DISGUSTING SANDWICH ROULETTE (Gross Food Challenge) | Challenge Pete

Hi, I’m Pete and today I’m going to be spinning the roulette wheel to find out what disgusting ingredients I will be putting inside my sandwich. And then eating it. Yum. Someone called fish said I should make a sandwich out of disgusting ingredients So that’s exactly what I’m going to do and there’s going to be a vote this week So remember to vote what you want to see me do in a future episode of challenge pete by clicking the buttons popping up at the top of the screen right now. I’ve got my famous Roulette wheel here it’s full of disgusting ingredients I’m going to Spin it five times and that will mean five delicious Ingredients will end up inside my sandwich and then at the end I have to eat the entire thing if I don’t manage to eat the entire sandwich then in a future video I will have to eat a live bug yes if I fail to eat the sandwich as a forfeit I will have to eat a live bug. So that should give me all the motivation I need to gobble it all up. Oooh, Soy Sauce, but it was so close to Da Bomb, that could’ve killed me straight away Oh no, broke my tripod, this video’s not off to a good start Splatter of soy sauce. Delicious Spin two Pickled onions Wow, that’s strong One Two Gonna have to chop them in half Looking good! Spin number three Irish Stew I found this tin in the back of a cupboard and I have no idea what it is so we’ll both be finding out what it is together Let’s have a look It smells like dog food straight off That looks gross That’s a nice helping of Irish Stew Whatever Irish Stew is, spin four I thought it was going to be Da Bomb then that was so close I was one off Now I need to put in Sauerkraut Again, not even sure what Sauerkraut is Lets get that on me sandwich Looking delicious so far Last but not least, spin number 5 Grasshoppers, well all I have to say is I’m so happy I didn’t get Da Bomb or cat food, wasabi as well I didn’t get Pilchards, I think I got off really lightly this video, but you know after all the crap I’ve eaten in the past I think I deserve a little bit of a rest although, a normal sane person wouldn’t call eating this mess a bit of a rest, they’d probably call it death on some bread Looking absolutely delicious Clean up the edges, slice it in half Well this sandwich looks pretty toxic so Safety first. Let’s do this, if I can;t eat this whole snadwich then in a future video remember I have to eat a live bug Let’s go in with bite number one One bite down the pickled onion and the soy sauce just makes it so your tongue is like, feels like it’s pickling your tongue It’s mushy but crunchy at the same time It’s munchy Ribbit, oh no that’s a frog I feel like this one has even more stuffing in it My spit is just black with grasshopper bodyparts One more bite. It’s like a grasshopper meatball Well there you have it I will not have to eat a live bug because I ate the whole disgusting sandwich thank you for watching me put myself through torture, if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up, remember to vote on what you want to see me do in a future episode subscribe for new videos every Thursday and Sunday thank you for watching, goodbye

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