my two.
I will now discard.
Do you have any card you’d like to play?
I do have a card I’d like to play.
Thank you for asking.
I’m a 1940’s movie star again.
Love it.
And that is, I feel like doing this
’cause I wanna make this noise.
Old Hag’s Cackle (cackles).
What did you call me?
I love it.
You called me an old hag already?
So yes, I am going to play that
which means I now have two Ingredients.
And they’ll–
Do they live–
Actually, they live in their own
little pile.
They live
where it says Ingredients.
I don’t know if you knew that.
I didn’t know that.
But they should live
where there’s some Ingredients here.
I do that so we can see that
there are two of them.
And you actually
get to do the Power listed on the Old Hag’s Cackle
when you play it.
And the Old Hag’s Cackle says, gain one Power
for each location in your Realm that has a Hero.
There are none.
My Realm is Hero-free.
So we’re okay.
But you know, that’s okay.
Just cackling to yourself.
That’s fine.
Just cackling on my own.
Love it.
Love a good cackle.
Now, should mention some stuff about Ingredients.
There are four types of Ingredients in your deck.
You can play the same Ingredient again.
And if you do, one will just go to the discard.
But, you’ll get to do the Ability again.
You only need to keep
four of them nearby.
Once you have found one of each,
you get to unlock the Dwarfs’ Cottage.
Yes, which is why I played that
even with no Heroes.
And now I get to discard a card.
Or multiple.
Or multiple cards.
Or just your whole deck, ya know?
If I feel like it.
Just wrap it up.
Just wrap it up.
She’s discarding.
Peace out.
Hades doesn’t even get why we’re playing this game.
Hey, let’s light her on fire.
Hey look, it’s over.
Hey, what are ya doing?
I’m dead.
Okay, I’m going to discard one.
See it’s a fun voice, isn’t it?
Hey, just say everything fast.
And end it quick.
Also loud.
Yeah, loud too, yeah.
Loud’s a key element.
And now it is your turn.
Loud, young one.
Okay, here we go.
A lot of stuff’s
gonna happen here.
Oh, no.
All right, so we’re moving
back to The Underworld.
I’m gonna draw two
of these Power.
I am going to now use a Play a Card.
Which I’m going to play Cerberus here.
Then, I get to move,
so I am going to move–
You gotta pay
for Cerberus.
Oh shoot.
Oh shoot.
See, I like that you’re keeping,
That’s perfect, okay.
You cannot adopt a three-headed dog
without paying.
They require food.
That’s just not allowed.
It’s a lot of meat.
You’ve gotta get injections.
It’s a lot of responsibility.
I hope you’re prepared–
Take it for walks.
For it, Hades.
But when it poops it’s only like one dog’s worth of poop.
So it’s like–
It’s true.
It’s a good dog to have.
Three mouths, one butt hole.
That means it’s a busy butt hole.
Busy, busy, busy time.
So, I (laughs) summon Cerberus.
I get to move one card.
I am going to move Stratos over one.
It says, when Stratos is moved,
you may move a Hero from his new location
to an adjacent location.
That’s not his new location.
Oh, do you want me to move here?
Yeah, not so fast partner.
As they say in New Orleans.
Yeah, exactly.
I got my accent straight.
So, Stratos says that when he’s moved, which he was moved,
you can move a Hero from his new location,
meaning where he currently is and there’s no Hero here,
to an adjacent location.
Zeus would destroy,
if I move him here,
I don’t even get to use that Power because he locks it out.
He says, before the Titan’s Ability is triggered.
So, he’s immediately trapped.
So I don’t get to use my Power there.
I have to straight up just go to Zeus and beat him up.
Yeah, you’re gonna wanna stack some Allies against him.
You see his pecs?
I’m just gonna have to beat him.
Good luck with that.
Those are just boulders.
Those are massive pecs.
Okay, so I’m gonna move back.
We’ll let you
do an undo there.
I don’t know if I still
wanna do that.
Yeah, for sure.
I don’t wanna do that.
I want to move.
I do wanna move, and I wanna move him here.
You’re moving Hydra
from Thebes.
Hydra to The Gardens.
No wait, I am not moving Hydra to The Gardens.
Wait, yes I am.
And then, he’s trapped.
So it’s sideways.
He actually is an Ally, not a Titan.
So he is not trapped.
Only Titans get trapped.
And they are labeled as such on the very bottom of the card.
Okay, then, actually,
can I move this summon or am I stuck here?
All right–
‘Cause I wanna
switch him over here.
Now, we let you do one undo this turn.
If you do this undo
this turn as well, no more undos for you.
I’ll allow it.
All right.
And then this is what, a battle?
That’s a Vanquish action.
Okay, so I wanna do that.
I wanna Vanquish Zeus.
So, we’re gonna look at the Hero’s Power
and the Ally’s Power.
Zeus has a Power of five.
And the Allies combined,
since we let you retcon your turn, have a combined seven.
So guess what?
Everybody dies and goes
to their respective discards.
Everyone dies,
but when Hydra is used to defeat a Hero,
he goes back to my hand
instead of being discarded.
And when performing a Vanquish action,
Cerberus may be used to defeat a Hero at his location.
Or at an adjacent location.
Oh that’s why.
So he was fine
at Mount Olympus.
But he’s dead anyway.
Okay, so we don’t have to hold it against you that much.
He could have still done that fight.
Beautiful turn.
Are you at four cards?
I’m at four.
Because Hydra came back.
He sure did.
He sure did.
Your turn.
‘Tis is my turn.
All right, let’s see what you got.
It is my turn.
It is your turn.
Don’t make a mistake.
So now, and it is my turn.
And first, I move to a location.
I like that she’s turning into more Natasha
than she is Dr. Facilier.
I don’t even know
what Dr. Facilier sounds like.
my name is Inigo Montoya.
This is just some vague
From all of us.
I have studied accents extensively.
This is a rare, regional dialect
within New Orleans.
This is the French,
French Quarter.
I don’t know if you know.
And it’s more of a Creole accent.
Fair, fair point.
Someone from New Orleans is watching us like,
that is not how I sound.
And he doesn’t sound like that either.
So he’s like, I don’t know what’s happening.
What, I don’t even sound like this.
None of us really sound like this.
So, in general, I love to just Fate you guys.
That’s a lot of fun.
This is very fun.
Can you Fate her?
‘Cause you already Fated me.
Fate her.
Dude, this woman is so slow.
Listen, look at all the cards she’s got over there.
This Evil Queen, this is the OG
Evil Queen.
Just because she’s old she–
She’s been around since the ’20s.
I’m not gonna Fate yet.
I’m gonna go to The Parade.
(speaks in foreign language)
You’re going to The Parade.
Yes, back to The Parade.
I love The Parade.
It’s so beautiful there.
Who doesn’t love a parade?
I’m going to play one card.
They’re okay.
For a cost of one.
It’s called Sleight of Hand.
I’m sorry, I keep doing this.
Oh, this is the,
yes, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That’s her that version.
Okay, we’ll just…
I thought you were going for like Disturbed
the ooh ah ah ah.
Ooh yeah.
That’s how evil I am.
Ooh ah ah ah.
That’s correct.
That’s right.
She’d have come up with more new evil laughs.
‘Cause they don’t, the (maniacal cackling)
that’s kind of been done,
We need to find some totally kooky evil
Well, there’s that
(gleeful giggling).
That’s a good one.
What if it was just straight up like monkey?
That’s new.
Like an evil monkey.
(Becca cackles)
There you go.
Evil monkey.
Ooh ooh
ah ah ah ah ah.
Like that?
Yeah, that was solid.
That was…
More evil though.
There’s a–
One eviler?
(Anjali whoops)
It’s got that level like ah.
Audio level.
I should have warned ya.
I’ll never hear again.
So I’m just
getting through my deck.
And you found some cool stuff
didn’t you?
Well, I found
some cool stuff.
And then I drew back up to four.
And that is my turn.
Oh, the end.
I was too busy playing a monkey.
That’s even more evil that you didn’t play anything.
All right–
‘Cause I know the next one
is just gonna be like,
draw four–
Yeah, yeah.
Draw two.
All right.
Who me?
Two spaces back.
I don’t know.
Maybe you should Fate me to slow me down.
I’m going back to The Mine
because I do love a good diamond.
And I am gonna, I think I might do this all in…
No, I am not gonna do this in order.
I am gonna take my three.
One, two–
Oh no.
You have too much money.
I should have Fated you.
Told you.
Then I am going to spend.
I don’t need to spend to Activate
’cause the Activate is here?
That’s correct.
So then I am going to Activate Magic Tomes.
Which means I get to look at the top four cards
of my deck, put one into my hand and discard the rest.
She may be vengeful
but, boy, can she read.
I’m very literate.
Magic, Magic Mirror, I’m not happy.
I’m not happy at all.
What have you done?
I don’t know why her voice has gone to this place.
Right, so I shall discard these,
and so that was–
You kept one?
I did keep one.
Let me just confirm.
Yes, I did.
‘Cause that’s the only one that’s in the wrong way.
And so, I Activated.
I took my three.
Okay, so now I’m going to play an Ingredient.
It’s called Black of Night.
You may perform one available action
at your location again.
Even if you’ve already performed this action
on this turn.
Get out of town.
Yeah, that’s a good one.
I’m gonna take one from your bank account.
Take it away.
One from my bank account.
Man, she’s got
so much Power.
That’s right.
All right.
Like it ain’t no joke.
I would–
No one witch should have
all that Power.
Like to, I’m going to play
my fourth Ingredient.
(Becca gasps)
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
This is the Scream of Fright.
Cost of two.
Cost of two.
You may take it, banker.
I mean he is, I feel like he is kind of a banker.
Is it my smile or my belly?
We have to hold, ’cause I’m not gonna be able
to hold this in for a little bit.
Ooh, that was making me laugh so hard my back seized up.
I’m so old.
All right, oh my god.
I smile and my mustache so thin.
Okay, there’s not enough water-proof mascara in the world
to keep from dissolving this if I start crying laughing.
So, hold that.
Okay, so, Scream of Fright
is not something that is useful to me in terms of action,
but it’s surely useful to me
in terms of Ingredients.
So the action would be, choose an unlocked location
in your Realm.
You may move each Hero with a Strength of three or less
from that location to an adjacent unlocked location.
There are no Heroes.
I am Hero-free.
We gotta get her some Heroes.
I have these four in here.
And throw something at her.
now I can do the pickup,
no discard.
You actually get
one more action.
Because you had two Play a Card symbols.
And you played two cards.
But your Black of Night
allowed you to replicate–
You get one more.
One of your actions.
No, but isn’t the action
that I did…
Oh, you’re right.
Sir, you’re right, thank you.
Yeah, she gets one more action.
It’s very nice of you
to help the person who you’re playing against.
I only do it because the YouTube comments
are gonna call me out.
Okay, well that’s fair.
So, for my bonus action, I’m going to play
Black Magic.
Ooh, got a
Black Magic woman.
Choose an Item or Ingredient
from your deck or discard pile
and put it into your hand.
Then shuffle your deck.
Another Ingredient?
So an Item or Ingredient.
She’s already got four.
So only if you wanted to do a different Power.
I’m gonna take your two to pay for the
Black Magic.
Yes, thank you.
I keep forgetting.
Money doesn’t mean anything to me.
I have a whole castle, take it.
Money doesn’t mean anything to me.
I’m mining diamonds, dammit.
She starts pulling out Power from her pocket.
What do you need?
So, I am going to take this card back.
Do I have to show you what card I took from my
discard pile?
You do not.
It does not say so.
All right.
♪ Nobody gets to see it ♪
And I am going to…
I am going to discard–
You actually do not have a discard option
at The Mine.
I am not
going to discard.
I’m glad you caught that.
I’m not–
That one.
Okay, so this one goes into Discard Land.
Discard Land.
Discard Land.
Welcome to Discard Land.
Can I help you?
Anyone ready?
And then I will take two cards to replace those I have lost.
Discard Land.
Discard Land.
Discard, what about discard?
It’s the opposite of Marie Kondo.
All right.
Ours looks so clean right now.
Yours looks clean.
It is.
Yeah but she’s–
A lot of cards.
I got things to do.
There’s so many things to do.
You know, you’re making an omelet,
ya gotta break some eggs.
She’s got Ingredients all over her Laboratory
’cause she’s gotta cook some
potions up.
I mean–
I like–
I’ve got dirt under my fingernails.
I like–
It’s terrible.
I like how the Evil Queen is basically just,
she’s like a mom.
I gotta pick up the kids from school.
That is exactly–
I gotta pack their lunch.
Do you think it’s easy being this evil
and this beautiful?
And beautiful.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, come on.
Also do a cooking channel
on YouTube.
I gotta upload that.
I do.
You should try my recipe for apples.
Mm, apple, oh.
It’s gonna be an easy one for ya.
It’s gonna be an easy one for ya.
Moving over here to The Gardens, taking three.
Now what I tell ya about Fate?
What about Fate?
You gotta get the Evil Queen.
I got my priorities.
I need to get some Titans on here
just to prep in case I get my own Fates.
So, let’s do that.
And then we’re gonna summon this guy.
That’s three.
And then–
That’s it.
Oh, oh.
Arges can only be played in The Underworld
’cause he’s a Titan.
When Arges is moved, gain one Power.
Planning ahead.
Do you like this town, Hades?
He’s a thick boy.
He is.
He’s an absolute unit.
So I want him on my side.
Look at him just looking at everything.
He’s like, oh, look at…
With his one giant eye.
I see it.
All right.
And that’s it.
And draw one.
I’m good.
Bring it.
I just realized too I should take this lock off.
Ooh yes, you got to unlock.
We’ve got to unlock it?
I forgot to unlock
the Dwarfs’ Cottage.
She’s moving way too fast.
Because that’s the whole point
of having those, so…
You’re not wrong.
We need to start hitting her with some–
Suck it.
Little Fate cards, all right.
All right.
All she’s gotta do,
gather some Poison, find old Snow White–
Or young Snow White.
All right.
Some say.
So, your turn has ended.
Turn’s up.
But I don’t like what you’re doing there
with two Titans in play.
I dislike–
This is what
you’re worried about?
Did you see her pile?
She’s like (cackles).
Watch it–
I’ve got all the power
in the world.
I’m like, hey guys,
we’re just hanging out in The Underworld just chilling.
I don’t have all the Power in the world.
I have one–
We’re gonna watch
the Super Bowl this weekend.
What are you guys doing?
All I’ve got–
Dude, I have one–
Well, Hades would.
Yeah, Hades would.
All I have is one.
Here’s what I will do.
I will go to Tiana’s Place.
I’m going to Tiana’s Place, no.
(speaks in foreign language)
Ooh, Tiana.
Ooh yes, the smell of her hair is so lovely
in Tiana’s place.
I like that he gets sleazier
and sleazier.
Yeah, he’s gettin’–
I do like it, he’s pretty–
It’s partially because I am French.
Well, I would like to perform a Fate.
Bring it.
I have not yet
Fated you, Evil Queen.
So I’m going to give you a Fate.
This is true.
Uh-oh, but something good
happens to you when I do that.
Yes, that’s true.
It does.
Something good happens?
What is your cool Power?
Each time a Fate action targets you,
before your next turn, take one Power from the Supply
and add it to your Poison.
Before your next turn.
I believe that–
Which is coming.
Was just in the turn following playing that card.
Oh, really?
I believe so, yeah.
Well that’s no fun.
Okay, so here are my options.
You have a Pickaxe.
When Pickaxe is played, it attaches to a Hero.
That Hero gets plus two Strength.
But there is no Hero–
So who cares.
Bashful, Evil Queen must pay one Power
to perform the Brew Poison action.
Ooh, I like that.
I’m gonna place that.
And it doesn’t really matter where it goes.
So I’m gonna cover up what makes you most powerful.
I’m gonna say, gaining two Power.
And then the Pickaxe goes in your Hero discard pile.
Wow, low key,
Bashful’s had Power all along and we haven’t known.
He’s like, you’re going down.
I’ll take your money.
I like that.
I take your money.
New guys, I’ll take your money.
But I won’t tell anyone.
I don’t want people to know.
It’s just like, I’m just a little bashful.
Now I still get
to play one card–
You do.
And do a discard action.
So I will play
Friends on the Other Side.
It’s free.
All right.
And I gain two Power.
I don’t like that.
Put Friends on the Other Side
into the Fortune pile.
This is my first card
in my Fortune–
And your first Fortune.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I’m very proud.
Yes, yes, exciting.
Now I may discard.
I will discard two cards and draw three.
Okay, all right.
That is my turn.
Fate, Fate, Fate.
I am going to go–
To the Laboratory.
And just get a Red Bull from the fridge.
I’m going to take–
No big deal.
One Power.
You keep the fridge
in the Laboratory?
Stocked, fully stocked?
And Monster because she’s evil.
But she likes Red Bull, so it’s like…
You take one Power, I’m going to…
Oh you, Bashful.
You little…
Bashful’s dunking on you and just such a problem.
All right.
He has created a bit of a problem for me.
So in the meantime, I’m going to Fate someone.
I feel like we haven’t Fated you.
Yeah, we haven’t Fated you.
So I think it might be time, darling.
I’m an equal
opportunity Fater.
Just Fate everybody.
So true.
And we have a one.
It’s Almost There.
I don’t know what that was about.
That was great.
Yeah, that was good.
The Evening Star.
Oh, that one sounds pretty.
It does sound pretty.
So look at the top three cards
of Dr. Facilier’s deck.
You may put any of them into the Fortune pile.
Return the rest to the top of the deck in any order.
Or, The Evening Star.
Choose an Ally in Dr. Facilier’s Realm.
Put that Ally into the Fortune pile.
I have no Allies.
Yeah, you got a–
Yeah, so obviously
it has to be this one.
Now, can someone help me
understand exactly what I’m doing here?
I want these–
Oh, I can’t
help you I guess.
And I want,
you may put any of them into the Fortune pile.
And the Fortune pile is basically your discard pile-ish.
Uh, the Fortune pile–
Yeah, tell us a little bit more about the Fortune pile.
Yeah, I don’t quite–
‘Cause I’m still–
So here’s my goals.
A little confused.
So, somewhere in my deck
there is a card called Rule New Orleans.
Once I find that card,
I will play it and place it in my Fortune pile.
I have another card
which allows me to tell my own Fortune.
What I will do is I will shuffle the Fortune pile face down,
lay the top three cards of it after shuffling face up.
If there are any masks, then whatever other cards are there
have no Effect and go back in the Fortune pile.
The masks are discarded.
I’m lost.
That’s what you need.
You need to find a mask.
That’s what you want.
If I find Rule New Orleans, N’awlins.
Yeah, N’awlins.
And then, if I have the Talisman
already out, when that happens, I win.
So your best bet with this
is to get a mask.
I mean, there’s not a whole lot else
we can throw against her on that pile.
Other than the mask
which cancels out anything.
If there’s the three cards, it’ll cancel it out.
We want the mask.
So, we want the mask.
Which is, this?
Is it?
Masked Spirits.
Thank you.
I was looking for the exact name of the card.
Masked Spirits.
All right we got masks, people.
All right that’s why I was like,
when they said mask, I was like it’s not technically.
It’s Masked Spirits.
That’s the one.
All right.
So that goes in your Fortune pile.
Ooh goody, okay.
And then I can put these away
in any order I want to, correct?
Ooh, look at the top three cards.
Put any of them into the Fortune pile.
Return the rest to the top of the deck.
Oh to the top of the deck.
So, if something doesn’t have an Ability,
so there’s on a lot of my cards it has a line
and then Fortune.
Meaning, that’s what happens if it’s in my Fortune pile.
If it’s–
Bad, you probably wanna put it in there.
If it doesn’t list that Effect, it just clogs up my pile.
So you probably wanna put them all in my Fortune pile.
Unless, it says Fortune,
and it has something that’s good for me.
So I can put more than one
in your Fortune pile, right?
You can put all
three in there.
You can put ’em all.
All right.
Then, we’re going to put this in your Fortune pile
as well.
Shadow Spirits.
Ooh I would lose two Power and then discard this card.
Okay and then this, I can put back into the deck
’cause I don’t want to play it
in your discard.
It would go right on top.
‘Cause, yeah, I don’t want, yeah.
Oh, so that’s the card I wanted.
Just lose it.
Just be like whoa or–
There’s nothing I could do.
There’s other cards.
Dude, we’re on camera.
Duh, this studio is so big we’re never gonna find it.
I don’t know where it went.
Down my shirt.
Well done, well done.
I’ve been Fated.
You have been Fated.
Oh my God, that was my turn.
Uh, okay.
So we did the Fate.
Got my money.
I am going to use, ’cause I have Brew Poison here.
So I’m gonna use the Power because of Bashful.
So I only get one Poison.
Which is a bummer.
Can I get like a pound it ’cause I made Bashful happen?
That Bashful’s
screwing ’em up.
Who knew?
I’m gonna slide him over
to the poison area.
And I’m glad you did.
♪ Someone else needs to go ♪
Mr. Anonymous.
All right, here we go,
here we go, here we go, here we go.
I am moving–
Don’t know.
Never met him.
Yeah, me neither.
Moving over to Mount Olympus.
It’s time for some action.
We’re gonna get one Power.
And then I am going to move.
I get to move.
So I’m moving Arges.
This absolute unit.
I’m moving him over here.
When he’s moved, I get one Power.
You sure does.
I get one Power.
And then, I’m going to play a card.
I’m gonna play Hydros, which is another Titan.
And then–
Uh-oh, that’s three.
You need three to win.
He needs to get those Titans over to Mount Olympus
and he wins the game.
I gotta shuffle these suckers over here.
And in the meantime, I get to play a Fate as well.
So, wait, I forgot to pay.
Thank you.
Good thing I was watching like a hawk.
I feel like, you’re Bashful, you’re fine with that.
Bashful’s got you taken in case.
He does.
He kind of slowed me down.
I’m gonna use two of your Fate cards.
You know I just got Fated.
I know.
But it didn’t really have that big
of an effect.
It wasn’t
that powerful.
Well, disagree, disagree.
All right.
Okay, let’s see.
Here we go.
Okay, we got one Hero and one Effect.
We got the Almost There again.
Which is I’d look at the top three cards of your deck
and choose any of them and put them in your Fortune pile.
And the other one is Juju.
Juju the snake.
You’re getting secret signals here.
When Juju is played,
you may choose one Item at his location
and put it in the Fortune pile.
You have no Items.
I have no Items.
So, useless anyway.
It’s Almost There time.
Okay, so discard both of these.
Let me see, Almost There.
So I get the top three.
So, you can either put them
right back on my pile in any order you choose.
Or put any of them that you choose into the Fortune pile.
Put them, say it again.
Up to you.
They can go in the Fortune pile or back on my deck
in any order you choose.
So the ones that I don’t use
I get to put in any order in your deck?
No, that’s just on top.
No, on top.
In any order within them.
So if you put all three back,
you could put those in some different order
of one, two, three.
But don’t worry
there’s only two cards left.
But it has to be on top.
Yeah, exactly.
There’s only so much one can do.
I’m putting these two…
Back on the deck?
In there.
The Fortune pile.
You can look at ’em.
I have to.
I know.
Masked Spirits
and Shadow Spirits.
Oh good, I love those
Once again.
And then, put that on top.
And then I’m gonna draw one and then I’m done.
It’s like my friends gave me a present and left it,
just nice and neat for me with a bow.
Well your Fortune is looking a little thick there.
Not as thick as Arges but what are you gonna do?
Arges, he’s pretty thick.
Is it Arges?
Is it Arge?
I want it to be Arge.
I want it to be Arge.
There’s so much of him to love.
I just–
Yeah, him a cutie.
Arges is the real hero
in the end.
He really is.
He really is.
I’m going to have to go to the Voodoo Emporium
because you need Fating, sir.
Oh really?
All right.
I’ll take one.
All right.
I got Titans for days.
Let’s see what you got.
You’re gonna see.
Give me two cards.
I got ’em all different sizes.
I got skinny, I got thick, I got windy.
No, that’s–
That’s a body type.
I got a windy body.
I got a windy body.
I would love to have a windy body.
I know, right?
(Khail whistles)
Hey guys, see ya later.
I’m so ethereal, look at me.
If you go to Burning Man,
you have a windy body.
Okay, so here are my options, Hera.
When Hera is played or moved,
you may choose a Titan at her new location.
That Titan is trapped.
Love it.
Love a good thirst trap for a Titan.
And Hera is a thirst trap.
Let’s be real.
She definitely
is a thirst trap.
Everybody talks about that Aphrodite, but I really think
it’s all about Hera.
Or, I could move an un-trapped Titan
up to two locations away
ignoring all Hero and Titan Abilities.
Or move a Hero to any location.
Not as cool.
Mm-mm, trap ’em.
Hera is going to, we’re about to trap some Titan.
Let’s see.
Will it be windy, will it be skinny?
Heroes at Hydra’s location get minus one Strength
and cannot be moved by Fate cards.
You’re choosing who to body shame by doing this.
You’re like, will it be skinny?
Will it be thin?
Will it be windy?
Windy is not–
You named them that way.
Don’t blame me.
I’m a product
of my environment.
This guy,
you can see his ribcage.
I’m gonna let Arges go on with his bad self
and I am going to trap Hydros, the watery one, because–
And when he’s trapped his Ability doesn’t work?
His Ability does not work.
That’s kind of a bummer.
Which would be to make
Hera’s Strength minus one.
So that’s why I don’t like that.
Let’s see what I got.
Okay, so I still have a turn going on here.
Oops, forgot to do that
on someone else’s turn.
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
I’m gonna play a Cane.
It’s gonna cost three.
Got a little too much magic going on over there.
A Cane.
If Dr. Facilier is at this location, we’ll put it here,
you may perform, oops, sorry, oops.
You may perform one available action
at an adjacent location.
You cannot use Cane to perform Fate actions.
So you can do something from over here, right?
Is that what it’s saying?
That’s correct.
That’s what adjacent is.
I got one of thems.
And that was my Play a Card.
And now I can Vanquish, but there’s nothing to Vanquish.
So my final action will be to discard.
Oh, uh, will be to…
Play a card.
No, she can do either.
Right, oh no she did–
Does this count as an action?
You’re right, she played Cane.
She took her two.
Now, she’s discarding.
I’m gonna use the discard action in the adjacent space.
By the way, you used Cane.
You got rid of three, right?
Yeah, she paid.
Yeah, I had six.
Paid right upfront.
All right, and that is my turn.
I will draw up two.
Yeah, we all know
what that was–
We all know what it is now.
Yeah, great.
We all have a feeling.
Yeah ’cause our poker faces
were great.
Oh, but do you really know?
Oh no but we–
No, we know.
We know, oh, we know, oh, we know.
We’ve been planning against that card
for a long time.
That’s why both of us literally, this is our poker face.
We pick it up.
Oh, all right.
You must be a professional
poker player.
I’m just texting, I’ll be home soon.
To my cat I guess.
Yeah, exactly.
Honey, I’ll be home soon.
Meow, all right, cool.
Cat face.
No idea what that means.
Don’t ask questions.
No, it was funny.
He’s a professional.
So I have to move, right?
You have to move.
I have to move
so I’m gonna move to The Mine.
I’m going to play a card.
Oh no, I didn’t take my, yes.
I’m going to take my money.
Take your money.
Take my money.
I’m gonna preemptively shuffle my deck
’cause I have one card left.
Is that okay?
Fair, yes.
I wanna slow it down up in here.
Thank you
for calling it out.
I thought you
were like, I’m gonna shuffle these cards.
One, one, one, one, one.
Aha, nah, she’s–
Weird flex, but okay.
For a bad guy, your ethics are surprisingly strong
when it comes to this game.
It’s because I just rub my belly
and then I know what to do for
I like–
You’re kind of like a Buddha
but not.
All right, great.
So yes, I have taken my Power.
I’m going to play a card.
The card is going to be, surprise, surprise–
You’ve been hanging out with
Dr. Facilier too much.
I’m gonna be playing
Magic Tomes again.
Oh, excellent.
Or at least, not again.
I couldn’t play it last time ’cause I couldn’t afford it.
But now I can ’cause I have so much money.
So much.
So I’m gonna pay for this.
I’m gonna put this in discard ’cause I played it.
It’s an Item.
It goes on one of your locations.
And then it shows up again if I wanna pay for it?
Is that what that has?
You’d never have to pay for it again.
You’ve bought it, you got a whole library.
And now it’s there.
I’m gonna leave it here,
in my Laboratory where a Magic Tome belongs.
And then, so I’m going to do the action from Magic Tomes.
Which means look at the top four cards of my deck.
Put one into my hand and discard the rest.
And I am going to play another Ingredient but it’s gonna
end up having to go in my discard pile ’cause I have four.
So many Ingredients.
I have so many Ingredients.
So it is Black of Night.
Which means you may perform one available action
at your location again,
even if you’ve performed an action that turn.
This will go here, correct?
You have so many of those.
Oh my gosh, yes.
Which means I’m going to activate Magic Tomes
as I wanted to in the first place.
But first you must pay for Black of Night.
Then, I am going to pay for Black of Night.
And then, I am going to look at the top four cards
of my deck.
Oh, snap.
One, two, three, four.
Now you’re crushing it.
I’m gonna put one into my hand
and discard the rest.
There’s so much,
I don’t know what’s going on over there.
But I know she’s got a lot of cards
so she must be doing well.
You gotta Fate her.
I got a lot of friends.
You Fated me, you gotta Fate her.
I got priorities here.
You gave me Hera and she’s in the worst possible place.
This is gonna take
some turns.
I’ll keep this.
You owe her a Fate.
I’m just saying.
Okay, I do owe her a Fate, I do owe her a Fate.
And you owe him a Fate.
You both Fated me,
you haven’t Fated each other.
Fate, Fate, Fate,
Fate, Fate, Fate, Fate.
Oh, okay.
I see what I can do here.
Then, these guys go back.
And I am not discarding any previous discards
from the the shmeck.
Another very easy turn coming up.
We’re moving over to The Gardens.
Which I love going to.
We’ve been talking about this Fate thing.
You know, about this Fate thing?
Fate is coming up.
I’m just saying.
I know I’m not gonna
give you my strategy,
but we’re getting there.
Right now, I need to like, I’m taking care of myself
and managing others.
Right now–
So that’s self-care.
He’s being a single mother.
Before you can help others.
Fair enough.
He’s got a single mother mode
going on here.
Got ya.
So I’m gonna grab three here,
and then I’m going to discard this guy.
And then I’m going to play…
Wait, do I even need to do that?
Okay, I’m gonna play…
So, he can’t attack when he’s trapped, right?
No, no, no, no.
He can’t.
He’s trapped.
He can’t?
He’s so trapped.
Do you have a card that un-traps him?
I’m waiting for someone from above
to be like, yes, you can.
Mm-mm, sure can’t, nope.
Okay, so I’m gonna play Hydra.
That’s two.
So you’ve played an Ally
on The Underworld.
I played an Ally, sorry.
When Hydra is, we’ve seen this card before.
He’s back.
Yeah, he, okay.
When Hydra is used to defeat a Hero,
you may put Hydra back in you hands.
All right.
He’s just been
hanging out in your hand
all this time.
Oh yeah.
You’ll never see the end of him.
It’s a great card.
It’s a great card.
It is a great card.
It’s almost as ugly regenerated head.
I’ve got nothing else to play.
So I’m gonna draw two and then, that’s the
end of my turn.
Wait, yes.
‘Tis my turn.
Hmm, I would like
a little party at The Parade.
I love The Parade.
There’s so many songs I wanna sing and I can’t sing them.
It’s like, ah I gotta do this evil thing.
But the parade is in town.
Why is there a parade every day in N’awlins?
They’ve got floats.
I love the parades.
It’s like Groundhog Day.
Sure is.
So, I have taken two Power.
I could move an Ally.
Ooh, I will move the Cane.
There’s this cane
just rolling down the street following you.
Heck yeah.
Come along, cane.
I’m gonna play…
I’m gonna play…
Oh, oh, just a little Effect card.
It’s called–
Rule New Orleans.
Oh, did I do that?
Put Rule New Orleans
into the Fortune pile.
So now I just need to read my own Fortune.
This is where our
masks come into play.
How does that happen?
So I think she gets to pick three,
put them down,
and then she gets to randomly draw one, correct?
Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
Pick three what?
No, unfortunately
I need a card that allows me to read my own Fortune
I can read the Fortune.
And what card?
So that’s two steps.
Is that a specific one card?
Or is that many options, like,
do you have many of those cards in your deck?
Your Read Your Fortune cards.
I got a couple.
The point is we–
What’s it called?
Need to throw something at her.
All right, well–
Give her some obstacles.
I completely disagree with all of your ideas.
I think they’re stupid.
Oh wow, wow.
Insulting the intelligence of the man
sitting next to you.
Who does that?
I don’t know.
Okay, I’m gonna use my Cane
in order to perform location at an adjacent action
which is Fate.
And since I put Hera on you,
and you found that super annoying, I feel satisfied.
So I would like to Fate you, my dear Anjali.
Oh, Anjali.
Thank you.
Okay, we have got Happy.
And Sneezy.
I love that you just get Dwarfs
played against you.
That’s great.
They are pesky.
They are.
If you get three of ’em, they do that thing where they
stack up and they dance with Snow White.
Remember that scene?
Was it three, was it two?
Tell us at home, thanks.
Some guy’s like, well I do the blog…
The original children in a trench coat.
Oh yeah.
No offense, that was rude to dwarves.
I don’t know.
And they’re not children.
They’re adult men that are short.
And then, but that’s, okay…
I don’t know.
When Sneezy is played,
you may discard one item from his location.
You do have those Magic Tomes that I would love
to get rid of.
I do indeed.
Or when Happy is played, Evil Queen loses Poison
equal to the number of Heroes in her Realm.
I could.
When I play Happy, there’d be two Heroes.
But you only have one Poison.
I don’t know.
Do you think I should discard a Magic Tome
or I should discard that Poison?
I say get rid of the Tomes.
Okay, so we’re playing Sneezy.
Sneezy is gonna…
Oh, I could just block your ability to Activate.
No, I’m gonna play Happy.
Happy is covering up your Activate ability.
And I’m taking your Poison.
And it’s going, goodbye.
You’ve double
debilitated me, well done.
Why thank you.
She has completely, okay.
I cannot help what I do I just,
I just, I’m French and I wanna go to the parade.
I love the parades.
I love to wear hats.
I love different types of hats.
Every turn,
go back to The Parade.
All right, now my final action is gonna be to discard.
I will discard these two cards and I will draw up to four.
All right, so, I, okay.
Now, if I play an Item here, like, he doesn’t
do anything with it?
It just goes somewhere.
But it’s just somewhere
to put an Item somewhere, right?
I could, okay.
So I’m going to move here.
This seems the wisest.
In your Laboratory?
In my Laboratory.
I am going to take one of these.
You took my one Poison, right?
That’s what you took?
Wow, okay.
Then that is move an Item or Ally, correct?
Move a Hero.
That is move a Hero.
They look very similar.
One of these two.
Hero has the lightning bolt on it.
Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, move a Hero.
I would like to move Happy
to where I am.
May I do that?
Is that a thing?
Don’t cover up your Power.
You’ll forget about it.
You can.
Okay, right?
Uh, but, even though,
because she already did those actions
and now they’re covered.
Is that, okay.
You never Fated him yet.
Just saying.
Excuse me.
You have not been Fated.
Excuse me,
Ms. I’ve Got
Everything I Need.
I can’t play any of these
at the moment, so…
Great, so I won’t play a card.
But I will Fate, you.
You did, you, okay, okay.
Because I feel like Dr. Facilier
he has this Rule New Orleans card.
I secretly don’t
understand what’s going on.
You have the card.
I secretly don’t understand what’s going on over there.
Which is part of why–
Mine’s like the easiest.
I just gotta move these suckers over here.
And right now, they’re all trapped with Hera.
That’s it.
They’re not all trapped.
Okay, so thick boy is doing all right.
Oh, why–
No, only the trapped card
is trapped.
They need to stay here to defeat Hera.
So they’re stuck right there
But then he’s gonna have
no blockages anymore.
Yeah, I still feel like that’s kind of a thing.
Right, so, sorry Fate, darling.
It’s healthy.
Oh wait, no.
The Evening Star.
You expect me to do it.
It’s just for you.
I understand.
Choose an Ally in Dr. Facilier’s Realm.
Put that Ally into the Fortune pile.
Don’t have any.
Okay, so I’m…
Isn’t, oh no, it’s an Item.
Right and then Naveen again.
When Naveen is played, you may move each Hero
in Dr. Facilier’s Realm to an adjacent
Don’t have none.
So she just escaped Fate completely.
How lucky are you?
Well, you can’t use Naveen’s Ability,
but you can put a Hero on my board,
which covers up two of my available actions.
Then, let’s do that.
And let’s think of what she needs to do to cover.
So to win, I need to go to Voodoo Emporium
and I need to play the card that says,
go through your Fortune pile.
But if you cover up the top of Voodoo Emporium,
I cannot Fate anyone.
Right, right, right.
Which I dig.
But then I can’t Fate him.
You don’t need to–
Oh, I need that.
Yeah, do that.
Whatever she said.
Where I can’t be Fated.
But you also–
Remember that?
I don’t want…
I think I’m going to go here.
But I love The Parade.
Oh no, The Parade is doomed.
The Parade is doomed.
It rained on The Parade and now nobody’s
having a good time.
It definitely rained
on your parade.
I’m sorry.
Naveen has rained
on my parade.
This guy, it’s just Leo Camacho.
It is totally
Leo Camacho.
Just regular
Leo Camacho card.
I mean, with the hat.
Now, let me ask.
If I’m allowed to ask in the service of education.
Was that a wise card
for me to play?
It was positioned for me
to play it in terms of, oh that goes bye bye.
Yeah, sorry.
Uh, yes.
Because I feel like
I need you to help me Fate him.
‘Cause otherwise he’s going to win.
That is true.
What are you even talk–
That is true.
That’s crazy talk.
And also it keeps you
from getting more than one Power.
Well they’re, never mind.
You can go to other places.
I could
go to the other place.
Anyway, don’t think
about it too much.
Are you asking if it’s what
I would’ve done
if I were you?
I figured that was a dumb move.
All right.
Don’t be so hard on yourself.
Yeah, no no no, it’s still a good move.
Don’t be so hard on yourself.
It’s my first time.
Make all the bad moves you want.
It’s fine.
Right, so–
I believe–
I believe–
Unless you can
turn poison in–
Unless I can–
I can’t make poison right now
because it costs me a Power to Brew Poison
and I only have one Power.
Bashful’s in your way.
‘Cause Bashful is in my way.
So I am going to do nothing.
All right.
Very easy turn again.
Moving to Mount Olympus.
Don’t do it.
Visiting all my relatives.
It’s great.
We are going to get one Power.
Now I’m turning into
Barack Obama.
You get one Power.
I’m going to discard–
And it is democracy.
This is democracy.
We’re gonna get rid of this one which is my…
No, I don’t have a discard.
You don’t.
Hmm, okay.
I didn’t see it.
Okay, no I got this.
And then I’m going to move this guy.
A Titan is moving towards
Mount Olympus.
I’m moving Arges
which means I get one more Power.
Oh yeah, he likes that.
I get one more Power.
Yeah, that’s amazing.
Let’s see.
He’s getting his steps in today.
Arges is just making moves.
Oh, all right.
And then I’m gonna go ahead
and I am going to summon good old Pyros.
That’s three.
I get the money and I spend it immediately.
I’m living paycheck
to paycheck.
No you really are.
But I feel like you’re–
Are you loving your life?
I’m having a good time.
Then you’re doing it right.
It’s all about leverage.
When you die you can’t take it with you.
So, I mean…
No you can’t
take it with you.
And you’re already sort of in The Underworld.
So you might already be dead.
I just take the dead’s money.
He’s a problem over here.
He is a problem.
He’s got four Titans.
This is a problem.
I am also going to play a Fate.
You know, she’s a problem over here.
She’s got a Magic Mirror in her hand.
Shut up.
Fate away.
I’m gonna Fate you again.
Oh, we got a little lady here.
Who’s that?
Is that a princess?
Okay so,
I can look at a–
Charlotte, that’s not
a Greek Hero.
Almost There, we’ve seen Plenty of Times.
I’m probably not gonna use that one unless…
Charlotte, when Charlotte is played
you may look at the top two cards of Dr. Facilier’s deck
and put any of them into the Fortune pile.
Return the rest of the top of the deck in any order.
So that’s basically Almost There.
But with two cards instead of three, right?
Yeah with two,
but now she has to deal with Charlotte, right?
Oh, is Charlotte a Hero?
She’s a Hero.
Yes, she’s a Hero.
She’s a Hero.
I like that.
Maybe I like a little
princess, you know?
I like a little princess?
I liked it.
I mean, because she was trained
in the art of dancing probably.
She wears a nice dress.
What is–
What is happening?
She is.
She’s a nice–
She looks like a sweet girl.
She’s a big goof ball.
She will entertain me
in my Tiana’s Place.
I am gonna put it on this
so she can’t keep Fating us.
All right.
You don’t like–
I’m gonna support that.
I’m gonna support that decision.
You’re gonna support it ’cause she can Fate you.
I can Fate her.
You can Fate both of us.
I will make you a deal.
What’s she trying to do?
What are you trying to do?
What’s your next thing
your turn?
You cannot stop me.
She has to get–
I’m gonna try.
Wait, why am I French now?
She gets the Talisman.
I am drawing cards,
looking for a card that allows me to read my own Fortune.
When I find that, I will shuffle my Fortune pile
in a hope that I am able to rule New Orleans.
But, you guys are throwing a bunch of crap in there.
In my way anyway.
Now, I could make a deal that my next Fate will be to Anjali
if you do what I say.
Wow, is that in the game?
Wheeling and dealing?
Maybe now.
That’s in every game, baby.
Well, I don’t care
if she discards anything.
I don’t care if she moves things.
I don’t think so ’cause Naveen doesn’t really, yeah.
I’m gonna play it here.
There you go.
All right.
She’s hanging out in the…
You have made a terrible decision.
We’ll see.
Okay, I get to look–
We will see now.
At the top two.
Okay, look at these and decide if you would like them
to go in my Fortune pile.
You get to pick one, is that right?
You can put both in there.
Put any of them.
That one.
That’s a Sleight of Hand.
So I get to do something cool.
And then the other one, I’ll put back on top of my pile.
But when it goes into the Fortune pile,
does it then mean this?
Yes, when it comes up after I’ve read my own Fortune,
then I get to look at the top three cards of my deck,
put one into my hand, and discard the rest.
Then I discard that card.
So, he likes me.
All right, is that the end of your turn, sir?
Yep, drew my card, I’m good to go.
So that was helpful to you
is what you’re saying.
Mm, yes.
Yes and no, hm?
All right, all right.
Fair enough.
Great, great, great great great.
Well, you have limited my options, sir.
I should Fate you for that.
No, you really shouldn’t.
You can’t Fate him, aren’t you covered?
You can’t Fate him anymore
because he covered up your Fate Ability.
Well, no, she’s got another Fate over here.
I’m going to The Bayou because I want money.
I didn’t know that.
♪ Now that I have money. ♪
Yeah, to defeat any of them, she has to go over there.
I’m going to play a card.
The Talisman.
Oh no.
Oh shoot.
But it’s locked to Charlotte.
So you have to defeat Charlotte.
Each time a Hero with the Strength
of three or less
is played to my Realm, attach the Talisman to that Hero.
Oh, we have to play it.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Is it three or less
or three or more?
Three or less.
Oh, damn.
Okay, so that cost me three to put my Talisman into play.
So now she’s two steps in, then she has to play
The Cards Will Tell to try to reveal New Orleans
from the Fortune pile.
I understand.
What’s under here?
I’m going to move Charlotte the F out of my way.
She dances.
She could dance out of the way.
So we really need to Fate her.
And hopefully get a Hero to put on the Talisman.
And take it away.
I don’t know why you’re ganging up.
Just keep throwing Fates at her.
Throw it at her friends.
Throw the good guys at her.
I will not use my final action,
and I will just straight up chill and draw a card.
I am going to move to The Mine again.
I need some diamonds.
I need some inspiration in the form of gemstones.
So, I am going to take three Power.
I’m coming for you.
Taking one, two, three Power.
Then, I am going to play a card, which is the Magic Mirror.
Upon the wall?
Upon the wall.
There it is, nice.
Magic Mirror on the wall,
who, oh, I have to pay you two first, excuse me.
Here we go, so I pay you two.
I don’t work for free, lady.
No, he really doesn’t.
Each time a Fate action targets you, draw a card.
And I can only do this this one time when I play it?
No, you can do it next time
you come back to The Mine.
Can Activate anything?
In the world.
Mm-hmm, you do that instead of your Magic Tomes.
So, that lives there.
And in the meantime…
Okay, so then I have Activate.
So I am gonna Activate a Magic Tome.
And I’m gonna look at the top four cards of my deck,
which is really only three.
So I should shuffle this and make it four?
Should I shuffle them all together or…
No, leave those three out and then–
That makes more sense.
Do you wanna shuffle this, ’cause I’m really bad at it.
I love shuffling.
I don’t trust my own shuffling.
These are the top three.
A shuffled deck.
And then I pick the top four.
How’s it going, Khail?
It’s good.
I’m just trying to get…
Hera’s got a lot of…
She’s in a good spot.
Like not for me, in general.
And put them back on the top of the pile, is that correct?
Put into your hand, discard the rest.
Brand new pile.
Brand new discard pile.
So now I have these four cards.
Then I cannot play any of them.
So, I’m just going to…
Yes, ’cause I could play one more.
You could.
Okay, I lied.
If you can afford it.
If I can afford it.
I am going to play the Thunderbolt,
which tells me I can duplicate the ability
of an Ingredient I have played.
The cost to play Thunderbolt is equal
to the cost of the duplicated Ingredient.
I’m going to do the Old Hag’s Cackle.
Because it gains me one Power for each location in my Realm
that has a Hero.
So I get two Power.
Brilliant, well played, well played.
And now (speaking in foreign language).
And since this in effect, it goes in my discard pile.
Oh my goodness.
And since you played a card, you get to draw.
I get to draw one more.
Hera’s been drawn to you.
I’m doing good, all right.
You let a woman catch you unaware.
I’m still gonna be here.
Okay so, welcome back.
Welcome back to Hades’ turn, everybody.
I’m gonna move Hades over to The Underworld.
And then I’m going to move good old Arges to Mount Olympus.
We don’t like.
Oh no.
He’s 1/3 of the way to winning.
So that’s gonna be one.
And then I’m going to Vanquish here.
All right, I’m gonna have to use good old Stratos and Hydra
to defeat Hera.
But that means I get Hydra back.
Now, does that mean I get these two now?
So like I the two Power?
You do.
I got two Power.
Oh, I can still play a card.
Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see.
I can play Hydra.
I can play Hydra or–
It’s gonna cost you.
Yeah, it is.
I’m gonna save my Power right now.
And I’m gonna discard–
You can’t discard.
Oh, I can’t discard.
I am good.
I’m good over here.
Don’t need any more moves.
I’m a bold guy but sometimes I gotta be reserved over here.
Well, now I don’t know who to come at with this Fate,
but we’re going to the Voodoo Emporium.
We’re gonna take one Power.
♪ We’re gonna play a card ♪
What do you got, three?
What do you got?
How many do you have?
Four Power.
That’s not good.
She’s gonna find Snow White on this turn.
You’re right, I should get her.
Okay, I’m gonna play a little something called
The Cards Will Tell.
It costs me one.
If Dr. Facilier is at the Voodoo Emporium,
well, what do you know, I am here.
I will shuffle the Fortune pile.
So this could be it.
This could be it.
This could very well be it.
What do you think, do you think she’s gonna get it?
I think she’s been so kind to us along this journey
that yes, I think she’s going to get it.
I think that, you know, sometimes if you just
have a certain sense of ennui, then sometimes
things work in your favor, but you don’t even care.
And then you smoke a cigarette.
It’s in the principle of detachment.
Yeah, it’s…
This goes back to your rubbing your Buddha belly.
I rub the belly and I make one eye bulge.
And I am detached.
That’s what he does.
It is what he does.
I think the only way that I can really
look like the Evil Queen is to do this.
‘Cause she has her…
Oh yeah, she’s got a lot of Botox.
Well, she’s also got her like face mask thing on.
Oh yeah, yeah, where you pull it.
She’s got her balaclava under her crown.
We blow for a little look.
Oh my gosh.
And then, we will flip one.
No, send it back.
We will flip two.
I don’t wanna know.
No, it’s no good for me.
Okay, so, here is what happens.
I have drawn Shadow Spirits,
Rule New Orleans, and Masked Spirits.
Here’s what Masked Spirits does.
It can only be resolved during this action.
Return any unresolved…
Oh, only this card can be resolved.
Return any unresolved cards, which is every other card,
to the Fortune pile.
Then, discard all Masked Spirits that were revealed.
So one less mask to have to worry about.
If you get the card again.
Now I have to go away from Voodoo Emporium,
come back, and do the whole thing over,
and I have to, you know.
See, you didn’t need to strike her.
I also spent my card and I may or may not
have another card like this,
so now I gotta find another card.
So it’s not as easy as it may seem.
And now, it’s time for me to do a little Fating.
Okay, status update,
you have one Titan where he needs to be, un-trapped.
I wanna trap him, that’d be cool.
You also have a trapped Titan and an un-trapped Titan.
So you have all the Titans you need.
One of ’em happens to be trapped
and two of ’em need to move a long way.
But you are about to put Snow White out there.
And then you’re gonna make some Poison.
Which will take me at least another turn.
Take me at least two turns.
Yeah, it’s gonna take you both a little while,
but I think that Snow White always,
she piss me off, I do not like the Snow White.
The good news is, Fate actually helps me.
That’s right, you get one Power.
Oh, and she gets to draw a card.
I get to draw a card.
Okay, so I’m Fating you.
So you can go ahead and draw a card.
It’s all right to have more than four
because it’s not your turn and you were told to draw a card.
So we have Doc.
Evil Queen must defeat Doc before defeating other Heroes.
Oo, that’s good.
Yeah, that’s a good one.
Or I can increase a Hero’s Strength by two.
If Snow White were out, I would put that there,
or if Doc were already out, but I think it’s gotta be Doc.
Yeah, Doc ’em up.
Okay, Doc, Doc, Doc.
So, I also don’t like being Fated
because that keeps happening to me.
But if I cover up your only Activate,
I will cover up your Fate, actually.
You don’t have much to play with on there.
She’s covering your board.
So let me ask you this.
Don’t worry, I’ll come for you next.
Yeah, all right.
To defeat him though,
don’t I need a Vanquish option,
or can I just do that any turn I want to.
You use your Poison instead and–
That’s right.
You need a Bite of Apple card.
That’s right, that’s right.
You have special, special ways
to take care of your enemies.
And I have completed my turn.
All right.
All right.
See what you got.
I am actually gonna go to the Laboratory
because I need some Poison.
So, I am going to…
Well first, let me, yeah, ’cause I have to go back there.
I have to be on the Activate to be able to activate the…
All right, fine.
So, I’m gonna make some Poison.
I’m going to make, and I have to do an extra
because of Bashful.
Good old Bashful.
So I am going to make four Poison.
Which is all of my–
Wait, you, you–
Three Poison.
Put three in your Poison situation.
Like I said.
So, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take my four Poison,
I’m gonna pay one, because of Bashful.
Oh yes.
And I’m gonna create three Poison.
Delicious poison.
Okay, then so I’ve done that.
I have Fate and I have Play a Card.
So, I would like to play, oh, Old Hag’s Cackle.
Thank you.
Gain one Power for each
location in your Realm that has a Hero.
So I get three Power.
Oh man.
And then I get to Fate someone.
And I think I might have to Fate you, my dear.
I’m so sorry, but not really.
All right, here we go.
Oh god.
Hercules, Hercules, Hercules.
Sorry, I’m not allowed to say that.
It’s written, yeah, no.
I’m very excited.
So we have either The Gospel Truth,
discard an Item or Ally from Hades’ Realm.
Or Hercules, Titans cannot be moved from Hercules’ location.
Shall we put this down where all those Heroes are?
I think we should.
Oh good, oh good.
And this can go in his
discard pile.
So, I did this, I did this.
And I played this because that was Old Hag’s Cackle.
And then I do not want to discard any of these cards.
Great, ’cause you can’t anyways.
I can’t.
Like I said.
I don’t get to discard any of these cards.
All right.
Since you played Wonder Boy over here,
I’m gonna have to deal with him first.
Yes, yes, you are.
So let’s move over here to The Gardens.
I’m gonna draw three Power.
Too much power.
Oops, that’s four.
Let me see, hold on.
Hades is very honest.
Got a lot of Power here.
I’m gonna use…
What does he got, five?
I’m gonna use Mortality Potion.
When Mortality Potion is
played, attach it to a Hero.
Titans used to defeat that Hero are not discarded.
Oh, pay your money.
So I’m gonna do two on that.
And I am going to summon…
Ah, three or less.
Wait, is he…
I’m gonna use, I guess, Hydra.
No, he’s not returned.
Eh, might as well use him.
I’ll use this guy.
Who you got?
I’m gonna use,
this is Nessus.
If Nessus is used to defeat a Hero
with a Strength of three or less,
which he’s not, gain two Power.
Not a big deal.
You gonna pay for him?
I’m gonna pay for him.
Here’s three.
And so we’re gonna defeat Hercules.
Sorry, Wonder Boy.
Not yet, not so fast, not so fast.
You need a Vanquish action.
Vanquish action, what do you mean?
You have to be on The Underworld in order to do it
because that’s where your Vanquish action is.
All right.
We’re good here then.
Let’s see, draw one card.
You may discard if you like.
Oh yeah, good call.
Yeah, I’m gonna discard this.
And that…
You know, yeah, I’m gonna get rid of that.
Okay, so I draw three and I’m done.
During your turn, I would like to…
You gained three or more Power,
so I would like to choose an Effect
from my discard pile and put it in my hand.
Oh, what’s–
That is called Terror.
You know what she gets to
pull back then, you get The Cards Will Tell, don’t you?
Isn’t that what you just picked back up?
Could be.
Could be.
Could be.
Oh no.
I do not know.
I want to…
Let’s Fate our friends, shall we?
Okay, it is my turn and I would like to go to The Bayou.
Take three Power.
Move a Hero.
I don’t want anything from my pile to go in my discard pile.
I would like my Voodoo Dolls to go here
on top of the Talisman.
Just some little Voodoo Dolls, nothing to see here.
And what do they do, tell us.
When they are moved, you may move a hero
to the same distance and direction.
And I have played a card.
I have nothing else to play.
All right.
So, party’s over for Dr. Facilier.
Oh, no parade.
No parade for me.
No parade.
So, I think I’m doing the right thing.
I don’t know.
You got so much going on over there, Evil Queen.
It’s very confusing.
So much stuff.
Running a kingdom
and being this beautiful is hard.
So difficult.
Snow White thinks it’s gonna be easy for her.
She’s wrong.
All right, so…
She’s not out for your power.
Well, whatever she’s out for, she’s not getting it.
I am going to move to the Dwarfs’ Cottage.
I am going to play a card.
No, I’m going to take my Power.
Take, take.
I am going to play a card which is Take a Bite, Doc.
Which means choose a Hero at Evil Queen’s location,
pay Poison equal to the Hero’s Strength to defeat that Hero.
So this will go in the discard pile.
I will pay three to defeat Doc.
Goodbye, Doc.
Oh, I had a card for that.
I had a Condition.
Nope, gone.
Is it too late to play or can you play right now?
It’s here.
I discarded it last turn.
That was silly.
Oh no.
And then I will draw one card,
’cause I think I only had those two actions.
You actually freed up the other actions.
Do I get to reclaim those this turn?
Oh snap.
Okay, in that case, I am going to Fate…
I’m going to Fate Dr. Facilier.
I am so sorry.
Just because I know what discard you picked back up.
So, all right, we have The Evening Star.
Choose an Ally in Dr. Facilier’s Realm.
Put that Ally into the Fortune pile.
I don’t really–
The Voodoo Dolls.
Not to be confused with the Goo Goo Dolls.
And Louis, or Louis, does anyone know
if he’s Louis or Louis?
I think he’s a Louis.
He’s Louis because it’s Louis Armstrong.
Oh, d’oh.
Yes, I see, he has a tiny trumpet.
And the way I say it.
All right.
If Dr. Facilier moves to Louis’ location,
Dr. Facilier must reveal his hand
to an opponent of his choice.
That opponent chooses a card to put into the Fortune pile.
So, hang on.
I like you look at your cards like–
No, no.
In order to make the Voodoo Dolls work,
you have to be able to move the Voodoo Dolls, right?
When the Voodoo Dolls are moved,
you can move a Hero.
So the only way he works is if they’re moved?
So if I were to put Louis here,
that means I can both pull–
I’ll Fate him if you don’t
cover my field.
That means I can pull something from your deck
and it means these guys can’t be used on this.
I mean, that’s definitely what you wanna do.
That’s where that’s happening.
Okay, so we’re discarding The Evening Star.
We’re discarding The Evening Star
and I am picking up a card.
Oh, I can discard.
I have the discard option.
Don’t wanna discard that.
Don’t wanna discard that.
No, I’m good, I’m just gonna pick a card.
Right on.
The Queen’s fine.
Peace out.
It’s all good, it’s all good.
Everything’s fine.
She had a drink, she’s fine.
Since I need my buddies over here to really party,
I’m gonna go ahead and defeat Wonder Boy over here.
So we’re gonna do a,
what is it, we’re gonna do a Vanquish action.
All right.
With these two guys.
They do not go back to my hand.
Because of this.
Because you have that Mortality Potion.
Mortality is keeping them from going back into my hand.
So, so long, Wonder Boy.
Hercules is somehow mortalized?
That is not how the movie ended.
That’s not how the movie ended.
No, it’s not.
You murdered Hercules.
I get two.
I think this one died
in the focus group, this version.
So I get two and I’m going to move,
because I have this move thing here.
So I move Pyros, and then it says when Pyros is moved,
you may un-trap one Titan at his new location,
but there’s nobody there.
There’s nobody there.
Nobody there.
But I am going to use
Ready to Rumble, which says either pay two Power to move
an un-trapped Titan to an adjacent location,
or pay five to move a trapped Titan two locations away.
But I’m gonna move one.
So I’m gonna use two Power and I move Pyros again.
All right.
I noticed that Pyros didn’t go back for his friend.
He could have gone back for his friend.
What a douche.
So let’s go ahead, and then I draw one card.
And I’m done.
I have a big decision to make here.
So Louis’s kind of a problem,
because if Dr. Facilier, if I move to Louis’ location,
then I must show my hand to someone,
and they will put a card into the Fortune pile
I do not like that.
Especially that card.
But there’s only one way to tell a Fortune, and I like it.
I like, I like to do it.
Okay, we’re just gonna party.
We’re going to Voodoo Emporium, baby.
All right.
♪ Voodoo Emporium ♪
Okay, so who do I want to be disappointed?
You can put one thing into my Fortune pile.
Why is that the case on that card?
So my card that allows me to tell my own Fortune,
what’s it called?
The Cards Will Tell says
cannot be put into the Fortune pile.
What a waste.
It’s too meta.
Oh no.
That is, that is–
Yeah, that is too…
You’re like, look, it cancels it out
and the whole game explodes, Jumanji.
That’s not fair.
Wait, Jumanji, the game exploded?
I didn’t see that one.
Okay, so I can’t do anything with this guy.
But like none of these are useful in the Fortune pile.
They just–
You just don’t get to use them.
You just don’t get to use them.
All right, I’m gonna discard this guy.
So it’ll actually go into my Fortune.
That’ll go into your Fortune pile.
And these two go back into your hand,
and these three go back into your hand.
I see what you almost did there.
Now that that’s done, Louis is a tough cookie.
Okay, I’m going to play a card, The Cards Will Tell.
It costs one to play.
We’re in trouble.
And now it’s time for me to tell my Fortune.
The cards will tell.
Okay, if she gets this card,
we’re screwed.
This is it if she gets it.
If she gets this card in this–
I’m not worried, I’m not worried at all.
And that’s not a big Fortune deck right there.
Not really.
But if she gets a mask, we’re cool.
That’s true, there’s a mask in there, right?
Mask, mask, mask, mask.
I have won the game.
Okay, I have drawn.
I am sorry, friends, your chant was good,
but not powerful enough to stop the best French accent
in all of N’awlins.
I was so close.
I feel like you finally got it.
We finally got it there at the end.
Thanks, guys.
Especially with the New Orleans.
That means a lot.
Okay, so I can resolve them in any order,
and I choose to do Rule New Orleans.
Fortune, if you control the Talisman, bam, you win the game.
If not, return it to the Fortune pile.
I have won the game for all of France.
I do it for France and for New Orleans.
I don’t know why you do it for New Orleans.
We were so close.
It’s because I rub my belly when you’re not looking.
It’s lucky.
I was gonna do it on the next turn.
You were pretty close with your Titans there.
I mean, my goal was to at least get two there,
to get you guys sweating.
But it’s fine.
We don’t sweat.
We perspire.
Actually, we glow.
I wanted to get you guys glowing.
That’s what I’m trying to do.
Oh, oh, okay.
That kind of show.
I don’t think we’re mad at you.
I am not mad at you at all.
All right, guys, it was such a pleasure to have you.
That was fun.
Yeah, thanks.
That was good.
I’d love to have you back.
Thank you so much for playing Villainous with me,
Wicked to the Core.
And thanks so much to you guys at home
for watching Game the Game, we’ll see you next time.
(upbeat music)
(cheery music)


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