Dark Souls the Card Game Extended Gameplay

hey everybody welcome back to Dark Souls wish me luck as we do battle in the lost labyrinth okay so remember the bad guys go first this guy’s gonna go he’s trying to hit um somebody in this space he can’t so he goes for me he’s trying to now he will poison me that’s gonna happen whether I block him or not so that means no matter what he does I’m gonna take a point of damage at the end of my activation so basically at the end of our turn I am going to I know that that point of damage there’s nothing I can do about it so but five damage is coming as well I don’t like the sound of that um so if I pull out my armor and use the strength I can absorb four of it but or three of it and keep the armor in my hand you know what I’ve got two armor let’s go on ahead and use the armor with a single strength oops that’s not the other sort use the armor with a single strength and I’ll do a normal one instead of a fast one which means I’ll block four of that five and but it’ll be discarded okay so effect I just took two points of damage plus one more because one point damage did go through I could discard one from my hand or one from my deck I’ve got two short swords I don’t think I need two short swords let’s go in and discard that as well alright so I took the hit from him and I’m poison that poison will get me later and now moving on the crossbow grave warden he wants to hit somebody in this space there’s nobody there so he looks for the rest of our the assassin and do three points of damage to Jen and I don’t think Jen has any armor she does not so she’s just gonna lose three drom discarding from her deck or from her hand all right now she’s got a stock she wants right that she’s definitely keeping that all right she’s got she’s got all this all what he call the purple stuff this intelligence she doesn’t need it right now how much does she have to get rid of she has to get rid of three she’ll get rid of an intelligence and all right she needs three of these to be able to use e stock without having to discard hmm let’s see all the weight well hold on a second let’s think about because remember you got to think about what are you gonna do with these cards um now this guy is weak against magical attacks this guy is weak against skilled attacks she cannot do magic or skilled attacks she does precise attacks so she doesn’t have you know that another weakens her and if we were to look through the rest of her deck so activate I haven’t played an assassin before I’m gonna see she’s got a shield and she’s got her own armor it’s just buried at the bottom okay so she does have these cool little things that can do skilled damage which the main guy is weak against but actually neither gender I can do magic attacks at all we should have brought the sorcerer if we wanted that same way just looking through her deck to know what get a bit more familiar with her so and the see I’ve got skilled and I’ve got heavy so I’ve got my short sword which is gonna be able to do one or two I mean he only has one hit point and with my skilled man I’m gonna take this guy out immediately provided I get some strength oh I need some strength I hope I get it all right be like so what is she I’m gonna do this guy has one hit point and but only one shield he’s not that tough he hits hard but he’s kind of a glass cannon so yeah Jen just has to do be able to do two points of damage which she would like to do and be able to recycle so she holds on to her strength right she’s gonna hold on I think she doesn’t need this intelligence so she’ll jettison this intelligence she’ll jettison this intelligence she has to get rid of one more she wants to keep all of this so she’ll just just someone blind which was some more intelligence okay so Janice taken her three points of damage and the bad guys are done now before we start we get to draw our hands back up to so here I get my longsword yeah he more strength and more strength Jen she gets to draw up she goes to and some more strength and some more dexterity okay so we are in position and remember I am poisoned so at the end of my at the end of this round I’m gonna take that point of damage but in the meantime let’s go oh man if we could kill both these guys in this turn our turn wouldn’t end and I’d avoid the damage so let’s see if we can get this kill kilt kill the hill good alrighty I’m in position to hit this guy he is weak against my short sword which means I aboard he sites have to do one point of damage with this short sword so let’s do that shall we and hey I’ve got strength and dexterity so I’m gonna spend strength and and the short-sword to hit this guy with a with a fast strike meaning that I will get to keep the sword in my hand now if I wanted I could only play two and do a regular strike and do two points of damage but a fast strike will kill him and I’ll write so I’ll keep more cards in my hands that I can use to power other stuff up or if I know even if I’ve got something my hand that’s no good I know hey when I take damage I’ll discard that to get rid of other stuff that might be more useful so anyway instead of get right so anyway I am hitting him slow with this with one weight no I’m doing the – I’m doing the two – hit him fast this will stay in my hand both of these get discarded I did two points of skill or one point of skill damage which went right past his shields and I just watch out right took him out and I got five count’em five sweet sweet souls mm-hmm there’s a fiver to join the other week all right now by the way if I had not killed him and I just done well actually I only had to do one point damage him but say he had like three or four hit points and I’d only done two overtime we just put these markers on there to indicate how much damage we’ve done to keep track until we can actually take him out but I just one shot at this guy I’ll be back so he is gone he’ll go back into his big bad deck it wasn’t quite so bad after all all right and now um right what else could I do I could discard some cards to draw but I don’t need to do that so I don’t think I’m gonna do anything more Jen is gonna move over and Jen is gonna hit this guy with some Matt but she has no magic but that’s okay so she has to do two points of damage one to get absorbed and then one to do the point damage to finish him off and she’s got east dock and she wants to keep uh him or it or her or whatever in her hand so she will spend strength and dexterity and another dexterity to keep spend all three of these to do two points of damage keeping this in her hand and she beat this guy boom and she only got two one two okay so there’s the five and the two we’ve gotten and this guy is beaten and I’m not certain about this but since I wiped them out I think the fight is over before our turn is over so I don’t have to absorb this poison point damage because we took him out so fast I could be wrong about that as always folks please watch my run throughs with the subtitles turned on the Klingon subtitles because Paolo will have corrected me if I’m wrong but I think my turn doesn’t in because the fight is over before my turn ended so I avoided that poison yeah that wasn’t so scary at all and uh hum right so anyway because we won the fight the five souls plus or Emily’s gone in turn those five into one the five souls plus the mace we got this is no longer loot this is now in our inventory we cannot lose this stuff and what we just got seven Souls plus what was it two treasures I think right yep two regular treasures and it’s just drawn one to a buckler and a heavy gem these are now in our loot pile okay which means we could lose them if we go into if we lose a fight okay and that was it hooray well done let’s uh fill our hands back up one two three four five six rocks I mean I would do this at the start of the next fight one two three four five and Jen’s got some armor finally six okay yay us and now um the lost labyrinth huh is clea so hey you know what I’m feeling pretty funky should we jump over yellow so I can travel back there we could go and do the boss but he will totally clean our clock but I could travel back through here up here and do a level three or a level one or level two how am i doing how many cards do I still have in my deck one two three four five six seven eight nine plus what’s in my hand I’ve still got 15 cards and I started with 28 so I’m still a halflife 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 and Jen is sitting at 18 yeah we are not gonna go home because remember this is pushing our luck but the longer we stay out on the more flights we win the more progress we’ll make before the fires burn down so let’s go you know what I’m feeling it that went so well let’s just come back over here good we don’t have to fight I’m gonna not stop but come over here let’s do another level – let’s just go crazy if we come in here and we fail we will lose that buckler in that heavy in those seven souls we just collected that’s sitting in our loot pile but I’m feeling lucky folks and we’ve come across the Forgotten gorge at a two-player game we have to do two mid-level guys oh dear that’s a little bit more scary this was kind of taken treating us to get to have one small and one medium now it’s two mediums and we still only get two treasures oh I knew I should have come over here well let’s see what happens all right so first of all we got to assume our positions and you know what you know what Jenna has more hit points than me now I wonder if she should go up front and because she’s got her armor in hand – she’s got her assassin armor which absorbs two points of damage or uh-huh which she can use anything to absorb – and then keep this in her hand or if she does a big one she gives up dexterity and completely sidestep since she takes no damage at all so for a really big hit that’s a big lifesaver hmm let’s see here no no no we’ve been doing it so far let’s just let’s just that’s it I’ll be in the front line gentle me in the back or we could both be in the front line but if if a hit comes that’s the thing um if we go like this if a hit comes to the front it’ll go for Jen if it goes to the back it’ll go for me but we don’t know what we’re coming up against we have to make this decision blind and let’s just know okay yeah Jen’s tougher than me at this point oh and also don’t forget neither of us have I have not stood fast anytime I want I can flip this to block three Jen can flip this any time she wants to do a point of damage that’s unblockable anywhere to anybody where so okay yeah so we’ll go with this I might regret it later now let’s see who the bad guys are we drawn to first there is a pontiff knife swordsman who wants to be right here in the front row of theirs and then a second mid-level guy a like anther a punter who wants to be right there okay and um let the fighting begin oh and hey he’s weak against heavy stuff do I still have my heavy weapon yes I do oh good good good all right okay so cool cool cool we’re in position they’re in position the bad guys always get to go first he is gonna go first and what he wants to do is he wants to attack anybody in this spot do three points of damage and stagger them so three points of damage there’s nobody here he looks for the rest of the road Jen’s here so three points of damages coming tens way plus a stagger so where’s the stagger token so a stagger means right all right Oh Shi Jin will suffer damage not than at the end of her next activation but instead the next time she attacks so whenever Jen attacks she will take one point of damage right there because she’s staggered okay yeah yes she here right oh and three points of damage is Jen gonna block that with her assassin armor she can just give up one and block two of it and then keep this armor for something bigger that she might want to dodge so that makes sense she’s got a lot of dexterity she will discard one dexterity to use the assassin armor to block two now that means one more point of damage is coming so she will still get rid of another dexterity because she hopefully will draw more so that was it for him but she has staggered when she attacks she will take a point of damage can’t stop that and then this guy goes this guy oh my gosh wants to hit Jen as well and is due and he’s got a special thing double strike this card attacks twice each time it activates oh my goodness so he’s gonna hit Jen and then he’s gonna hit Jen again both times for two so Jen could just she could jettison more stuff to avoid taking the damage but she wants to hold on to these so she can attack although neither these guys are weak against precise and they both have to armor so Jen I mean she only does two or three so Jen can’t do very well with this at all so I think Jen will use the armor and right okay so she’ll go on ahead with the stamina to block the first one and then a second one comes she’ll block so Jen blocks all four of that damage but her hand is almost completely empty but that’s okay remember she had a lot of hit points left so that was it for the hunter and nobody could see me because I was weighing the back both of them wanted to attack the front line okay they’re done I don’t draw anything but Jen draws back up right see one two three four let’s see what she got she got she Oh I owe my remember Jen doesn’t want to attack if she doesn’t attack she doesn’t take this point of damage maybe she won’t attack this turn particularly because she doesn’t have heavy or skilled attacks so I mean she can’t really do anything anyway I was hoping she’d draw another one of her little super swords that would do the skill but share you know those little daggers but she didn’t so maybe she’s just gonna take it easy this turn and I’ll step up with my longsword or my short sword and try to show these guys the business so got to do two points of damage here and if I use a heavy shot I’ll avoid him and I’ll just take him out before you can hit us before we can do another stagger so I’m gonna move and right so I need to spend three if I want to do two damage and hold this or four if I wanted to do three damage and throw it away or only one if right and I see yeah I’m just gonna spend one strength one stamina goes in my discard pile and that means I’m discarding this but I’m doing two heavy damage this guy’s weakens heavy so it just punches right through him like a knife through butter and boom he’s beaten in that six souls baby okay you can go back to your deck mister man and give us six sweet sweet shows all right there and now um we haven’t gotten this yet cuz we gotta win for that to go into our loot and right so I’ve moved I’ve attacked I don’t have any cards that would let me do something else I could discard some cards to hold on to some stuff but I need this skill card but you know what all this stamina I’ve got won’t help me use my short sword to hit this guy so I’m gonna go ahead and discard one two I’m sure yes I’m gonna discard both of these so I’m hoping to draw alright so I’m just guarding and I’m drawing two and I got the strength I needed yeah perfect okay so that’s it now Jen hasn’t done anything yet if she there’s no reason to attack but Jen is gonna move she’s gonna move back so now both of us have moved I’ve attacked a Jen could still attack she wants but she doesn’t want to because he doesn’t want to absorb the stagger damage so she’s fine and we’re done so now let’s refill our hands Jen needs or six and I need six so I get to draw two more and there’s some stamina and some stamina okey-dokey and now it’s the bad guys turn again and this guy says uh-uh all right somebody was here I want to hit him but I can’t so he’s gonna go to the back row and go forever as the taunt so he’s coming for me twice now with his double hunter hit I’ve got some armor though let’s see but no I need to save this because we’re Jana are gonna swap position so I get into position to finish him and to do that I I say I’d like to use I’ve got a I’d like to use the strength in dexterity so I can keep this in my hand so I don’t want to use all these and unfortunately that means if I use that strength I can’t use my armor because I’ve got faith faith isn’t gonna help me use my armor to block it but I don’t want to take 4 points of damage either but if I take a chance and use my stamina to block some of this damage then if I don’t draw strength I won’t be able to hit him so I’m just gonna take the 4 points of damage and you know what what the heck three of them are here and then I’ll draw and I just carted a strength as well right so he just hit me hard twice I just took 4 points of damage my life meter I only have four cards left in my draw pile but that’s it we’re done and now I am going to draw all right because I saw imma draw and one two three okay I got all the strength I need and here’s the deal folks I’ve only got one card left to draw if I ever have to draw back up to six and I can’t do it I get Kayode we lose our progress and we go back to the bonfire so this is our last fight but it’s gonna end well okay Jen and I will general just move out of the way so because she’s still staggered I’ll move into position I am going to bring out the short sword and I will use like I’ll use some strength and the sticks there no no I just need to use some strength so I hit him for two so that gets discarded this will get discarded as well it’s – what do you call it – skilled damage he’s weak against skills so his armor doesn’t help him he takes two points of damage boom he’s out that is five more souls do-do-do-do-do da da da I mean you can’t not do Final Fantasy Victoria victory music there and that’s it we are victorious once more okay and right so we were going to the next fight I would have to back up to six and I can’t do it so I would get Kayode but we’re done folks we are not traveling anymore we just cleared out the Forgotten Grove but uh huh we are not gonna fight we are coming home and that means I don’t have to refill my hand cuz that happens at the beginning of a fight and we’ve made it back and you okay the bonfire burns down it happened whenever that one of these goes and then we immediately resolve the effect well by the way oh whoops I forgot we also got two treasures from Eton those guys so one two and a stone great shield a blessed gem now the old stuff we had that was in our loot which if we had lost the fight we would have lost all this stuff but instead it goes into our inventory locked in place okay and this goes into our loot but now that we’ve gone back to the bonfire all this goes into our inventory as well so we’re set we’re golden okay let’s look at not our loot because all our loot is turned into inventory and we’re gonna do some deck building folks right so we’ve got a mace oops yeah that was the place a blessed gem a great stone shield a buckler and a heavy gem and we’ve got five six we got 23 Souls we could spend yeah also we get to totally heal up so basically that just means our Jen loses her stagger she lost a stagger anyway at the end of the fight so my deck is reset back up to its original 28 as is Jen’s okay and we can stay here as long as we want we can spend all these souls to buy better stamina cards as much as we want and we can decide which player gets these new cards oh wait oh I forgot when this card got revealed it says gain one common treasure so in addition to all these things we’ve got to spend we gained one common treasure and it is a morning star so boom we’ve got a bunch of cool stuff and we’re gonna start deck building now and wow you know what I was out there I never even used my super power to block Jen never used her super backstab to attack all righty but anyway so here’s the deal because this is now the burning fire our deck size has gone from 28 to 31 so we can add three more cards into our deck and in fact we must we must increase our deck size from 28 to 31 now let’s just say we came back with our tail between our legs and we didn’t have much treasure and we didn’t want to buy a bunch of stuff to fill our hand up we can always take these we can buy these for free remnants of humanity I could just buy three of these and put them in my deck and that means I’ve got the 31 that is my deck saying I didn’t have any treasure or whatever now all these do is they clog your well actually they just don’t exist they’re placeholders when you get one of these in your hand and play it you draw another card so these are not you’d really rather get some good stuff in your deck than those but you always have those to fill up if you need to so who’s gonna get all these things um right well let’s actually take a look at what our decks are like right so I’ve got let’s see what kind of stamina right ambulance I had that faith I start with these faith which didn’t really help me at all do any of my items use faith I don’t think so so and yeah because that’s the other thing too I can jettison cards we can I mean I can take any cards from my deck put them in the inventory so the gin could put them in her deck if she’s weak in something and wants to get stronger in something etc etc so bibbity bibbity bibbity bibbity bibbity yeah so all of my items that I started out with needs strength oh no my longsword needs faith or it could use faith and I did have some faith um so my big sword could use some faith but you know what if I were to jettison all of my faith cards that’s for I could replace these with these things because remember we have a bunch of stuff about now this card Jared this card is the one that I like this when ice comes out it generates strength or faith my choice but even better is this one when this one comes out its strength and faith so this would work very nicely with my longsword this costs five all these the ones that are ands these cost five the oars cost two we have 23 souls suspended any we don’t spend we’ll save for the next time we come to the bonfire so but here’s the thing heyyo and if I take this mace and this Morningstar these are perfect for me because again these focus on faith and strength so remember I need to add three more cards to my deck let’s say I’m gonna take both of these because they work really well for me because I’m already faith and stand good in faith and strength right let’s take a look at Jen’s deck let’s look at her items so she’s got some intelligence and some strength there’s her items did she I love how she names her swords and she and her her knives because she’s an assassin so of course she would so Jen’s goups Jen’s got lots of dexterity she’s got she’s got a little bit of Defense although it just didn’t come up this time all right now what she need all this intelligence for sham one of her items must need that intelligence but the question is does she need it that bad because maybe she’ll jettison some of that intelligence all right yeah she needs to oh she needs it for her knives her knives dexterity plus intelligence lets her attack and not have to get rid of her card all right so that’s Jen’s situation here’s my situation I have just given myself two things and this buckler hey this is perfect for Jen because again it uses intelligence dexterity let’s give this to Jen and so Jen gots two more things we have these this stone shield which is better for me again because of the strength and faith so I’ll take that and let’s see this blessed Jim what does it do when you bring it out choose a character their next attack gains +1 damage and then the attack becomes skilled alrighty and the heavy gem is a one-time thing choose a character their next attacks becomes plus 1 and their next two actual becomes heavy so those are both cool so that allows either of us could take those equally well but this is our chance not only to take these new things but to get rid of some of our crappy low-level stamina and upgrade it to better stamina because as it is now what have I I’ve just given myself too many cards right I’ve to get my own to three no ok I’ve given myself three cards right so I’m at my a my let’s see let’s say we take one of these alright so now I’ve got to get rid of a card I’m gonna get rid of one of these stamina I’m still sitting at 31 and Jen has taken what 1/2 she’s only taking 2 cards so she needs to take another card she could take the stamina but she doesn’t want it I don’t think any was gonna want this stamina it’ll stay in our inventory maybe someday down the road we’d want to put it back on our deck but now we’ve got all these Souls to spend I want to get rid of as many of these crap stamina and turn them into stamina strengths or stamina dexterities I want to get rid of my strengths and turn them into strengths dexterities I want to buy them all but these good ones we could only buy 5 because we have and then we could buy one lousy one so if we just focus on making me really good because I got most of the stuff but this is something players would have to work out together let’s say I buy one of these so I got rid of Sam and I put that in and there goes five right and let’s say yeah what was Jen trying to do hmm all right so Jen wants her strength and her dexterity for her her main thing let’s have Jen get rid of one of her dexterity no no Jen just had to buy something so let’s have Jen buy one and get a strength dexterity and add it so now Jen has her hands I scratch we could still buy a couple more things but now we’d be getting rid of stuff to add stuff let’s have me do another one of these and I’ll do a strength dexterity as well because I still want dexterity for some of my stuff right no I’m actually now dexterity is dexterity I only want for my short-sword I really want ly say I want another one of these so that’s gonna be awesome and then let’s give one more to Jen let’s have her again just double down on this okay and then we’ve got three more which means we could buy one of the singles it gives there more flexibility I feel like I’ve gotten more of these so let’s give one to Jen and Jen I see she only has two intelligence and it’s hell let’s give her an intelligence Xterra tea so it gives her a little more flexibility she’s gonna dump this intelligence all right so we have one left over this stays in our inventory as does this stamina as does this stamina we can always have them later and let’s go up to 31 I totally lost track just got 1 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 two three twenty four twenty five – six – seven – eight 29 30 31 32 so she has to get rid of one card let’s get rid of one of these dexterities because she got those better dexterity so that goes in and Jen now has a much nicer deck she didn’t get a lot of cool equipment most of that went to me but Jen is gonna have a lot more flexibility in the future all righty and she’s totally healed up ready to go her starting hand will be one two three four five six and she got none of her cool new stuff Oh Oh also by the way if you want the first time you draw up your six you can take a mulligan you could reshuffle and ovitch you can only take a mulligan if you had no weapons in hand Jen does have weapons in hand so she cannot take him all again she didn’t get any of her cool stuff but she’ll get him later as she goes through a deck and when we continue and I think I’ve got too much I gotta get rid of some stuff right 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 so I got to get rid of two cards let’s get rid of a dexterity and a strength all right there we go so now I’ve got my deck with these with these cool power-ups I’ve got more weapons and I’ve got those better dexterity so I am in a much better position to go out and fight and of course we got shuffle them up good I’m totally healed up and the fire keeps burning am I starting has one two three four five six okay and I got none of my cool stuff also our go well c’est la vie and also the world has reset just like the video game when you go back to those areas now we got to go and fight again but we know what we’ll be facing or if we’re feeling really sassy we could go to the level three let’s do that and find out what’s at the level three I right we need to have three low level guys and one medium level guy we got to assume our positions we got our starting hands three low level guys one at a time and hey it’s this guy who wants to be in the corner this guy who wants to be back here this guy who wants to be in the front and now one mid-level guy this guy who wants to be over there now it’s interesting if this guy had also wanted to be in the back and then this guy wanted to be in the back end since there was no room he just would have stood over on the sidelines waiting until one of them got killed and then he would step in but as it is everybody has a spot and that’s kind of scary looking folks but it should be because it’s level three and the rising rotten flesh another great Bowman a slave assassin and a grave warden who does three points of damage right up there this guy uh-oh is invisible this card cannot be attacked while there Anand as well so this has to be our last kill even if he’s in the best position and we have the right attack to hit him we can’t hit him until we’ve taken everybody else out cuz he’s invisible this guy just wants to hit here he’s pretty straightforward and this guy wants to hit here for two and then push them into the back row and he’s got four hit points this writhing rotten flesh oh isn’t he delightful and he’s shielded so we’re gonna have to punch her way at him for a while because neither of us have magical attacks so we don’t have anything he’s weak against so his shield will keep absorbing our damage we’re in position we’re ready to fight but folks I’m gonna stop right there because that’s what Dark Souls is all about now the last thing I’ll say is hey if we went up against the abyss washer because we were up against him they have you know their own cards that you start seeing doing cool stuff like attacking multiple areas are like big wave attacks they also have a tendency to move around on their own or push us around in different unexpected ways they also have cool special attacks that they’ll do so the bosses get very very interesting and to win remember we’ve got to beat two bosses before the bonfire burns out that’s it folks that’s Dark Souls you wanna hear some pilot watching unit that I in the top-right corner screen or follow the show notes and five four three two one


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