Delta Bingo raises over $133 million for local charities

Hey! Hey! Delta’s awesome because if we didn’t have Delta, we wouldn’t have a hall here and our charities that are here – the 93 charities – would have nowhere to make that extra money that they are making… For Silent Voice Canada The Oakville Optimist Club The Oakville Milton Humane Society The Oakville Shrine Club The Oakville Hospital Volunteers Association That represent Africans in Partnership Against
Aids Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides York West Active Living Centre The Distress Centre of Halton The Rotary club The Niagara Falls Art Gallery The David Gregory MacKinnon Memorial Foundation St. Andrews United Church Red Roof Retreat We’ve hit the $250 million milestone,
and $133 million of which is across Delta. We earn about $45,000 a year from BINGO revenue. We make over $10,000
$10,000 $37,000
$40,000 $50,000
Almost $50,000 $60,000 We received $100,000 Over $250,000 Without this amount we wouldn’t be able to help. Many of the kids wouldn’t be able to participate in our day camp. We wouldn’t have a transportation fund for our Montreal Children’s Hospital. BINGO becomes sort of a staple chunk of money that we know is coming in. Giving back to Charities is so important because it improves the lives of our community. Delta BINGO, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be volunteering and participating here. Thank you so much for your ongoing partnership with us. $60,000 that we wouldn’t have had. Thank you, thank you, so much for having us
become a partner with you. That has gone back out to our community in,
in so many different ways. We are now able to care for every single animal
in that shelter. Without the funding from Delta BINGO, we would not be able to run the type of program that we have. That kind of money goes for supplies for the shelter. Voice: We provide services in ASL with Deaf role models,
(signing: I’m Kelly MacKenzie) Voice: Deaf world-class athletes for our Sports program
(signing: Executive Director of Silent Voice) Thank you, Delta BINGO! Merci Beaucoup Delta BINGO. We really like the money! (laughter) Delta BINGO, you make me feel like dancing! (music) Three, five, four, … one, three, nine. Whoooooo! (music) (music)
(dancin’, dancin’, dance the night away) (dancin’, dancin’) (dancin’, dancin’, dance the night away) (dancin’, dancin’) (excited screaming) Oh my God!
Oh my God! I did it! B I N G O!
Oh my God! (music)
Dance the night away! That’s all I got for you! (laughing)

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