Disney Dolphin Resort View Room

hi everybody, welcome to this episode
of Beth’s Best we have just checked into
the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort Hotel into a renovated “resort view” room. I’m excited but it is
very late at night like midnight late,
our flight was delayed but we are
finally here we have just checked into a
resort view room here at the Disney Dolphin Resort Hotel
it’s a standard room with king-size bed
and we got a really good view so I’ll
show you that at the end actually I
probably cut in some footage of that at
the back of the video so you can see it
during the daytime because you can’t really see too
much out the window right now I want to
make sure that you can take it all in
but this is a newly renovated room here
as Walt Disney World Dolphin all the rooms should be finished very shortly.
coming right in
the room I wanted to point out that
we’ve got a nice closet space here
a safe and hangers nothing too exciting
just basic closet area and we’ve got
kind of a, I’m it’s not a wet bar, because
there’s no sink really and the fridge
is located farther down the room so this
is more just kind of a coffee station
and an area
to get ready which is actually kind of
nice if you have multiple people in here
who are trying to get ready at the same
time to have two places to use mirror
you you’re not all elbowing each other and then
directly across over here we have the
bathroom area which again I like that
they broke up the toilet and the shower
versus sink that way people can be
getting ready simultaneously only one sink
here two sinks is obviously a
little bit nicer but this I think is
fine I like the tile work and the mirror as
well and then the bathroom area is just
a toilet and then a standing shower okay
that’s really it’s a bathroom it’s not a
huge space but plenty and then we head
over to the main living space we’ve got
the giant king-sized bed here we’ve got
our two nightstands each of them has a
plug an actual plug not a USB so you can
still charge your phone oh no there is
a USB I take that back so
you’re good to go if that’s how you
prefer to charge your electronics we’ve got a nice wall mirror here
which is again great if you’re trying to
get ready and then on the other side of
the room we’ve got a couch which I do
not think pulled out in the king-sized
rooms but I could be mistaken let’s find
out oh it does pull out perfect and then
they also have rooms here with
two queen beds so I don’t know why you
wouldn’t just book that if you wanted that
extra sleeping space but hey it’s an option and
then you’ve got your desk area here and
finally we’ve got under the TV we’ve got
a mini-fridge and then we’ve got some
so I’m going to cut some video of the
view the back of the videos stay tuned for that
hi everybody it’s our last day
here at the Disney Dolphin we’ve been here for five nights and
we are checking out but before we do I
wanted to show you our view
again we’re in a resort view room here at
Walt Disney’s Dolphin Hotel the resort view rooms
are located throughout the resort so
they’re not all exactly like this just a
word of warning some of them look out
over the pool and other resort areas but we
got a really good one let me show you
so starting over on the right we
have the Tower of Terror and Disney’s
Hollywood Studios at night you can even
see the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where
the Great Movie Ride is located
shining over in the distance which is
pretty great right in front of us we
have the walkway over to Walt Disney World Swan Resort the friendship boats are coming
in and out right here which is fantastic
you hear them tooting in the morning and
then over here on the left you’ll see
Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort and Villas
in the distance we can even see Disney Springs out in the far far left there
Okay, I want to give you my thoughts on Disney’s Dolphin Resort there are lot of pros to this
resort the first one being location
location and location as I showed you with
the view we’re right next to Disney’s
Boardwalk Inn Resort and Villas and Disney’s Beach Club Resort
and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort are also right next door so you can walk over to
Disney’s Hollywood Studios and you can also walk
back and forth to Epcot which is pretty
great another pro this resort is that
it’s a little bit more affordable if
you’re paying a cash rate another thing
that’s great about it is that if you are
not paying cash and you are a Starwood’s
member you can use your Starwood
SPG reward points which great, they merged with Marriott so you could actually transfer
your points from Marriott into Starwood
that you wanted to do so that can certainly
make your Walt Disney World vacation a lot more affordable and the location of the Disney Dolphin is fantastic
I also like the remodeled rooms
the space is good they’re about 340 or
so square feet so there are pretty good
size which is nice
the only real downside to the Disney Dolphin is that you
don’t really have the Disney feel
because you’re not on Disney property well you’re
technically at Disney property but it’s
not a Disney run and owned and operated
resort you don’t get the Magical Express
for example so that’s something that
you’ve got to factor in to the cost of
your vacation if you’re not used to
renting a car if you’re used to renting
a car that may not bother you just a
word of warning if you do have a car
here they do charge you for parking
unlike at the Disney run resorts
one of the other things, speaking
charges, is they do charge you about $30/night resort fee
for the amenities
which I think they consider to be the gym
Internet access and you get two
bottles of water per night with your room
the last thing that I would say kind of
in the con category is the housekeeping
they have been inconsistent so my
recommendation would be to sign up for
the make a green choice program if
you’ve stated a lot of Starwood Hotels
you probably are familiar with this
already its a program where
when you check in you can opt in and
you will skip housekeeping they’ll just
bring your waters that you’re paying
for in your resort fee and they’ll bring
you coffee and then leave it on your
door and in exchange for not having your
room clean you get a little kind of
voucher that you can either use for five
dollars towards a food or beverage
purchase on property here at the
Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin or at the end of your stay
you can cash those in and get 500 SPG
points added to your account which is
about five dollars worth so it’s an even
trade essentially I do recommend going
with that program unless you’re somebody
who really loves to have their room cleaned every night I just makes your
life a little bit easier but that’s just
my opinion so a lot to like about the
Disney Dolphin Resort the convenience has
been fantastic you do get the Disney
buses here so that’s nice and you also get the on property
fast pass window, you get the 60 day
Fastpass window, you don’t get magic
bands you don’t get charging privileges
so it’s a good option for those who are
looking for a Walt Disney World vacation that’s not
necessarily directly with a Disney hotel
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