Dice Games : The History of Dice

Do you ever wonder where things that we think
of and use every day come from? My name is Dean Hale and I’m going to talk to you a little
bit today about the history of dice. Dice are pretty much as old as culture itself.
They were used as a collection of devices used as divination tools for soothsayers,
witchdoctors, tribal healers. They would often be used to roll to try to forecast the history
to try to figure out what was going to come next. Dice have been made from many various
articles such as bones. They were often in the early times they were made from the ankle
bones of animals. They would often call them knuckle bones. You probably heard of the term
called “Roll them bones.” That’s where it came from. They called them knuckle bones
in the old days. And so to this day they still sometimes call dice bones. Dice have been
made out of things like animal bones, ivory, clay, rocks and various different items. Today,
in modern casinos, they use cellulose acetate to make the dice. They’ll have uniform sides
and edges to the dice. They’ll have a consistent roll so they know that the house or the player
is not being cheated. The history of dice is long and it’s been know throughout all
of culture. It’s in the Roman society as well as the Greek society and even ancient Indians
and found in burial ground. The history of dice is long and it’s varied. And I would
suggest you might want to look it up and try to find out some more information to learn
about these fascinating things that we call dice. Have fun.

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