Desolate – Board Game Unboxing

hello guys and welcome back to another
unfiltered gamer board game unboxing
this video is sponsored by the game
crafter and the game we are looking at
is called desolate by Jason Glover in
desolate you are going to be getting this
wonderful play mat here along with this
box full of wonderful things we’ll be
unboxing this and you’d like you go
ahead and take a look at the game down
below in the description currently on
game crafter where you can go ahead and
pick this game up so let’s go and get
into the unboxing first box – open – ahh!
there we go and it’s going to of course
come with the rules to the game which is
rather simple to understand it comes
with a front and a back along with how
the cards work and of course how to end
the game and what not
fairly simple stuff you’re going to be
getting a stack of cards here and in
this stack of cards there’s going to be
a conflict deck of cards they’re going
to be getting items that you can go
ahead and choose at the beginning of the game they’ll
be very beneficial to you. You’ll have
some exploration cards as well and then
you’re going to be getting these cards
here which is for your oxygen and ammo
and for your health in the next video
I’ll go ahead and show you how to set
the game up and as you can see it’ll be
something like this where you’re making
a moon and what not. These are the
conflict cards and they look like
they’re gonna have one side with these
aliens here and on the other side
they’re gonna show you what you can get
provided you’re able to defeat them
based on than letters here, (large and
small crates) for the most part they’re
all going to have the same artwork for
the aliens but they’re stuff like this
cryopod and the sick bay and for
engineering armory all kinds of stuff
and then in the conflict you’re gonna be
seeing one side damage on the other side
the aliens health that’s gonna be
added up based on cards from here
you are gonna be fighting against which
will be used for it’s interesting it’s
both of them used for both sides here
and then items these are things that
could increase your health for instance
they could give you some kind of benefit
throughout the game as well as
increasing your oxygen and even your
ammo and this is pretty much what comes in the
game other than of course you’re going
to be getting some dice here
whether you’re gonna be using them to
roll yourself or for things like the
aliens health and then the most
important part of the game these
wonderful little cells here that you will
need to win the game and these little
tokens here which you can put down so
for instance your health and something
like your oxygen and your ammo or I
would guess actually be this way but
anyway this is pretty much what you will be getting
in desolate from The Game Crafter if
you’re already interested go ahead and
take a look down below and if not let’s
go ahead and show you my next video
where we show you how to set the game up
followed with we’re going to show you
how to play the game and then what I
think about it
thank you guys for watching and I look
forward to see you guys in the next

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