Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E08 – ‘Equal Rights’

Now that I’m the lead actor in a daily show
– Rishte Unkahe, every night at 9 Woo wanted me to come in and make
a celebrity profile for them. My manager thought it’d be a
good idea,you know because only the top ranking
celebrities get to do it. So I thought it’d be a
good opportunity for me. Heyyy! I didn’t know Hrithik would be here. My manager was right. Duggu didn’t say anything ya! Ohh. It’s just Hrithik’s poster. It’s Neerav Nero Kapoor. Heyy? I didn’t know Nero could
dance like a dream. Start. Owing to circumstances I have to
shift back to Nero’s house. But technically I never shifted out so this drama should
not be happening. But Jubilant has left
his PG accommodation. So now Nero is making us go
through a series of rigorous tests to figure out who is
more worthy of the room. The stake a very high. Now the first is a written test and the questions are
quite simple and direct. What is Nero’s biggest fear?
I know it’s centipedes. Who is the most inspiring person
you know and why? What is Nero card diet, etc. But there are tick questions also.
And the questions are like: Both of you are drowning and
you can only save one, whom would you choose? Question: What is Nero’s biggest fear? Answer: Nothing. Nero is fearless. Very good Jubilant.
That was a trick question. Hi!
– Hey, Nero. Hi. Hey! You worked on your biceps today? No, why? They look really pumped. Nice.
Yaa, man! I did biceps day before yesterday.
They’re still so pumped. Imagine. No not day before,
actually a day, day before. Did it with my back, then… No, day before yesterday,
because I did abs also afar that. Looks great, doesn’t it? Super! We’ve to make sure that
Robin gets that room anyhow. For that we have devised the plan,
which will ensure Nero to take his decision
without thinking twice about it and Robin will win hands down. For that it involves a lof og
pleasing and flattering, you know. In short,
he must stink like Jubilant. Oops! I meant, we must
think like Jubilant. Freudian Slip? That…. Isn’t it.
– Yes, mom. He’s right here. My mummy is on line.
She wants to talk to you. Is it? – Yes.
– Why? Just like that. Hello? Namaste, Maaji. Yes, I am fine. Oh, no, no.
There is nothing to thank. It’s my duty. Of course, I will take care of him
I promise. Okay. Bye. Aunty? Hmm. I could have never thought of that. Hmm. Nero! What’s your plan this evening? Depends. Why? Actually some friends of mine,
they saw you on Love Birds and they loved your work. They’ve become die-hard fans
of yours. So we were thinking of going to
a film this evening. Why don’t you come along? What are you saying!
Of course. I’ll also come.
– You too? Really?
This will be so much fun! I too will come.
– We’ll see. Since the time I’ve made guest
appearance on Love Birds I’ve been getting lots fo attention. First from Rabiyah,
now Minnie’s friends. Jubilant’s mother didn’t say
anything about me. What kind of woman she is? My girlfriend Sana also hasn’t
got time to watch it yet. Otherwise her reaction would
have been also different. I heard she’s doing some daily
soap as a main lead? Relationships Unspoken. What?
Relationships Unspoken. That’s what I’m saying. How could
she have watch Love Birds She doesn’t even have time
to pick the phone. Some relationships, after all,
remain unspoken. Good one, Nero. Thank you, Robin.
– Good joke. Because there is no conversation
so it’s unspoken relationship. Untold. Unspoken… untold…
What was it? We need to talk. We won’t budge anywhere from here
till all our issues are solved. How dare you…!
– Wait a minute, Jubilant. It’s okay. And we won’t let your go either. It’s been two months since joined. But no one has got any work till now. You take every work yourself,
you don’t even let it reach us. No one will move from here today. Nothing as such.
He doesn’t have any work now. Lies. We saw that episode of Love Birds. Yes, exactly.
Respond now. Just a minute, sit.
sit, sit, sit down. First thing first, that I am First thing first, that
I am trained actor. From Indian Film School “IFS”. Are you guys trained? Secondly, that character in Love Birds
was written for me… specifically. If someone comes and asks me to
please do it or show will be flop, would I tell them, no
take Amit or Sunil instead? Or take Alka.
– Or Alka… So be patient. You’ve just joined. If you’ll start getting work now,
you’ll have to leave MAUSI. Membership fees will go waste. But tell us, what steps are you taking
to get us work? Else no one will move from here. Of course I’m taking steps. That’s what I came here
to tell you guys. I’ve arranged something
so special for you, so special,
that you guys can’t even imagine. And that arrangement is… A one-on-one session
with one the only… Mukesh Chhabra!!! O yeah! Who is the best
President of the world? Who is the best President
of the world? – Nero! Who is the best President
of the world? – Nero! Yeah!
– Yeah!!! And that is how you
win over a hostile audience… With improvisation. Who is the best President
of the world? – Nero! Who is the best President
of the world? – Nero! Yeaaah! If we meet Chhabra,
life will be made. What’s this?
– Contribution, man. What for?
– They are big people, if they come won’t we’ve to arrange
for their snacks etc… But I had given it…
– Give it now. You guys didn’t give? Yeah, so give. Mukesh Chhabra is one of the biggest
casting directors of Bollywood. For Anurag Kashyap, a director called Ph se Phantom,
he does casting for him as well. If Mukesh Chhabra wasn’t there,
Nawazudding Siddiqi would have been in MOUSI today. Now don’t ask how I arranged
a one-on-one session with him. Is he really coming? Don’t ask that either. I have a confession to make. Hi! My name is Robin, A few days ago I a made
a big mistake that I didn’t listen to Nero, and made a very wrong
career move. But when one who’s lost in the
morning returns home in evening he is not considered lost.
Nero calls him Robin. I am sorry. I am here to enrol myself in MOUSI. The real test has just begun. What’s this? Membership fees?
– Yes, everyone has to pay. What shit! Hello? Yes, sir. Oh! Oh, great, great.
Okay. Yes.
Thank you, thank you. Great news guys. Mr. Mukesh is almost reached,
just five minutes more. He is almost here. Who’s coming? Oh yes. You weren’t here. I’ve arranged for a one-on-one
session with Mukesh Chhabra. Oh Mukee!!? Mukee? Mukesh Bhai. Like… The people who are close
to call him… Anyways. When is he coming? So you know what he looks like? Yeah… Okay. I’ll just be back.
I’ve to make a phone call. No, I’m good. Abort mission Fake Mukesh.
Abort mission Fake Mukesh. Okay, guys. He’s here.
He is outside. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!
Hurry. C’mon…. Fast. Hey… Come on, man. Take this. Take the garlands! Take the garlands! I don’t know what happened. He was right here.
These big people, man! They’ve no respect for
other people’s time. Try the phone one more time. Maybe it’s switched on. Off. That’s it. I’m going. I am starving. What did I say? Till the time solution is found
no one will budge from his place. Hey, listen. We’ve seen
what steps are being taken. We are leaving.
At least, I am leaving. Hey! Fine.
But this is not over. Guys, big applause for Nero
for trying his best. Thank your, Robin. Thank you. Nero, are the test result out yet? Nero? Nero, did something happen? It’s a tie. I need more time. Nero, where will I
sleep tonight, bro? Fine! Fine!! Brahma will decide.
He’s neutral. Now… Man, whoever pays more rent
he’ll stay. Simple. Oh yeah! I didn’t even think of it.
Both aren’t paying the rent. Both aren’t paying rent? in that case I’ll find you a PG
accommodation. Just a minute. But I’ll take a month’s commission. Nero.
– Yes, bro. Hello… Hey, we can share…
– Yeah, come with your stuff. Yes. And listen, my one month’s rent.
Yes, that of my commission. Write down the address, A-1…
-Hey, hold the horses! Hey, hey…
Dude, wait. Let’s discuss. Why do you think we were getting
so crazy for this room? Finally, we’ve decided to split
the rent and the room both. Oh? Oh my God!
– I thought he was sleeping. Jubilant…
– Really, really… Oh, I see. What’s this? What it is? What’s this noise?
– Wow, brilliant… It’s my recording. If a burglar breaks in,
he should think I’m at home. Yes, yes, yes… Now I can’t even go to sleep
without it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…. Oh! Are you shooting? What? Hey, weren’t you guys
going to shoot later? I was to appear in next episode. You wanted my office,
aren’t you the ones? – Yes. So today… Sir, actually… Little
bit for the audience. Have to do today itself? Well, friends, my name is
Mukesh Chhabra. Please share this video
and subscribe the channel. These are very nice people.
They’ve portrayed men very nicely. Please come to my office.
See how wonderfully they portrayed me. But before that definitely
subscribe the channel and share this video.
Don’t forget. Deepak, serve them tea.

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