Delray Sands Resort

Delray Sands Resort video footage showing aerial shots of the resort, beach, and pool deck with the sun rising. A couple plays in the water on the beach with the sun setting before getting into the car. Footage takes you through the interior lobby and into a guest room where it shows different bed sizes, kitchenette, and bathroom. Walkout onto the balcony where coffee is served while looking out to ocean views. The dining room is shown with a focus on the details and then shows a variety of seafood on ice and other dining options, a cold beer on tap is poured. Various angles of the pool deck are shown followed by an exterior and interior setup of a wedding followed by a setup conference room. Beach views turn into night pool view enjoyed with a glass of wine. Footage takes you down to Pineapple Grove with dining options at 50ocean, The Sandbar, Boston’s, and nightlife on Atlantic Ave.

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