Dhawa Cayo Santa Maria Cuba Complete Hotel Walkthrough *See Everything*

I’m carolann from one modern couple dot com and we are at the Dhawa resort in Cayo Santa Maria Cuba And we’re going to bring you on a resort tour starting with their standard room. This is where we stayed This is basically what a standard room looks like for us the favorite features are the safe because I’ve always important to us the mini-fridge to keep water and other drinks cold and The rain showerhead that was pretty good Now we’re actually checking out today So we’re going to bring our luggage and head to the Lobby and we’re going to start the entire resort or from there This is the first sight You’ll have of the resort, the lobby. It’s also a place where you can get Wi-Fi and just relax Also in the Lobby you can book your a la carte get some wi-Fi cards or use their computers if you want Wi-Fi Cards are about 160 pesos which is about $2 Canadian and about a dollar u.s Just off of the lobby will be your tours that you can book the doctor’s office Which we here, which we already used once and the currency exchange The theatre is where most of the entertainment at night will be there’s a stage there chairs from there’s lots of fun Sometime nighttime entertainment will take you up to the beach or even to the pool the Gardens here are the entryway to the rest of the resort and also where you’ll find the gift shop and The Havana Club, which is where you can go during the day to cool off or also after the nighttime the nighttime entertainment has ended. You can head on in there and do some disco This is the Lobby bar. It’s open 24 hours It’s got coffee and drinks, and it’s also just a great place to relax also catch some wi-Fi and enjoy some music when you exit the main area you’ll find all of the buildings for the room and Also a very beautiful view which also happens to be where you can get a massage It is gorgeous, and you can also catch a sunset This is the pool area It is gorgeous. There’s a little wading pool as well as the bigger pool right here There’s a bar swim up bar and a 24-hour snack bar Behind me is the buffet open for breakfast lunch and dinner And there’s also two a la carte restaurants that are open for dinner only and you have to make some reservations. Let’s go to the beach Right there, that’s the 24-hour snack bar and the tip get the chicken nuggets and fries. They are amazing As you see there’s more buildings around the property here’s where all the rooms are and some of them even have some amazing Balcony with you If you curve around here behind the pool you’ll get the kids area tennis court and also the fitness center This is another one of the three a La carte restaurants This is the seafood grill the other two by the buffet are Italian and French cuisine Before you get to the beach you get to this beautiful area which is something you might not see another resort It’s kind of like a little natural preserve Peaceful and it’s beautiful This behind me is the beach bar just before you get onto the beach There’s also non motorized water sports which are included with your resort stay like the cations behind me But don’t forget to tip them or tip everyone in general and right behind me the piece de resistance on the things that everyone comes here for the beach If you like this video head on over and check out some of our others But press that like button first and don’t forget to subscribe


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